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Best Mountains for Hiking in Seoul

7 Best Mountains for Hiking in Seoul – Updated 2022

Hiking is one of the best experiences you can have while you’re in Seoul. This metropolitan city is surrounded by 7 distinct mountains enhancing beauty and wonder. People can climb according to their efficiency. Hikers can choose their favorite mountain, check all the factors according to them, and start the hiking course. For all the hikers, we are here to introduce you to the best mountains in Seoul.

We are aware of the mountains in  Korea and the hiking trend in Seoul. Let’s explore the places of hiking in and near Seoul.


Mt. Bukhansan 북한산

Bukhansan Mountain Stairs
[ Bukhansan Mountain Stairs ]

To reach our destination, Bukhansan, we have to take the subway line 3 to Gupabal station. From there you can use public or private transportation to reach the Bukhansan National Park. Bus number 704 will take you straight to Bukhansan Fortress. There you will see the hikers waiting in the queues. Mt. Bukhan is one of the best mountains in Seoul.

The height of Mt. Bukhansan is 836 meters taking 4-5 hours to complete the hiking. Hiking Bukhansan is not an easy job since it is the highest mountain in Seoul. Although It offers a moderate level for the best hikers it’s still not suitable for beginners. Moreover, it appears to be the sight of relaxing hills, away from the city lights. Spring and Autumn are the best seasons to visit on the pleasant Seoul weather. In weekends these hills could be very crowded, so adjust your schedule accordingly. Avoid going in winters as they are slippery due to snow. The temperature in winter goes below zero degrees as you expect.

To keep yourself hydrated, bring your water bottles cause there is no supply of water at the hills.

Bukhansan Dulle-gil Hiking Information Center
  • Address: San 73-1, Suyu 4(sa)-dong, Gangbuk-gu, Seoul
  • Open hours: 09:00 – 18:00
  • Phone: +82-2-900-8086
  • Web:

Mt. Cheonggyesan 청계산

Cheonggyesan Hiking Route Map
[ Cheonggyesan Hiking Route Map ]

We can take the subway from Seoul to the Cheonggyesan station. Its peak is known as the Maebong peak and the height of this peak is 582 meters. It takes 1.5-2 hours to complete the hiking. Furthermore, it provides the easy level of the hike experience that is best suited for beginners.

It consists of dense forests and beautiful valleys. The hikers can also take a refreshing experience by visiting the parks and temples in the mountain. The best season to hike here is spring. Food tastes even better with fresh air and beautiful scenery.

Mt. Gwanaksan 관악산

Gwanaksan Mountain
[ Gwanaksan Mountain ]

To reach here we have to take the subway line 2 to Seoul National University station. Get out of exit 3. After that, we can take a bus and ride further to our destination at Seoul National University Entrance. The height of the Gwanaksan mountain is 632 meters. It takes approximately 2 hours to complete the hiking tour without any stoppage by following a moderate hiking experience.

In addition, it is a network-friendly site. As you start the journey, the fermented rice drink is offered by the elders. It’s an amazing experience as it raises the excitement of the hikers and gives them a boost to hike it up. Fully structured roads with well-maintained pedestrians enhance the beauty of the mount. Lastly, get some snacks with you as you need the energy to hike up the mountain.

Dobongsan 도봉산

Dobongsan Mountain
[ Dobongsan Mountain ]

To reach our destination, we have to take the subway like 1 or 7 to Dobongsan Station exit 1. The mountain stands at 740 meters as the second-highest mountain. It will take approximately 5 hours to cover the distance that is suited for experienced hikers. Best yet, this is the best season-friendly hiking spot opening in all seasons. Not only skiing facility is available for Winter but It also consists of a charming path with beautiful greenery.

Don’t forget to bring the eatables along with you as it takes a long time to reach the peak.

Inwangsan 인왕산

Inwangsan Mountain Pine Tree Forest
[ Inwangsan Mountain Pine Tree Forest ]

From Seoul, we have to take the subway line 3 to Gyeongbokgung station. Get out of exit 3 and take bus number 7212, 1020, or 7022 towards the mountain. It covers a height of 338 meters. Without any stoppage, it would take approximately half an hour to reach the top. It is very easy to climb up as it consists of stairs in between.

The mountain appears to be the best on its own. It does not need any other element to enhance its beauty. Moreover, It is located in the middle of Seoul which makes it look even more elegant. Bring water bottles and some light snacks!

Mt. Namsan 남산

Namsan Seonggwak-gil
[ Namsan Seonggwak-gil ]

To reach the hiking spot, take the subway line 4 to Myeongdong station. After that, walk for 15 minutes and take a bus or Namsan Cable Car that will drop you at the hiking spot. The height of the mountain is 263 meters which serves the beginner-level experience. You can cover the distance in under an hour.

What’s more, Namsan Park is one of the best parks in Seoul for chilling. It is a beautiful site. You will see why it is one of the best mountains in Seoul. Here you will be able to get all the pleasure of greenery, and the beauty of the peak. It is not that much above the ground but will provide you a nice track to hike. While you are there, we recommend visiting the N Seoul Tower, especially at night to see the night view of Seoul. Not to mention, Mt. Namsan is one of the hottest date spots and one of the most popular scenes in K-drama. For more best things to do in Namsan, check THIS POST.

Mt. Namhansanseong 남한산성

To reach this spot, take a subway line 8 to the Namhansanseong station. Now, you have to a bus number 9 and get down at the entrance of Namhansanseong.

The height of the mountain is approximately 480 meters. Also, easy to hike with family and children. This hiking spot is very well known for the sounds of gunshots coming in the middle of your journey. There is a small town in between and here we have also got the basic amenities like the washrooms as well as the restaurants.

No need to bring any eatables, only water should be in your bags. A very good picnic spot for children and adults.


After the hiking tour, you can find many restaurants at the beginning of the trail. After returning the visitors may rest and enjoy the best Korean food. Korean dishes like Dotorimuk (acorn jelly), Bindaetteok (mungbean pancake), Bulgogi, Kimchi, Paejeon, (green onion pancakes), etc. are popular foods for Korean after hiking. And Korean drinks like Makgeolli boost up the taste. If you love this Korean traditional drink, check out more best Makgeolli bars in Seoul, HERE.

We have discussed the best mountains in Seoul. Hiking in the middle of the city in Seoul makes your travel more memorable enjoying the beautiful sceneries and fresh air. Sometimes, we want an adventure in our life and must try something new. Try this out and get the pleasure of nature.

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