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How Many Days Should I Spend in Seoul, South Korea?

How many days should you spend in South Korea?

South Korea has become to some degree a rising star in the travel industry scene as of late owing to a limited extent to the expansion of Korean TV shows and popular K-pop. Not to mention, there are so many beautiful cities where is worth enough to visit with their unique histories such as Busan, Gyeongju, Jeonju, Gangwondo, and Jeju island. Without a doubt, they offer to people wonderful natural sceneries and charming things. On the off chance that you are considering visiting South Korea and might want to have a useful agenda to cover both Seoul and Busan, allocate in any event 6 days at least.

The two significant urban areas of Seoul and Busan are the most instinctive spots to investigate during an outing to South Korea. Seoul for its cosmopolitan vibe and conventional culture and Busan for its shoreline chic. The guide will give you how these areas should be possible in as meager as seven days.

How many days needed in Seoul?

If you are visiting only Seoul then between 4 days to a whole week is the period recommended. During it, you can :

  • Go straight to the downtown of the city to discover the amazing Seoul vibe.
  • Marvel at conventional engineering at Gyeonbokgung palace; lose all sense of direction in the maze of modest rear entryways and stunning old Korean eats and desserts in the area of Insadong
  • Dedicate a day to appreciate nature on a journey or bicycle ride along the Han river park for chilling.
  • Climb up towards Namsan Mountain to Seoul Tower for an astonishing Seoul city view.
  • Close by, there’s the National Historical center of Korea houses with a large number of antiquated ancient rarities. That gives a remarkable knowledge into the nation’s past.
  • Quickly visit the future at the Dongdaemun Plan Square, the focal point of Seoul’s structure and design patterns. 
  • At long last, head south of the Han river to encounter Gangnam Style in the city’s upscale neighborhoods. HERE you can check the best things to do in Gangnam and the top Korean restaurants as well!
  • Burden up on K-excellence items and the most recent appearance of Sinsa-dong Garosu-gil along with Hallyu stars.
  • Of course, enjoy the experience of Korean nightlife at the swanky bars of Itaewon.
  • In Hongdae, feel the real Korean youth’s lifestyle with numerous cute cafes, well-decorated dessert shops, restaurants, and Korean pubs!

Otherwise, you can follow this 3 days itinerary

Day 1

Antiquated History, South Korea holds tight to its rich legacy, which is in plain view all through Seoul. Make a stride back in time with a guided voyage through a portion of the city’s most outstanding memorable locales. Visit conventional style Korean houses at Bukchon Hanok Village, become familiar with the noteworthy craft of making rice cakes at Tteok Historical center, jab through the antique shops of Insadong, and visit (at least one) of Seoul’s Five Royal residences from the Joseon Tradition. Changdeokgung Royal residence, a UNESCO World Legacy Site, is a castle feature on account of its numerous nurseries and building subtleties.

The departure of the evening sun with a visit to one of Seoul’s historical centers or landmarks is a remarkable plan. The Seoul Exhibition hall of History accounts for the development of the city, while the War Memorial of Korea houses somewhere in the range of 33,000 curios from many years of controversy. Try not to miss an evening time visit to the highest point of N Seoul Tower for perspectives on the lit-up city. 

Day 2

DMZ, To get Korea, you should comprehend the contention that has part the North and South since the 1950s. An outing to the peaceful area (DMZ) is a basic encounter and a famous journey from Seoul. Most guided visits to the DMZ and Joint Security Territory (JSA) take you to the most significant destinations. It includes Imjingak Park, Opportunity Scaffold, the Third Penetration Passage, and DMZ Historical center. From Dora Observatory, it’s conceivable to look over the DMZ into North Korea. For more information about DMZ tour, check THIS POST. One more day trip choice takes dynamic voyagers on a climb to the highest point of Bukhansan Mountain, Seoul’s most noteworthy pinnacle, frequently followed by a spoiling spa treatment in a customary Korean sauna or Jjimjilbang.

 Day 3

In the wake of finding out about Korea’s past, it’s an ideal opportunity to take in its ultramodern present. Go through the morning submerged in everything K-pop and K-drama. See a multidimensional image show, take in certain class from an expert K-Pop dancer, or watch a live show taping at one of Seoul’s top amusement studios. On the other hand, investigate the shooting areas from the nation’s most renowned TV programs and films. Toward the evening, enjoy a retail treatment at one of Seoul’s various markets, from the customary market at Namdaemun or the collectibles of Insadong to the cutting edge designs of Myeongdong. Make certain to test road nourishment as you go, or pursue a Korean cooking class to take some kitchen abilities home with you.

For more detailed day by day Seoul Itinerary & tips, click THIS.

Now, how many days in Busan? 

Now if you are visiting Busan then you better give three days to this beautiful city and visit the places mentioned below.

Day 1

Go to Taejongdae for dazzling perspectives on the ocean and a pleasant climbing trail. Appreciate a fish feast by the seashore before you go, at that point drop by Nampo region for some shopping and touring. 

Day 2

For a refined morning, head over to the Gamcheon Social Town. Have your fill of road craftsmanship, exhibition halls, and showcases, and appreciate the view in one of the ignoring bistros. Toward the evening, head to Gwangalli Seashore and watch as the sun sets and the Gwangandaegyo connects illuminates. 

Day 3

Go through an entire day chilling in South Korea’s most delightful seashore – Haeundae Seashore. For lunch, you should stroll to Dalmaji Street for beautiful perspectives and extraordinary nourishment.

To get more best things to do in Busan and the top Korean restaurants in the city, head HERE.

All in all, the best period recommended to spend in South Korea, in general, is between two to four weeks by exploring the south part of Korea. Get more information about Korea traveling in this blog. Such as the best Korean BBQ restaurants, public transportation from Incheon airport to Seoul city, where to buy SIM card or rent a pocket wifi and more. Enjoy your trip to Korea!

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