Things to do in Pocheon

Things to do in Pocheon

Pocheon Art Valley, Herb Island & Sanjeong Lake


Pocheon is a city located in the Gyeonggi province, the northeast part of Seoul. It is a very beautiful city to explore nature. All the people who crave for nature and its beauty would love to visit here and enjoy the plethora of charming hills, elegant lake, and the overwhelming island. The pleasant flowery fields attract the sights of the visitors. Pocheon Art Valley, Herb Island, and Sanjeong Lake lie in the South region of the Pocheon. People who love the k-dramas will love these sites, as most of the k-drama shooting practices have been performed at these locations of the Pocheon.

Let’s explore more about the beauty of the Pocheon city. What we can do in the city and what are the beautiful locations that enhance the beauty of nature.

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This valley consists of a beautiful framework of art and craft, that’s why it is known as the Pocheon Art Valley. This valley was transformed when Pocheon organized the ecological restoration project. This was Korea’s first project based on ecological restoration. After the transformation, this place became very popular and tourists began to visit this valley and now it’s famous for its artwork.

Pocheon art valley reflects the culture that is enjoyed by the local people as well as visitors. Here, you enjoy the exhibitions and the special performances on the weekends. Visitors, as well as the locals, also love to visit the Pocheonseok rocks which are located in the neighborhood of the valley. This site is very attractive for the unique granites found after digging, the visitors are allowed to dig, which is a great experience for all of us.


  • Aroma Therapy
  • Soap Making
  • Fancy Woods
  • Mother-of-pearl craft

Moreover, according to one’s age, the above experiences can be done. Plus, aromatherapy is known for healing the inner soul as well as relieving the mental stress. This therapy has been in Korea for ages and also provides the results. In addition, the soap making activity is another great experience for the children, as they get to know more about this technique. The amazing art and craft designs would steal the eye of every individual.

Tourist sites near the Pocheon Art Valley

  • Pocheon Sansawon
  • Unaksan National Recreational Forest

Operating hours and tickets

Furthermore, the operating hours from March to October are from 9 a. m. – 10 p. m. , from November to February are 9 a. m. -9 p. m. Parking facilities are available.

Also, visitors will have to purchase the tickets according to their age. If we are visiting as an individual, the charges applied are 5,000 won per head for adults, 3,000 won per head for teenagers and 1,500 won per head for children. However, if we are visiting in groups, the charges applied are 3,000 won per head for adults, 2,000 won per head for teenagers, and 1,000 won per head for children. The number of people in a group should be 20 or more.

Pocheon Herb Island Light Festival


The Pocheon Herb Island is surrounded by the gardens full of beautiful herbs. Definitely, this increases the beauty of Pocheon city. Not to mention, Pocheon herb island features a light festival. The whole island brightens up and turns the environment into a romantic evening. The sparkling buildings and all the places with colorful lights look so elegant. Moreover, this place has a majestic wish tunnel making it the perfect zone for a photoshoot. Besides, all visitors enjoy the Santa village and the stunning lighting increases the spark of excitement.


The activities that can be performed here include shopping in the Christmas market, the exhibitions, and hands-on activities. Moreover, there is a herb museum where you can see the history of herbs and the different types of herbs. What’s more, you can experience healing at the Herb Healing Center. You can relax by getting a massage or relaxing in a warm aroma bath. There are also natural herbal beauty products available for purchase there and also on their Herb Island online store.


A special ticket is charged at the lightening festival, which is 7,000 won per individual as the participation fee and 9,000 won per individual as the admission fee. The duration of the performance is approximately 3 hours. There is no age limit, it is open to all visitors of any age. The Herb island opens at 10 a.m. and closes at 9 p.m.

Everyone who enjoys natural herbs and science would love this island. The beautiful flowers of different colors and species gain the attraction of the tourists. You’ll get to know about the uses of different herbs here. It will be a great learning experience as well as a healing time.

Things to do in Pocheon: Sanjeong Lake


This lake is the main attraction of this beautiful city. Sanjeong lake is located between the valleys of Mangbongsan, Myeongseongsan, and the Mangmubong Mountains. When we reach the lake, a beautiful view of these mountains attracts the sight of the visitors. The lake acts as the reservoir that supplies the water to the farms. Many visitors from far away come here to enjoy nature and its beautiful elements. Plus, the high peaks are an attraction of the lake.

Activities in Sanjeong Lake

  • Boating allows a clear view of the elegant lake.
  • Skating in winters over the lake.

Surrounding Attractions in Sanjeong Lake

  • Amusement park
  • Restaurants
  • Swimming pools
  • Spas for both men and women
  • Sledding facilities

Tourists can visit here and enjoy the above activities according to their choice. This place will attract the children as it provides facilities like amusement parks and swimming pools. There are many hotels nearby, so the tourists can also reserve the rooms in advance.


The travelers must visit these famous sites located in Pocheon if you want to see their mother nature. Indulging in these activities and spending your precious time with nature relaxes your mind. It also relieves the stress that we gain from our daily hectic routine. People who are more towards the art and craft side, they must visit the Pocheon Art Valley.

Those who are interested in the natural herbs and gardens I recommend the Pocheon Herb Island and the people who crave for the natural beauty with hills and lake, provided with the facility of basic amenities, must visit the Sanjeong Lake.

During the vacations, we and our family, especially the children waste their time on video games, mobiles, etc. Let’s take them to the Pocheon and make them understand the importance of nature with its beauty.

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