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Ready for a magical escape to Nami Island with our Nami Island Round-Trip Shuttle Bus? This picturesque gem, nestled in the heart of Korea, is a sanctuary of peace and natural beauty, famously setting the stage for enchanting K-drama moments. We’ve scoped out the best shuttle services to whisk you away to this dreamy destination, ensuring your journey is as delightful as the island.

IVisitKorea’s Top Pick

Seoul to/from Nami Island: Round-Trip Shuttle Service – GetYourGuide

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This service stands out for its punctuality, comfort, and excellent customer service, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable travel experience to Nami Island.


Comparison Table

Feature Seoul Travel Pass Shuttle GetYourGuide Shuttle Service Viator Round-Trip Shuttle
Cancellation Policy Flexible, with free cancellation up to a day before Same here, cancel up to a day in advance for a full refund Likewise, free cancellation up to 24 hours before
Pick-up Points Various cozy spots across Seoul Central hubs in Seoul for easy access Convenient meeting spots sprinkled around Seoul
Morning Departure Bright and early starts Choose your perfect morning slot Set times to kickstart your adventure
Evening Return A fixed time to head back, filled with memories Pick a return time that suits your day’s rhythm A scheduled return to conclude your island tale
Inclusions A smooth round-trip ride Not just a ride, but the option for insightful guidance too A hassle-free, round-trip shuttle experience
Unique Perks Direct shuttle, no fuss Flexibility to stay as you wish, with guide option Easy booking and reliable service for peace of mind


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Detailed Nami Island Round-Trip Shuttle Bus Information

[Seoul Travel Pass] Shuttle BusSeoul Travel Pass Shuttle

Embark on a seamless journey from Seoul with a service that’s all about getting you to Nami Island without any hitches. Morning departures mean you get the full day to meander through the island’s enchanting paths, and the fixed return ensures you’re back in the city just in time for a soothing evening.

[GetYourGuide] Shuttle ServiceGetYourGuide Shuttle Service

Imagine a service that not only promises a comfy ride but also offers the golden opportunity to add a guide to your adventure. With the freedom to choose when you return, you’re the master of your day – whether it’s lingering by the waterfront or soaking up every story the island whispers.

[Viator] Shuttle ServiceViator's Shuttle Service

Viator’s got your back with a straightforward, no-fuss shuttle from Seoul. It’s all about ease – easy booking, reliable departures, and a fixed schedule to guide your day. Perfect for those who love having a clear plan, leaving you to immerse fully in the island’s charm.

Whichever shuttle service calls out to you, each promises a doorway to the tranquil beauty of Nami Island. It’s more than just a trip; it’s about creating moments that linger, like the gentle rustle of leaves beneath the island’s towering trees. So, pick the one that sings to your heart’s rhythm and let the adventure begin!


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