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Haeundae Beach: Busan’s Iconic Coastal Gem 해운대해수욕장

📍264 Haeundaehaebyeon-ro, Haeundae-gu, Busan | 부산광역시 해운대구 해운대해변로 264
🚆 Haeundae Station (Line 2, Exit 3 or 5)
🕒 All year round
₩  Free (except parking fees)
🌐 www.haeundae.go.kr
☎️ +82-51-749-7601

Regarding coastal getaways in South Korea, Haeundae Beach stands out as a top destination. Renowned as the most famous beach in Busan and cherished nationwide, Haeundae Beach boasts a pristine stretch of white sand that spans about 1.5km in length and 70-90 m in width. From sunbathing and water sports to delicious coastal cuisine, Haeundae Beach offers diverse activities to suit every visitor’s preferences. Here’s your go-to guide for making the most of your time at Haeundae Beach.

How to get to Haeundae

If you’re traveling from Seoul, your likely arrival point in Busan is Busan Station. Two convenient ways to reach Haeundae Beach are by bus or subway.

  • For the subway, hop on Line 2 (Green Line) towards Haeundae and get off at Haeundae Station. Then take Exit 3 or 5 and walk about 550 meters (1,800 feet) to the beach.
  • If you prefer the bus, catch No. 139, 307, or 1003 from Busan Station. Ride until you reach Haeundae Beach Bus Station. From there, it’s a short stroll to the beach.

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Things to do in Haeundae Beach

Gunam-ro Main Road
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Gunam-ro is the main road from Haeundae Station (Line 2, Exit 3 or 5) to Haeundae Square at the beach. It has a wide pedestrian walkway with traffic on both sides. Along Gunam-ro, you’ll find various restaurants, cafes, shops like Artbox, Olive Young, and Daiso, and convenience stores such as GS25, CU, and 7-Eleven.

You’ll also find fun self-photo studios where you can use props and hair-styling tools to take memorable holiday photos. Gunam-ro is great for walking, shopping, and capturing special moments.

Relax on Haeundae Beach
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Haeundae Beach offers a friendly atmosphere with its long, well-kept stretch of white sandy shores. You’ll find convenient walking paths along the beach and seating areas where you can take a break and enjoy the scenery. It’s the perfect spot to start your day with relaxation on the soft sand, soaking up the warm sun. Just be sure to pick your sunbathing spot wisely, as tall buildings can create shadows at certain times of the day.

 Haeundae Beach water sports
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If you’re up for some excitement, Haeundae Beach has covered you with various water sports activities that’ll get your heart racing. There’s no shortage of thrilling adventures, from jet skiing and parasailing to banana boat rides and paddleboarding. You can rent equipment from local vendors or sign up for guided tours to explore the lively waters of Haeundae Beach.

Sunset over Haeundae Beach
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If you’re a sunset lover, Haeundae Beach offers a spectacular setting to indulge your passion. Haeundae Beach is stunning at sunset, with the sea and sky ablaze in red, orange, and yellow shades. You might also see groups of seagulls diving for shrimp crackers thrown by visitors or even take part in feeding them yourself. 

Find a prime spot along the shoreline or head to one of the beachfront cafes for an unbeatable view of nature’s nightly show.

 Haeundae Beach in day time
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A beach picnic is a perfect choice. Whether you’re aiming for a romantic evening or a casual get-together, dining at Haeundae Beach adds a special touch. You can grab local snacks and drinks from nearby vendors to complement your beach feast. Also, watch for the blue ticket booth on the beach, where you can rent chairs, mats, or umbrellas for added comfort.

 Haeundae Beach in night time
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As the sun sets, Haeundae Beach turns into a lively nightlife hotspot. Explore the bustling promenade filled with bars, restaurants, and clubs, where live music sets the mood. You can also enjoy free performances by singers and musicians along the promenade. 

Additionally, check out local artists offering portrait drawings, student dancers showcasing their talent, and mesmerizing magicians wowing the crowd with tricks. It’s a vibrant scene that will keep you entertained well into the night! 

Annual festivals at Haeundae Beach

Haeundae Sand Festival
By official website
  • 2024. 05. 24. ~ 2024. 05. 27.
  • Free admission

The festival typically takes place in late May to early June. During this time, the beach is transformed into a vast outdoor museum filled with sand sculptures created by world-renowned sand artists. The sculptures are often themed; in the past, they depicted everything from famous landmarks to popular culture icons.

In addition to the sand sculptures, the festival also features a variety of other activities and events, such as sand sculpting competitions, live music performances, and food vendors. It’s a great opportunity to spend a day at the beach and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Busan.

Busan Sea Festival
By official website
  • 2024. 07.
  • Free admission

The Busan Sea Festival is the highlight of summer in Busan! Hosted by the Busan Culture & Tourism Festival Organizing Committee, it takes place in early August across six famous beaches: Haeundae, Songjeong, Gwangalli, Dadaepo, Ilgwang, and Songdo. 

This festival promotes Busan as a marine city, with events like the Busan Rock Festival, International Hip-Hop Festival, Magic Festival, Love for Sea Concert, Summer Funny Land, Cruiser and Yacht Racing, and marine sports activities. It’s the perfect way to experience Busan’s lively coastal culture!

Haeundae Lights Festival
By official website
  • 2024 December ~ 2025 January
  • Free admission

The Haeundae Lights Festival is Haeundae Beach’s top winter event. It typically runs from late November to the end of January, illuminating the beach and surrounding areas with festive lights and displays. It’s different from other festivals in Korea because of its stunning light displays that line the roads from the beach through Gunam-ro, Haeundae Market, and Hot Spring Road.

But it’s not just about the lights! Visitors can enjoy fun activities like the Carol Competition, Ceremony for 100 Santas, Wishing Tree Festival, and even get their photos printed. It’s a truly magical experience that you won’t want to miss.

In conclusion, Haeundae Beach is a paradise for beach lovers and adventure seekers. If you are about to spend this summer in Korea, add Haeundae Beach to your itinerary. 

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