How to Travel from Incheon International Airport (ICN) to Seoul

The most confusing moment of your trip might be when you leave the arrival hall of the airport and have to navigate from there. Let’s make that easier! Here’s how to straightforwardly get from Incheon airport to Seoul.

From Incheon Airport to Seoul, 3 Ways to Get to Seoul: AREX (Airport Railroad), Airport bus, or a taxi.

Incheon International Airport (ICN) is the largest airport in South Korea and a gateway to downtown Seoul.

Keep in mind that there are two passenger terminals (T1/T2) in ICN. They run free and regular shuttle buses between them. Make sure to check your arrival and departure terminals on your flight information.
Check your terminal here (click)!

[How to check your Incheon International Airport terminal]
[How to check your Incheon International Airport terminal]

AREX (Airport Railroad)

AREX is the railroad that provides the fastest way to get to Seoul from Incheon airport (a distance of 63km).

Airport Railroad Express exterior
【 Photo: Airport Railroad Express exterior (Credit: Airport Railroad Co., Ltd.) 】
Arex Map Incheon to Seoul
【 Photo: Airport Railroad Map (Credit: Airport Railroad Co., Ltd.) 】

There are two types of trains in the AREX – “Express” and “All stop” trains.

  • Express train: Non-stop between ICN and Seoul station
  • All-stop train: Stops at 13 stations between ICN and Seoul station

Location of the AREX Station in ICN

Terminal 1 (T1)

Airport Railroad Terminal 1
[ Photo: Airport Railroad Terminal 1 (Credit: Airport Railroad Co., Ltd.) ]

Terminal 2 (T2)

Airport Railroad Terminal 2
[ Photo: Airport Railroad Terminal 2 (Credit: Airport Railroad Co., Ltd.) ]

Don’t worry. You will see so many signs to AREX like this in the arrivals hall of the airport terminal.

How to take AREX in ICN

AREX (Airport Railroad) Timetable and Fare

AREX Normal Fare ICN to Seoul Station

Here is the whole timetable of the AREX (CLICK)!

You can get a discount ticket for AREX on a few travel sites and this is the cheapest one I found.
Get A Discount Ticket for AREX

Airport Bus

As soon as you pass by the arrival hall, you can see lots of buses bound for almost everywhere in South Korea. The fastest and most convenient way to Seoul is by taking the city airport limousine. The times are exact and the rate is fair. Check out this page for bus searching and booking.

Incheon Airport Bus stop
[Gate to the bus and taxi stands]
Incheon Airport Bus stop
[Bus stops in Incheon airport]

Airport Bus Ticket Office Location

Terminal 1 (T1)

  • Indoors: Exit 4 and 9 in the Arrivals Hall Floor 1
  • Outdoors: Exit 4, 6, 7, 8, 11, 13, and 9C
Incheon Airport Terminal 1
[ Photo: Airport Bus Terminal 1 (Credit: Airport Railroad Cp., Ltd.) ]

Terminal 2 (T2)

  • Indoors: 2nd Transportation Center (B1)
Incheon Airport Temrinal 2
[ Photo: Airport Bus Terminal 2 (Credit: Airport Railroad Cp., Ltd.) ]

You can see many manned and unmanned ticket offices inside and outside as in the below photos.

[Bus ticket vending machine in the airport]
[Bus ticket vending machine in the airport]
Incheon Airport Bus Ticket Box - outside
[Bus ticket office in Incheon Airport]
[Bus ticket vending machine and information stand]

Airport Bus Timetable

Incheon Airport Bus timetable

Airport Bus Routes

Search your destination here to find the RIGHT AIRPORT BUS! 

Late-night bus

There are two late-night buses bound for Seoul;  N6001 bound for Seoul station and N6000 bound for the Gangnam area.

Incheon Airport Late night bus route

From Incheon Airport (ICN), N6001 runs 6 times per day to Seoul station from 00:15 to 04:40, and N6000 bound for the Gangnam Express Bus Terminal 6 times per day from 23:50 to 04:10.

If you are heading to the airport, Bus N60001 leaves Seoul station from 22:50 to 3:20, and N6000 leaves the Gangnam Express Bus Terminal from 22:30 to 2:50.


Taxi is the easiest and most convenient way to get to your destination, though it costs more than the other options. However Korean taxi fare is still not that high compared to other developed countries. This International Taxi Service website refers to Seoul City’s official foreign-language taxi service here.

Taxi stand

Terminal 1 (T1)

Incheon Airport Terminal 1
[ Photo: Taxi stand T1 (Credit: Airport Railroad Cp., Ltd.) ]

Terminal 2 (T2)

Incheon Airport Temrinal 2
[ Photo: Taxi stand T2 (Credit: Airport Railroad Cp., Ltd.) ]

Types of taxis

[Incheon Airport regular taxi]

Regular (Standard) taxi

The regular taxi is a mid-sized sedan and painted in different colors depending on the region it provides service to. Seoul’s regular taxis are orange. The base fare is KRW 3,000 and 20% of the surcharge is added during the night-time, 00:00~04:00. The fare from ICN to Seoul is about KRW45,000 to 65,000 during the daytime.

Deluxe taxi

The deluxe taxi (called 모범택시 Mobeom taxi in Korean) is a slightly bigger taxi than a standard one, and the base fare is KRW 5,000. Though the fare is more expensive than the standard taxi, there is no late-night surcharge.

Jumbo taxi

[Jumbo taxi in Incheon Airport]
[Jumbo taxi in Incheon Airport]

If your group is more than 4 people or you have a lot of luggage, it might be better to take a jumbo taxi. The fare is the same as a deluxe taxi. With jumbo taxis, you should double-check it is not a Call Van, as the exteriors are similar. A Call Van usually negotiates the fare with passengers before they leave by the number of passengers and the volume of luggage. Check the signage to see “Jumbo taxi” and “대형택시”.

Be sure to check out this affordable private airport jumbo taxi service.

Book a private Incheon Airport Transfer

We briefly checked the transportation services from Incheon International Airport (ICN) to Seoul. Don’t worry! You can get much more information from the information desk in the arrival hall as well.

City Airport Terminal

Here is a bonus tip to make your travel back to the Incheon International Airport more convenient. Check out the City airport terminal near Coex. The Korea City Airport terminal is a public transportation facility in which travelers on certain flights can check in their luggage at the terminal before leaving for the airport. Not only can you save time and the hassle of carrying your luggage, you can also go through immigration there. Check out the post, “Things to do in the Incheon Airport,” to make the best out of your trip.

Moreover, the Korea City Air Terminal supports flights for Korean Air, Asiana Airlines, Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines, Jeju Air, Thai Airways, Air Canada, Philippine Airlines, MIAT Mongolian Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, Shanghai Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Japan Airlines, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Delta Air Lines and United Airlines, as of 2015.

How to use the City Airport terminal

City airport is quite easy to use. Follow these 5 steps:

First, go to the city airport terminal. Head to the check-in counter on the first floor.

Coex City Airport terminal

Second, go to the check-in counter. Note Korean Air and Asiana airline counters open at 5:20 a.m.- 6:30 p.m. LCC and foreign airlines at 5:10 a.m.- 6:30 p.m.

Third, proceed to the immigration office on the second floor.

Coex terminal. Open from 5:30 a.m.- 6:30 p.m.

Fourth, buy an airport limousine bus ticket. Ride the bus at the designated time.

Lastly, arrive at the Incheon International Airport and receive VIP service from the immigration officer at the city airport terminal’s designated entrance. Please check their site for the location of the designated priority entrances.

The City airport terminal was made to make your travel easy and memorable. Use it for your convenience.

One more thing, if you plan to carry your luggage during the sightseeing, take a look at this post, “Luggage Storage Services in Seoul” to travel light. Plus, you can check all the detailed information about the subway storage near you.

From Incheon Airport to Myeongdong

The easiest way to get to Myeongdong from Incheon Airport is the airport bus if you don’t mind traffic. It will take you to the Seoul city center directly and totally stairs-free. If you choose the train, AREX(Airport Railroad) to go to Myeongdong station, you need to transfer to Seoul Metro Line 4 at Seoul Station. Let’s dive into more details including the fare and timetable!

Airport Bus17,000 KRW1hr 10minBuy T-money Card
AREX Express + Subway10,750 KRW1hr 6minBuy Ticket
AREX + Subway4,150 KRW1hr 20minBuy Ticket
Taxi60,000 – 100,000 KRW1hr 20minReverse Here
[ Costs from Incheon Airport to Myeongdong ]

Airport Bus (The Limousine City Bus)

airport city bus 6001
Airport Bus from ICN to Myeongdong / Dongdaemun

The advantage of using the airport bus from Incheon Airport to Myeongdong or places in the city-center area is the convenience of a direct trip without the need for transfers. However, be mindful of Seoul’s traffic during rush hours, which can’t be bypassed. Opting for the airport bus to Myeongdong is a good choice when you have some extra time to spare.

6001 Airport Bus Time, Fare, and Routes

Airport Bus Route from Incheon airport to Myeongdong

6001 Airport bus will take you to Seoul city centers like Seoul Station, Namdaemun Market, Myeongdong Station, Namsan Hanok Village, and Dongdaemun (DDP). It takes approximately 60-80minutes.

AREX (Airport Railroad)

The AREX stands out as one of the quickest methods to travel from Incheon Airport to Seoul, favored by many for its speed. Its biggest advantages are the absence of traffic concerns and the affordability of the fare. Yet, it’s important to note that reaching Myeongdong station requires a switch from the AREX to the Seoul Metro subway.

Route from Incheon Airport to Myeongdong station (AREX + Subway)

Train from ICN to Myeongdong
[ Train from ICN to Myeongdong Area ]

Refer to AREX official website:

AREX Route Map from Incheon Airport to Seoul station

AREX to Seoul station

AREX Time and Fare

AREX Time and Fare table

The AREX Express train from Incheon Airport Terminal 1 to Seoul Station takes 43 minutes and costs 9,000 KRW. On the other hand, the All-stop train requires 58 minutes and charges 4,150 KRW. From Terminal 2, the Express train journey to Seoul Station lasts 50 minutes, with the fare remaining at 9,000 KRW, identical to Terminal 1, while the All-stop train takes 66 minutes, with a slightly higher fare of 4,750 KRW.

After arriving at Seoul Station via the AREX, transfer to the Seoul Metro Line 4 (sky blue line) to reach Myeongdong Station. The transfer costs 1,250 KRW.

Here is the whole timetable for AREX (CLICK)!

For in-depth guidance on navigating to Myeongdong by bus, train, and taxi, check this post.

From Incheon Airport to Hongik University (Hongdae)

The optimal route to Hongik University Station from Incheon Airport is via the AREX, renowned for being both the fastest and most cost-effective method. It offers direct access to Seoul’s city center. For those prioritizing a completely stair-free journey and are less concerned about traffic, taking a direct airport bus is also a viable choice. Let’s explore further details, including fare and timetable, to help you plan your trip efficiently.

Airport Bus17,000 KRW1hrBuy T-money Card
AREX4,050 KRW1hrBuy Ticket
Taxi60,000 – 100,000 KRW50minReverse Here


AREX Route Map
Airport Railroad Map

There are two types of trains available: the Express and the All-stop train. However, the Express train only runs between Incheon Airport and Seoul Station. Therefore, if your destination is Hongdae, you should opt for the All-stop train.


AREX Fare ICN to Hongdae

The All-stop train from Incheon Airport Terminal 1 to Hongik University Station takes 49 minutes and costs 4,050 KRW. From Incheon Airport Terminal 2, the journey to Hongik University Station extends to 58 minutes with a fare of 4,650 KRW.

AREX Timetable

AREX Timetable Summary
AREX timetable

If you have an early morning flight and are wondering about the train schedule, the first train departs from Incheon International Airport Terminal 1 at 05:15 am, with the last train at 10:40 pm. From Seoul Station, the first train leaves at 06:10 am, and the last departure is at 10:50 pm.

For whole timetable for the AREX, CLICK!

For in-depth guidance on navigating to Hongdae by bus, train, and taxi, check this post.

Airport Bus

airport bus 6002 from Incheon to Hongdae in Seoul
Airport Bus From Incheon Airport to Hongdae

An airport bus, numbered 6002, runs directly from Incheon Airport to Hongdae (Hongik University) station. This option is ideal if you’re looking to avoid navigating stairs with your luggage—though it’s worth noting that escalators and elevators are available at train stations. The bus offers a comfortable ride and an early glimpse of the Korean landscape, making it a recommended choice for those prioritizing convenience and immediate scenic views. However, it is generally more expensive than taking the train (AREX) and may occasionally be delayed by Seoul’s traffic.

6002 Airport Bus Fare & Routes

Airport Bus Route from Incheon airport to Hongdae
Bus 6002 Route From Incheon Airport to Hongdae

Airport Bus 6002 Timetable

The first bus from Incheon Airport Terminal 1 operates at 05:30am and the last bus is at 11:30pm. How good the bus interval is 15 minutes! Check the whole schedule below:

Incheon to Hongdae airport bus timetable
6002 Bus Timetable

From Incheon Airport to Gangnam

The simplest method to reach Gangnam from Incheon Airport is via the airport bus, particularly if traffic isn’t a major concern. This option provides direct, stair-free access to Seoul’s city center. Opting for the bus allows for a seamless journey, offering a unique opportunity to observe Seoul’s streets en route to Gangnam. However, should you decide on the train, be prepared for a transfer. Let’s delve further into specifics, covering both fare and schedule, to better plan your trip.

Airport Bus17,000 KRW1hr 20minBuy T-money Card
AREX + Subway4,750 KRW1hr 30minBuy Ticket
Taxi70,000 – 100,000 KRW1hr 20minReverse Here

Airport Bus

Incheon airport to Gangnam airport bus
ICN bus platform to get to Gangnam

Taking the airport bus is the most convenient way to reach Gangnam from Incheon Airport, with a journey time of approximately 60-80 minutes, though this can vary with traffic conditions. The first bus from Incheon Airport Terminal 1 starts at 05:40 am, and the last bus departs at 11:06 pm, offering a frequent service with buses running every 15-20 minutes. Although the fare of 17,000 KRW is relatively higher than that of the train (AREX), it provides the significant advantage of a direct route to Gangnam without the need for any transfers.

6009 Bus Route

Airport Bus Route from Incheon airport to Gangnam
Airport Bus 6009 Route Map

From ICN Terminal 2

  • Sinsa station – 3 stops
  • Sinnonhyeon station – 5 stops
  • Gangnam station – 6 stops
  • Yangjae station – 9 stops

For in-depth guidance on navigating to Gangnam by bus, train, and taxi, check this post.

If you have any questions about this blog post, please let me know by leaving a comment.

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