Festivals in South Korea 2024

✨Korea is full of entertaining festivals throughout the year. Stay Tuned!✨

Eungbongsan Forsythia Festival

2024.03.21. ~ 03.23. 
Admission: Free
📍 1540 Geumhodong 4(sa)-ga, Seongdong-gu, Seoul
🚆 Approx. 80 m from Exit 1 of Eungbong Station

Spring has sprung early in Seoul with the Eungbongsan Forsythia Festival, a cultural art fest that blends the beauty of flowers with art and culture. Enjoy a variety of side events such as exhibitions, photo zones, and a food market, promising fun for all who visit. With an easy trek of 95m, Eungbongsan offers a gentle walk and a spectacular night view of the Han River and city lights!

The 62nd Jinhae Gunhang Cherry Blossom Festival

2024.03.23. ~ 04.01. 
Admission: Free

the 62nd Jinhae Gunhangje Festival is South Korea’s premier cherry blossom celebration! Every spring, the coastal town of Jinhae transforms into a magical landscape, with millions of cherry blossoms draping the streets, parks, and waterfronts in soft, pink hues. This year’s festival, held from late March to early April, promises an unforgettable experience with its picturesque cherry blossom tunnels, cultural performances, and street food vendors offering local delicacies.

Yeongdeungpo Yeouido Spring Flower Festival 2024

2024.03.29. ~ 04.02. 
Admission: Free

Experience Seoul’s premier cherry blossom event! This renowned festival boasts 1,886 Korean Cherry trees lining the 1.7km stretch of Yeouiseo-ro, creating a breathtaking tunnel of blooms. Conveniently reachable by Seoul’s subway, it’s a must-visit for a magical spring outing.

Seokchon Lake Cherry Blossom Festival 2024

2024.03.27. ~ 03.31. 
Admission: Free
📍 Jamsil-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul
🚆 Approx. 280m from Exit 2 of Jamsil Station

Imagine a scene where over 1000 cherry blossom trees encircle a lake, offering a stunning view, especially with Lotte World Magic Island setting a magical backdrop. And at night, these cherry blossoms light up, transforming the place into a luminous fairy tale. It’s an unforgettable spectacle!

2024 Seoul Grand Park Cherry Blossom Festival

2024.04.05. ~ 2024.04.07.
Admission: Free on Lake District

This spectacular event is a spring highlight, showcasing miles of cherry trees in full, glorious bloom. As you wander through the park, you’re surrounded by a canopy of pink and white blossoms, creating a dreamlike atmosphere. It’s the perfect setting for picnics, leisurely strolls, and unforgettable photo opportunities.

Hwadam Botanic Garden Spring Daffodil Festival

2024.03.29. ~ The end of April 
Admission: 11,000KRW

Hwadam Botanic Garden, also known as Hwadam Forest, is celebrated as one of the ‘Top 100 Must-Visit Tourist Spots in Korea’. This ecological park offers scenic monorail rides that glide through its lush landscapes. Come spring, the garden is home to the beloved Daffodil Festival, alongside a mesmerizing display of Cherry Blossoms and Azaleas. It’s a spring paradise not to be missed!

2024 Nami Island Friends Flower Festival

2024. 04. 06 ~ 2024. 04. 21
Admission: Adults 16,000 won | Children 10,500 won

In addition to marveling at the cherry blossoms and spring flowers, visitors to Nami Island can immerse themselves in a variety of exciting events such as the Flower Party, featuring lively performances, relaxing picnics, and vibrant photo zones perfect for capturing memorable moments!

2024 Taean World Tulip Flower Festival

2024.04.12. ~ 2024.05.07.
Admission: 11,000KRW

The Taean World Tulip Flower Festival ranks among the world’s top 5 tulip events, showcasing over 200 varieties of tulips, such as the stunning flamingo, vibrant lambada, and striking red proud tulip. Set in the scenic Korea Flower Park in Taean, South Chungcheong Province, this festival is a must-visit for flower enthusiasts and those looking to bask in the beauty of nature.

Seoul Festa 2024

2024. 05. 01 ~ 2024. 05. 06
Admission: Free

Seoul Festa taking place in iconic locations like Seoul Plaza, Gwanghwamun Square, Myeongdong, and Noeul Park, will showcase the best of Korean beauty, fashion, K-pop, food, and art. Enjoy the dynamic culture and varied attractions! Here, you can check the programme’s details.

2024 Han River Light Performance Drone Light Show (1st Half)

2024. 04. 27 ~ 2024. 06. 01 (Drone Light Show 20:00-20:15)
Admission: Free

Experience a breathtaking drone light show featuring 1000 drones illuminating the Seoul night sky! Mark your calendars for the first half of 2024 with performances on April 27, May 6, May 11, and May 18 at Jamsil Hangang Park(Jamsilnaru Stn. Exit 3/4), and on June 1 at Ttukseom Hangang Park.

2024 Car-Free Jamsugyo Bridge Festival

2024. 05.03 ~ 2024. 06. 23 | Every Sunday, 13:00-21:00
Admission: Free

Discover the unique allure of the Hangang River at Jamsu Bridge, located on the lower deck of Banpo Bridge in Banpo Hangang Park, Seoul. Festival highlights feature a Silent DJ Party, eco-friendly food trucks, a local farmers’ market, and relaxation on comfy beanbag chairs. Enjoy a vibrant blend of music, cuisine, and community at this one-of-a-kind riverside celebration!

Garden of Morning Calm Spring Flower Festival

2024. 04. 19 ~ 2024. 05. 26
Admission: Adults 11,000 won | Children 7,500 won

This spring, immerse yourself in a floral paradise at the botanical garden, where a vast array of flowers (including tulips, daffodils, and azaleas) and blooming trees (such as magnolia, plum, and cherry blossom) await. It’s a breathtaking spectacle of nature’s finest!

Goyang International Flower Festival 2024

2024.04.26. ~ 2024.05.12.
Admission: 15,000KRW

One of Korea’s largest horticulture exhibitions, featuring indoor displays, outdoor gardens, and a range of engaging experience programs. Positioned within Ilsan Lake Park, it offers convenient accessibility via the Seoul Metro, with a mere 10-minute walk from the station.

Hangang Seorae Island Canola Flower Festival

2024.05.10. ~ 2024.05.19.
Admission: Free

Enjoy the spring spirit at the Seorae Island Canola Flower Festival on the Han River, where the world seems to glow in shades of yellow. This annual event is a canvas of rapeseed blossoms, painting Seorae Island with vibrant strokes. Against the scenic view of Namsan Seoul Tower across the waters, you can partake in fun activities like face painting and enjoy various live performances.

Lotus Lantern Festival 2024 (Yeondeunghoe)

Apr. – May. | Parade: 2024.05.11. 19:00 – 21:30
Admission: Free

The Lotus Lantern Festival, a UNESCO-listed annual event commemorating Buddha’s birthday, features the iconic Lantern Lighting Festival. This beloved celebration includes the renowned lantern parade, along with traditional lantern exhibitions at Jogyesa Temple, Bongeunsa Temple, and Gwanghwamun Square, accompanied by captivating performances and engaging activities.

Seoul Rose Festival 2024

2024.05.18. ~ 2024.05.25.
Admission: Free

Immerse yourself in a breathtaking display of tens of millions of roses in full bloom, including the mesmerizing 5.15km Rose Tunnel. Throughout the festival, visitors can delight in a vibrant array of entertainment, from captivating concerts to lively music parties and dazzling fashion shows, creating unforgettable memories amidst the fragrant beauty of the roses.

Garden of Morning Calm Lighting Festival 2023-2024

2024: TBA
Admission: Adults 11,000 won | Children 7,500 won

The Garden of Morning Calm Lighting Festival is a winter spectacle in South Korea, featuring over 30,000 bulbs illuminating a variety of themed areas, making it an ideal destination for families, couples, and solo travelers seeking a magical winter experience.

2023 Seoul Lantern Festival & Gwangwhamun Square Market

2024: TBA
Free admission

The Seoul Lantern Festival, formerly hosted at Cheonggyecheon Stream for 14 years, features an annual celebration highlighted by illuminated sculptures inspired by Hanji lanterns and a bustling night market offering a variety of goods including food and handicrafts.

Seoul Light DDP Winter

2024: TBA
Free Admission

“Seoul LIGHT DDP WINTER 2023” is an immersive digital experience that explores the coexistence of natural and technological realms. Held at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) It presents a spectacular 222-meter mega media art installation.

Lotte World Miracle Winter

2024: TBA
Admission applies

Lotte World’s “Make A Miracle Winter Festival” offers a dazzling Christmas experience with Santa’s Village, a Happy Christmas Parade, and festive lights! This enchanting event, invites visitors of all ages to immerse themselves in a world of Christmas joy.

Pocheon Herb Island Lighting Festival

2024: TBA
Admission: Adult 10,000KRW | Children 8,000KRW

The Pocheon Herb Island Lighting Festival is a year-round evening event that combines the natural beauty and aroma of herbs with the enchanting allure of light displays. It offers visitors a unique and romantic ambiance including a magical blend of aromatic herbs and dazzling light displays.

Pinocchio & The Little Prince Starlight Festival

2024: TBA
Admission applies

Set in the enchanting location of Petite France, the Pinocchio & The Little Prince Starlight Festival is a winter fairytale come to life. The festival is adorned with sparkling lights decorating the pastel-colored buildings, night streets, and Christmas trees, creating a storybook atmosphere. 

Oak Valley Sonata of Light 3D Festival

January to December (Year-round)
Admission: Adults 20,000KRW | Children 15,000KRW

The Oak Valley Sonata of Light 3D Festival, a year-round event near Seoul, dazzles visitors with a 1.5km themed walkway of lights, 3D shows, and music, creating a world of enchantment every night. Perfect spots for capturing memorable moments!

Eungbongsan Sunrise Festival

2025. 01. 01
Free Admission

The Eungbongsan Sunrise Festival is an opportunity to witness the first sunrise of the new year from Eungbongsan Mountain in Seoul, complemented by cultural performances and breathtaking views. It is renowned for its stunning views of the Han River, Seoul Forest, and eastern Seoul.

Pyeongchang Trout Festival

2024: TBA
Admission applies

It offers visitors an opportunity to engage in an array of winter activities centered around trout fishing. The festival is not only known for its ice and lure fishing but also features snow and ice programs, along with traditional folk experiences. 

Legoland Korea Resort Merry Bricksmas

2024: TBA
Admission applies

The Legoland Korea Resort Merry Bricksmas festival offers a magical winter experience with festive decorations, special events, and LEGO-themed fun for families and LEGO fans, featuring discounts, unique experiences, and culinary delights.