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Best Way from Incheon Airport to Gangnam

You might have heard the song ‘Gangnam-Style’ by Psy. Gangnam is famous for its skyscrapers, lots of shopping malls, COEX, Lotte World, Bongeunsa(temple), night-life and so much more. There are endless of things to do in Gangnam. To make the most of your time here, check out the post, “Best Things to do in Gangnam.” If you are looking for things to eat in Gangnam, try something new with this list of vegan foods in Gangnam.

Let’s find out how you can travel from Incheon Airport to Gangnam station.

Before you read this, I recommend ‘How to travel from Incheon International Airport(ICN) to Seoul‘ to understand the transports you can take at the airport.

I recommend taking the bus to get to the Gangnam area from the Incheon airport instead of AREX and Seoul metro because it takes more time and you have to transfer between subways. The bus is a one-stop deal and you can also view the streets of Seoul while going to Gangnam. As you know, taxis are the most convenient way to travel if you don’t mind the fare.

Airport Bus 6009 Timetable- Direct Bus

Airport bus no. 6009 is the best way to get to Gangnam and Shinnonhyun station, and the travel time is about 1.5 to 2 hours.  5 stops to Shinnonhyun and 6 stops to Gangnam station.


bus route 6009 to Gangnam

Time & Fare

Airport Bus no 6009 timetable

AREX + Subway

If you want to take AREX and the Seoul metro to Gangnam station and Shinnonhyun station, be aware that they are different subway routes. Gangnam station is on the Seoul metro line number 2 and the Shinnonhyun station is on line number 9.   

To Gangnam station


AREX and subway route to Gangnam

AREX map

You have to transfer from AREX to the subway line no. 2 at the Hongik University station

AREX route to Gangnam

To Shinnonhyun station


AREX and subway route to Shinnonhyun station

AREX map

AREX route to Shinnonhyun
[ Airport Railroad Map (Credit: Airport Railroad Co., Ltd.) ]


AREX time table to Seoul station

Here is the whole timetable of AREX (CLICK)!

You can get a discount on an AREX ticket from a few travel sites and this is the cheapest one I found.
Get A Discount Ticket of AREX



It takes about 1.5 to 2 hours (64km) to the Gangnam district from the airport, and the fare might be KRW 70,000 to 80,000.

Incheon Airport to Gangnam station
[Incheon Airport to Gangnam station route (Credit: Naver Corp.)]

If you have 3 or more people in your group, I recommend checking this affordable private airport taxi service.

Book a Private Incheon Airport Transfer

Please also check the previous post, ‘How to get to Seoul from Incheon International Airport’, for more detail such as timetable, ticket price and where and how you can take the AREX, an airport bus, and a taxi at the airport. 

I hope this post can help you find the way to Gangnam and Shinnonhyun station.  Enjoy Gangnam, the heart of Seoul!

One more thing, if you have a lot of luggage, the best recommendation from the Incheon airport to your hotel is through SAFEX luggage services. If you are at the Gimpo airport, check out the SAFEX Gimpo luggage service as well. They will pick up your luggage and take it to your hotel.

Furthermore, if you have to carry your luggage or bags during the sightseeing, take a look at our post, “Luggage Storage Services in Seoul” to travel light. You can check all the detailed information about the subway storage near you HERE. For your luggage storage needs in Gangnam, check out the Luggage storage in Gangnam station, to make your trip light and easy.

Thank you for your reading, and don’t hesitate to comment on this post.

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