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Petite France Korea 쁘띠프랑스

📍 경기도 가평군 청평면 호반로 1063 | 1063, Hoban-ro, Cheongpyeong-myeon, Gapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
🚆 Gapyeong Station (Gyeongchun line, ITX) > Gapyeong City Tour Bus
🕒 09:00 – 18:00 | Sunset – 20:00 (for Little Prince Lighting Festival in Winter, ticketing ends at 19:00)
₩ Adult & Youth (Middle to High School): ₩12,000 / Child (36 mths old to Elementary School): ₩10,000
☎️ +82 31-584-8200
✍🏻 Taxi fare from Gapyeong Station to Petite France would be around ₩20,000 (about 25 minutes).

Some rules to keep in mind:

  • The village does not allow pets. 
  • Petite France prohibits smoking. 
  • Parking is free.

Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Gapyeong, South Korea, Petite France is a charming village that seems to have leaped straight from the pages of a fairy tale. With its vibrant colors, European-style architecture, and enchanting atmosphere, Petite France has become a must-visit destination for locals and tourists alike. In this guide, we’ll explore the delights that Petite France has to offer, making it an ideal escape for those seeking a touch of whimsy and European flair in the heart of Korea.

How to go to the Petite France from Seoul

Gyeongchun Line to Get to Gapyeong Station From Seoul
Gyeongchun Line to Get to Gapyeong Station From Seoul

By Train

1. ITX Cheongchun | Gyeongchun line

From Cheongnyangni or Yongsan Station or other ITX train stops like Wangsimni stn., Sangbong stn., you can take ITX – Cheongchun to Gapyeong Station. When you arrive at Gapyeong Station, you can choose a taxi, local bus, or Gapyeong City Tour Bus to get to Petite France. 

Gapyeong ITX train station
Gapyeong Station

We highly recommend using the Gapyeong City Tour Bus because it’s convenient. The bus runs past Gapyeong’s main attractions. Purchase a one-time ticket that can be used as often as you like within one day. So, by purchasing this bus ticket, you can visit several locations in one day, such as Nami Island, Petite France, and The Garden of Morning Calm, without paying any additional travel fees.

2. Gapyeong City Tour Bus

Gapyeong City Tour Bus
Gapyeong City Tour Bus

Start your journey to various attractions from Gapyeong Station by taking the Gapyeong City Tour Bus (Course A):

  • Day Pass Price: ₩8000 for Adults, ₩6000 for Children, and no charge for children under 3 years old.
  • Buy your day pass directly from the bus driver using either cash or a T-money card.
  • The pass allows you unlimited hop-on and hop-off privileges on the bus’s circular route for the entire day.
  • If the bus is packed, you must wait for the next available transport. 

Gapyeong City Tour Bus Timetable

Gapyeong City Tour Bus Timetable from Gapyeong Station to the Garden of Morning Calm
From Gapyeong Station to the Garden of Morning Calm_Gapyeong City Tour Bus Timetable
Gapyeong City Tour Bus Timetable from the Garden of Morning Calm to Gapyeong Station
From the Garden of Morning Calm to Gapyeong Station_Gapyeong City Tour Bus Timetable

By Bus

You can take an intercity bus from Dong Seoul to the Cheongpyeong bus station. The ticket costs about 4 – 5 USD. Once you arrive at the Cheongpyeong bus station, you can take a taxi, local bus, or Gapyeong City Tour Bus to Petite France Bus Stop. It takes about 20 minutes. 

Map of Petite France

The Map of Petite France

You can purchase a ticket from the booth near Parking Lot 1. There’s a stairway that you’ll find after heading towards parking lot 1. The ticket office is visible as you reach the top of the steps. There are two sections: Petite France French Village and Pinocchio & Da Vinci Italian Village. If you have time, you can also visit the Italian Village afterward. It’s a beautiful village that just opened in 2021. Remember to pick up a tourist guide map at the ticket office to ensure you know where you are!

About Petite France

Petite France
By official Instagram

Petite France is a one-of-a-kind French cultural village in Korea, situated in the suburbs of Cheongpyeong Lake. This location is themed “Flowers, Stars, and the Little Prince.” It provides tourists with a beautiful sightseeing space and cultural experience. The village features French culture and flair, with exquisite garden buildings on a hill. This is a popular tourist site in Korea.

Petite France French Village is near Gapyeong, about 2 hours from Seoul, by car. The village is open all year, so don’t miss it when you’re in Korea. You can realize your dream of “discovering Europe” by visiting this complex of 16 buildings with French architecture and distinctive cultural traits that will transport you to the heart of the European countryside.

Petite France Korea
By official Instagram

Coming here is not just about the boring French house models; you will also learn about French culture from shops, melodic music that fits the rhythm of French life, and French puppet shows. Numerous items in the store, including food, clothing, trinkets, and home décor, have designs in the French style. This location, in particular, has appeared in many well-known TV shows and movies, including My Love from the Star, Secret Garden, and Running Man. 

Things to see in Petite France

Amphitheater (No. 11 on the map)

Amphitheater in petite france

The amphitheater is an outdoor performance venue. The special point is that when you come to this area, you can admire a beautiful angel of Petite France with overlapping buildings overlapping each other. This is the central area of Petite France, so you can come here first to take some fancy photos and then visit the surrounding areas.

If you’re a fan of Korean dramas, you’ll recognize this as the setting for My Love from the Star. The scene is still as lovely and romantic as in the film. There are also photos of Do Min Joon and Cheon Song Yi for you to take!

Maison de Marie (No. 21 on the map)

If you enjoy art, you’ll enjoy this location. You can see various works of art, including antique French vintage furniture. There are also artworks by prominent artists.

Antiques Flea Market Antika (No. 32 on the map)

Antiques Flea Market Antika

This is a gallery inspired by French flea markets. You will see a lot of gold, porcelain, and copper objects when you arrive here. The amazing works of art on display here will wow you.

Tradition French House (No. 29 on the map)

This home represents a French house with more than 200 years of history. It is adorned with lovely wooden furniture, vintage tiles, and decorations. There is a wall covered with plates with French designs and patterns that are ideal for taking some unique photos.

Amor Blue (No. 22 on the map)

Amor Blue
By official Instagram

This is a famous wall within Petite France that many tourists come to check in to. There are expressions written on the wall in various languages. So when you visit Petite France, stop by this spot, find the saying written in your language, and snap a photo!

Beethoven Virus Filming Site (No. 27 on the map)

This was the location for the 2008 Korean film Beethoven Virus. Thanks to this movie, Petite France became more and more famous in Korea. The signatures of numerous celebrities are displayed on the wall here. The room has traditional sofas and decor mirroring an old-fashioned cafe. You can get drinks in the cafe next door and then come here to enjoy and admire the surroundings!

“Bonjour” Walkway (No. 24 on the map)

"Bonjour" Walkway

Cheongpyeong Lake is just near Petite France. To experience nature and take in Cheongpyeong Lake’s green hue, you can stroll along the “Bonjour” promenade on Mount Homyeong’s slopes. 

What to do at Petite France

Enjoy some art shows

art shows at Petite France
By official Instagram

There are many shows held in Petite France. All shows are free to enter. Some shows are held regularly, such as Maison d’Orgel – Music Box Performance, Théâtre de L’étoile – European fairy puppet show, etc. You can check their official website to know the exact schedule of shows when you visit.

Create Pictures

This free picture-making experience is located on the right side of the Antiques Flea Market “Antika” (number 32 on the map). Simply choose a photo you like; the technology will transform it into a painting in 30 seconds. However, there will be a cost if you print and frame your images. Prices will vary depending on the size. 

Send a postcard to Petite Slow Mail Box

This is a unique mailbox. You can send postcards from Petite France to your friends and family. Postcards will be sent each year at the end of December. You can get a postcard at Petite France’s main gate, back gate, and gift shops. 

Experience with French Medieval Dressing 

You can wear authentic French clothing here to snap lovely photos while exploring Petite France. There is a variety of clothing and accessories to choose from. This is an intriguing experience that you should try out.

Get some souvenirs at the Gift shop (No. 14 on the map)

Gift shop at Petite France
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There aren’t many shops to choose from in Petite France. However, there is a small shopping area in Fountain Square. This shop sells a variety of souvenirs, including postcards, wooden dolls, keychains shaped like the Little Prince, notebooks, and pencils. If you’re looking for mementos, this is the place to go! 

What to eat in Petite France

eating at Petite France
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Petite France now sells drinks, ice cream, marshmallows, and snacks. The options are fairly limited. Here are some places you can visit.

  • Store (No. 15 on the map): Sells coffee, tea, and latte.
  • LePetit France (same location as the Store): Sells marshmallow.
  • Baobab (No. 33 on the map): Sells drinks and bingsu.
  • Café Fennec (No. 26 on the map): Sells a variety of drinks such as tea, coffee, and smoothies.

Nearby attractions

Pinocchio & Da Vinci Italian Village

Pinocchio & Da Vinci Italian Village
By official Instagram

This is Korea’s only Italian theme park that collaborates with the Collodi Foundation to bring Carlo Collodi’s fairy tale, The Adventures of Pinocchio, to life. At the same time, this is a place to honor Leonardo da Vinci’s artistic works as a great painter, engineer, scientist, sculptor, and architect.

This complex is around 30,000 square meters and is right next to Petite France. It is a collection of buildings inspired by Tuscany, Italy, known for its Renaissance art and architecture. Historic galleries, observation decks, stages, and two major tourist attractions are Pinocchio’s Adventure Hall and Da Vinci Exhibition Hall. 

Although Pinocchio & Da Vinci Italian Village only launched in 2021, it is already quite famous and has been featured on JTBC’s show (개그맨 짝 시그널). If you like Italy, you should visit.

Nearby Attractions

Nami Island

Nami Island in Autumn

Nami Island, 63 kilometers from the hectic heart of Seoul, is a calm half-moon-shaped paradise that has caught the hearts of numerous visitors and K-drama fans alike. Famous for its tree-lined walks, gorgeous gardens, and breathtaking vistas of the Han River, Nami provides a calm escape and an opportunity to get closer to nature. 

The island’s natural beauty changes with the seasons, making it an appealing vacation all year. Cherry blossoms carpet the island in delicate pink colors in the spring, while fall changes the scenery into a vivid palette of reds, oranges, and yellows. This is also the filming location for popular dramas like “Winter Sonata,” “Hi, Bye Mama,” and others. 

Aside from that, you can visit well-known attractions such as the Song Museum, the Picture Book Playground, the MICE Center, and a range of activities such as the Charity Train, Story Tour Bus, Bicycle, and so on. Various restaurants in the area serve exquisite food created with carefully selected regional ingredients. Check out our post about the best restaurant on Nami Island here.

The Garden of Morning Calm

garden of morning calm

If you’re a fan of historical K-dramas, add the Garden of Morning Calm to your travel list. Located near Chungryeongsan Mountain, this beautiful garden, envisioned by Professor Han Sang-kyung in 1996, offers a peaceful escape from urban life. 

Featured in dramas like “Love in the Moonlight” and “The King’s Affection,” the garden is home to 5,000 plant species, including 300 from Baekdusan Mountain, creating a living masterpiece that transforms with the seasons. Spring brings delicate cherry blossoms and vibrant tulips, while autumn paints the landscape in stunning reds, oranges, and gold. 

This garden may be toured in about an hour or two. If you just have a little time and want to make the most of it, the Hometown Garden, Pond Garden, Rose of Sharon Garden, and Millennium Juniper are must-sees.

Petite France in Korea is a whimsical escape, offering a delightful blend of European aesthetics and cultural experiences. Whether you’re a fan of literature art or simply seeking a unique and charming atmosphere, this village promises an enchanting journey. Plan your next trip today!

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