Jay Jiwook Han

Jay Jiwook Han

Jay Jiwook is a professional marketer, blogger, husband, dad of two kids, and an amateur programmer, cook, fashion lover, and traveler. He was born and has lived in Seoul, Korea for decades. "LinkedIn | Facebook | Instagram"

Gangnam attractions _ Lotte world

33 Best Things To Do in Gangnam – Updated 2022

I’d like to give you some information of five best attractions in Gangnam. One day for Lotte World and the other day for two or three places in Samsung d’light, COEX, Bongeunsa, and Seven Luck Casino would be the perfect course to experience the Gangnam!

Korea beach

10 Best Beaches in Korea

Korea is a country where you can find some of the most outstanding beaches in the world. Check the list of best Korean beach and enjoy local foods as well.

Best Apps for Korea Travel

18 Best Apps for Korea Travel!

South Korea is well-known for its technology, high-speed internet, and a great penetration of smartphones. We selected 5 Best Apps for traveling in South Korea(VisitKorea, NaverMap, Kakato T, MangoPlate, Yogiyo).

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