BIFF Square in Busan: The Ultimate Guide

You have arrived at the glittering BIFF Square in Busan, the epicentre of Korean cinematic magic! This cultural centre, which is 428 meters long, was refurbished in 1996 to hold the inaugural Busan International Film Festival (BIFF). Post-liberation, it had been a modest pair of cinemas. From Nampo-dong’s Buyeong Theater to the overpass in Chungmu-dong, it is now a lively fusion of “Star Street” and “Festival Street.”  Stunning Nunkkot Jeomdeung (snow-flower lights), famous handprints, and abundant first-run cinemas are reminiscent of the Korean Walk of Fame. It’s time to explore this vibrant neighborhood!

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How to get to BIFF Square?

BIFF Square map

Address: 58-1 Gudeok-ro, Jung-gu, Busan, South Korea | 부산 중구 구덕로 80

By Bus

THop on the green line to get off the bus at stop 12 (Jagalchi/BIFF Square/Yongdusan Park), a quick trip on Bus 1003 will take you to the square.

By Subway

From atation Jagalchi on Line 1, you can reach BIFF Square on foot in around 5 minutes after taking Exit 7. If you follow the crowd or the aroma of street food, you will arrive quickly!

By Taxi

To reach BIFF Square in Nampo-dong, Busan, ask the taxi driver to drop you off there. If they require a landmark, just mention “Jagalchi Station” as it’s relatively close.

If you don’t speak Korean, using a taxi app like Kakao Taxi will make booking a breeze.

Price Range: The usual cost from central Busan areas (such as Haeundae or Seomyeon) to BIFF Square is 6,000 to 12,000 KRW.

Why going to BIFF Square is a must?

BIFF Square

Hello, and welcome to BIFF Square, the bustling centre of Busan’s film industry, which is an essential destination for everybody who enjoys seeing movies! This cultural hub, which spans 428 meters long and extends from the Buyeong Theater in Nampo-dong to the overpass in Chungmu-dong, was officially named in August 1996, following the first Busan International Film Festival. With the birthplace of Korea’s first cinema and the Chosun Kinema Corporation, BIFF Square currently boasts the distinction of being the location of the Chosun Kinema Corporation, which was once home to only two old cinemas. Festival Street and Star Street are the two portions that make up this neighbourhood, which is brimming with the history of film and the allure of the present day.

During the festival, you can stroll down the star-studded promenade, see the handprints of well-known celebrities, and possibly even “catch” film stars there. In addition to the cinematic experience, you can indulge in a wide variety of street cuisine, ranging from dumplings to noodles, all designed to satiate the taste buds of interested travellers. Visit the evening before the festival to participate in festivities that will live long in memory, such as the Nunkkot Jeomdeung ceremony, which involves igniting snow flowers. Whether you’re a movie buff, a foodie, or just someone who enjoys watching lively street scenes, BIFF Square is the ideal place to experience culture, history, and fun!

Best Things To Do in BIFF Square

Are you prepared to immerse yourself in the beating core of Busan’s cultural and entertainment district? Beginning at BIFF Square is an excellent choice. Busan International Film Festival inspired the name of this vibrant neighbourhood, home to a veritable feast for shoppers, diners, and cinema fans.

Busan International Film Festival

Busan International Film Festival

As one of Asia’s most prominent film festivals, the Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) takes over BIFF Square every October. The explosive atmosphere at this cinematic event is remarkable, drawing film enthusiasts, celebrities, and filmmakers from all over the globe. What makes going worthwhile? Thrilling red-carpet events, private screenings of films, and the congregating energy of hundreds of movie buffs are all within your reach.

Golden Handprints

Golden Handprints

Walking down BIFF Square is like walking along South Korea’s version of the Hollywood Walk of Fame; you’ll see the golden fingerprints of directors and actors worldwide. It turns your visit into a thrilling treasure hunt where you may discover and capture the handprints of your beloved stars—a film buff’s dream come true.

Busan Museum of Movies

Busan Museum of Movies

There is no better place to immerse yourself in the enthralling world of film and Korean dramas than this museum, conveniently located just a short stroll from BIFF Square. Envision the rush you’d get from reworking your movie sequences, immersing yourself in the creative process like a real filmmaker. For additional entertainment, stop by the “time travel train” exhibit, which provides an engaging and amusing experience that people of all ages will surely enjoy.

Korean Selfie Stores

Korean Selfie Stores

arious brightly coloured selfie booths in BIFF Square may offer a funny and enjoyable way to photograph your visit. These photo booths provide a wide assortment of costumes and props, so you can let your imagination go wild and make some truly unique pictures. You and your loved ones can have a fantastic time while taking home cute sticker prints to remember your time in Busan. When the area is exquisitely illuminated at night, the booths create another atmosphere, adding magic to your photos.

Artbox Busan Gwangbok 1st Store

Artbox Busan Gwangbok 1st Store

Artbox is a one-stop shop for whimsical and adorable stationery and gifts in BIFF Square. Anyone who loves one-of-a-kind and excellent products absolutely must visit this site. You’ll find a wide variety of delightful items ideal as presents or personal souvenirs, as well as a jumble of gachapon toys and South Korean goods. Get ready to have your heart melted and your shopping bags overflowing with the incredible variety and charmingness of the products.

BIFF Square Sock Stalls

BIFF Square Sock Stalls

You need not search much farther than the crowded kiosks at BIFF Square if you are seeking the most adorable and affordable socks in Busan. These lively booths are well-known for their enormous selection of colourful, character-themed socks that bring joy to your feet and heart. To ensure something for everyone, you’ll find designs depicting iconic characters like Rilakkuma, Super Mario, and Totoro. These booths are a must-visit for everyone seeking an affordable and entertaining keepsake, whether they are sock enthusiasts or not.

VAMS Family Games Centre

VAMS Family Games Centre

Situated in the vibrant BIFF Square, you’ll discover a hive of activity that boasts two stories of thrilling gaming. This lively hotspot is jam-packed with various entertainment arcade games, from video games and driving simulators to air hockey and claw machines. It’s a great way to spend some time, whether travelling with children or simply wanting to relive some carefree memories. Also, it’s open until the wee morning hours, so it’s perfect for those late-night adventures when you need more time to hit the hay.

Youngpoong Bookstore, Busan Nampo

Youngpoong Bookstore, Busan Nampo

A multi-story bookstore that is a veritable haven for bibliophiles can be found within a short stroll of BIFF Square. With such a wide variety of fiction and nonfiction works, this literary sanctuary is sure to satisfy the needs of any reader. This bookshop has more than just books; it also has a coffee café where you can relax with a book. Here, you can browse a wide variety of books, including some in English, and an exciting and unique selection of stationery.

The ultimate pass

Want to have a memorable and budget-friendly experience in Busan? Save money and have fun with the Visit Busan Pass! This convenient pass lets you access 30 of the city’s most famous attractions, including BIFF Square in Busan. Enjoy seeing all the top attractions without ever having to pull out your wallet—delightful! This ticket covers admission to three attractions: BIFF Square, where you can immerse yourself in film history; the Songdo Cable Car; and Busan Tower, where you can take in breathtaking views.

There are many customization possibilities, so there’s always something new and exciting to do. By purchasing the Visit Busan Pass, get the most out of your time in Busan without breaking the bank.

Best Foods to Try in BIFF Square

Best Foods to Try in BIFF Square

As you meander through the bustling streets, your taste buds will be treated to a delicious array of reasonably priced and utterly fulfilling delicacies. At BIFF Square, you may find various desserts, including sticky pancakes, savoury dumplings, and towering ice creams. Here are a few top dishes you should sample while you’re here!

Ssiat Hotteok (Seed-stuffed Pancake)

Ssiat Hotteok

Let’s try Ssiat Hotteok, a favourite street dish at BIFF Square, for just about 1,200 KRW (about $1). A warm, gooey pancake bursting at the seams with a delicious mixture of pumpkin and sunflower seeds, cinnamon, brown sugar, and sugar. As you enjoy this delectable treat while taking in the lively atmosphere of Busan’s nightlife, you’ll be sure to warm up on those chilly evenings.

Fried Mandu (Korean Dumplings)

Fried Mandu

The famous Fried Mandu, available at BIFF Square, is a cheap and delicious snack that combines crispy and juicy flavours. It costs about 3,000 KRW, or around $2.50. With a delightfully crunchy exterior that reveals a delicious interior of minced pork, glass noodles, and vegetables, these dumplings are a flavour-packed pleasure. Your taste senses will dance with delight at the symphony of flavours and textures.

Chicken Skewers

Chicken Skewers

Marinated chicken skewers roasted over charcoal at BIFF Square are a delicious delicacy that strikes the ideal balance between smoky and juicy flavours, and they only cost 3,000 KRW (about $2.50). Snacking on these skewers is a great way to fuel up for an adventure while you explore the busy streets of Busan. You can smell the smoke with every mouthful and taste the juicy, succulent, expertly marinated chicken.

32cm Twist Ice Cream

32cm Twist Ice Cream

Indulge in the towering 32cm twist ice cream, a visual spectacle and a wonderful indulgence, for just 2,000 KRW (about $1.70). Picture an incredible spiral of creamy bliss with flavours like sweet mango and tangy yoghurt. On hot days, this ice cream will be a welcome relief, and it will also be a pleasant addition to your BIFF Square journey. Not only is the dessert delicious, but handling such a towering, twirly dish is an experience you must have.

Goraesa Fishcake

Goraesa Fishcake

Experience the exquisite flavours of Busan’s renowned fishcakes for as little as 3,300 KRW (about $2.80) per skewer. Each fishcake—made from a tasty combination of wheat and minced white fish—is more enticing than the previous one. No visit to BIFF Square would be complete without sampling these delicious fishcakes, perfect for warming up on cold winter days or snacking on the go. They are a popular snack among both residents and visitors to Busan, and their flavour reflects the city’s culinary heritage. Take a bite out of Busan’s one-of-a-kind flavour with a skewer or three. Don’t miss out on this iconic experience!

Best Accommodations near BIFF Square

When looking for the finest places to stay in BIFF Square, there are a plethora of great options, and they all offer something different. 

Popular among travellers, the Busan Cont Hotel is in a prime location for seeing all that Busan has to offer, being close to both the station tower and Nampo-dong. Despite little things like a slightly clogged wash basin, guests love the comfy rooms and the kind front desk staff. 

Busan Cont Hotel

Although it could have better reviews, Ezstay-Nampo is conveniently located near the Nampo metro station. It is ideal for people who have business in the region because of the fish market. 


Guests of the Nenne Boutique Hotel may enjoy several convenient services, including speedy check-in and check-out, free parking, spacious, elegant rooms with cable TV, free Wi-Fi, and more. 

Nenne Boutique Hotel

Foxy Hotel offers simple but pleasant rooms near famous landmarks like Gukje Market and Busan Tower for people on a tighter budget.

Foxy Hotel

Staying at No. 25 Signature Hotel Daecheong is a fantastic idea if you want to be close to the lively night market because of the helpful staff, modern restrooms, and tasty breakfast.

No. 25 Signature Hotel

With its handy location, complimentary laundry services, and welcoming ambience, Busan K79 Guest House is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a more social experience. Thanks to BIFF Square’s diverse range of accommodations, every traveller can discover an ideal spot to stay, providing everything from affordable rates to extravagant experiences.

Busan K79 Guest House

Nearby Attractions

Jagalchi Fish Market

Jagalchi Fish Market

Address: 52 Jagalchihaean-ro, Jung-gu, Busan, South Korea

Discover the vibrant maritime culture of Busan at Jagalchi Fish Market, South Korea’s largest seafood market! You will adore this enormous market beside the lively Jagalchihaean-ro if you’re a seafood fan. They have everything from fresh fish to dried sea items. You’ll love this market if you’re looking for a vibrant ambience and fresh produce. It’s open from 5:00 AM to 10:00 PM (with restaurants opening at 9:00 AM), and it’s closed on the first and third Tuesdays of every month.

Located within a 5-minute stroll from Jagalchi Station (line 1, exit 10), this market is famous for its colourful atmosphere and, on occasion, outdoor shows, in addition to its extensive seafood selection. While there, you may buy live fish on the first floor and have it cooked in one of the restaurants on the second floor for an authentic, individualized meal. For breathtaking views of the ocean, make sure you visit the rooftop Sky Terrace. Visit Jagalchi Fish Market for authentic Busan cuisine or to take in the vibrant market atmosphere; it goes well with BIFF Square, which is only close.

Gukje Market

Gukje Market

Address: 25 Gukjesijang 2-gil, Jung-gu, Busan, South Korea

Gukje Market, one of the biggest traditional marketplaces in Korea, is a hive of activity and a great place to go shopping—and it’s not far from BIFF Square. This market exemplifies “Dottaegi,” a word used in Busan to describe a lively and noisy atmosphere, and spans a labyrinthine area full of stalls and shops. The Gukje Market originated as a place for Korean War refugees to sell illegal goods but has since evolved into a diverse marketplace offering everything from clothing to technology and tools. You can find unique trinkets and practical household items as you wander the busy streets.

Enjoy authentic Busan cuisine from street vendors serving spicy glass noodles, tteokbokki, and Chungmu Gimbap. The market is conveniently located just a 7-minute walk from Exit 7 of Jagalchi Station and is open daily from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM, except on the first and third Sundays of each month. Visit Gukje Market to immerse yourself in Busan’s history and culture, whether looking for unique gifts or simply wanting to experience the lively atmosphere.

Yongdusan Park

Yongdusan Park

Address: 37-55 Yongdusan-gil, Jung-gu, Busan, South Korea

Yongdusan Park is an urban sanctuary that combines historical charm with natural beauty; it is located in the middle of Busan and is only a short walk from BIFF Square. The 69,000-square-meter park spans a hill and is known for its convenient escalators from Nampo-dong. It is ideal for exercising and taking in breathtaking Busan Port and the Yeongdo area views. The renowned Busan Tower, which stands at 120 meters and has an observatory that offers stunning views of the city and the sea, is the highlight of the complex. The other noteworthy sights include a flower clock, the serene bell pavilion, and the magnificent Admiral Yi Sun-sin statue. Sunset is the perfect time to arrive so you can see the city lights illuminate.

With its free admission and round-the-clock opening hours, the park is ideal for anyone on a tight budget. See the neighbouring Gwangbok-dong Cultural & Fashion Street and the lively Jagalchi and Gukje Markets to immerse yourself in Korean culture. Pro tip: from Nampo, take the elevator for a relaxing climb and then enjoy the gorgeous steps for a leisurely descent. For a tranquil and enlightening escape from Busan’s busy streets, Yongdusan Park is an absolute must-see.

Final thought

To sum up, Busan’s BIFF Square is a vibrant and culturally diverse spot, providing tourists with an experience they won’t remember. Its lively atmosphere and historical importance as the home of Korea’s film industry make it an absolute must-visit for visitors and movie buffs alike. With its convenient location near public transportation, BIFF Square is open all year. It invites visitors to discover its numerous attractions, such as the glittery autographs of movie stars and the lively food stands.

Whether watching a movie in one of its first-run theatres, eating local specialities, or just taking in the vibrant atmosphere, BIFF Square has everything you need to experience the real Busan. Check out for more information and to plan your visit. Safe journey!

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