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seoul grand park

Seoul Grand Park, Seoul Land, Zoo, and Campground – Updated 2022

Seoul Grand Park

Seoul is the Capital city of South Korea. Where it represents the country and holds politics, it also entertains citizens and international tourists with some amazing fun lands. There are a lot of notable entertainment sites, Seoul Grand Park stands among such top-rated and most visited sites not alone in Seoul but in the whole of South Korea.

Seoul Grand Park is located between Gwacheon and Makgye-dong. The famous places around the park are Bruim-Dong, Munwon-Dong, Ryang-Dong, and Cheonggye-Dong. The Seoul Grand Park was originally inaugurated back in 1984, since then it is always opened for the general public. The Park is famous and loved among the citizens as well as the international tourists. The geographical location of the park is so perfect that it makes it feel like a completely natural world inside it.

On one side of the park, there’s a mountain range called Cheonggyesan, while there’s a huge lake in the middle of the park. If you are spending your vacations in Seoul, South Korea, then you must not ignore visiting this amazing fun land. Note that the Park hours are different in the winter and summer seasons. In winter it’s open from 9 am to 6 pm and in summer from 9 am to 7 pm. Here you will be guided on how to reach the park, what it costs, how many activities there are, and how can you make your day. Read more about Seoul Grand Zoo, Seoul Land Theme Park.

Directions to Seoul Grand Park

Seoul Grand Park is so famous among the locals that you can easily reach there, yet a comprehensive guide would be better. So, basically, we recommend three ways to get there from Seoul: by car, by taxi, and by subway line 4.


Seoul Grand Park’s closest subway is the Grand Park Station on Line no. 4. Exit No. 1, 2, 3 will lead you to the park.


If you go by your own car, you can type in your navigation app the address of Seoul Grand Park. It is 359 Makgye-dong, Gwacheon city, Gyeonggi province.

Read more about Can I Use Google Maps in Korea? Which Navigation Apps in Korea are best?

If you own a car and you know the route, then it isn’t a problem. You can easily get there within an hour’s drive from the city. If you don’t have a car don’t want to get caught in-crowd, then it’s best if you hire a taxi, it would be the most expensive though.

Cost to Seoul Grand Park

Further, all ways to get to the park cost differently. Getting to the Park by taxi is faster and it takes about 25 minutes from Seoul Express Bus Terminal to Seoul Grand Park, but it is the most expensive way, it charges around $14 with the general taxi. Own car is the best way as it is faster and cheaper. It takes equal time as a taxi and the fuel cost is approximately $3 (estimation). But not every tourist has their own car. Inevitably, it is always better to travel by public transport on tours and trips.

As for the public transport from Seoul station, it will take about 11 stops and cost about $2-$3, which is still a cheap amount. The subway ride will take about 26 minutes. As far as service is concerned, the subway in Seoul offers one of the best services in the whole of South Korea.

Once you get here, now it’s time for you to explore this amazing place. The best thing about the Seoul Grand Park tickets is you don’t have to wait in line for purchasing the tickets, you can buy them online as well. Check out Seoul Grand Park Lift + Seoul Zoo Combo Ticket.

The Park encompasses a huge area of approx. 9 square miles which is equal to 23 square kilometers. There are so many activities available in the park that no one can enjoy them in a single day. Let’s discover the top sights and most loved activities in the park.

Seoul Grand Park Sky Lift

One of the most loved activities in the Seoul Grand Park is the Sky Lift. It takes you to the sky tour of this wonderland, where you can witness real beauty with a bird’s eye view. The wildlife in the Zoo, the enchanting lake, the majestic mountains range and much more is what you will observe in this breathtaking ride.

There are multiple ways to get to the lift from the outside and inside of the Zoo. There are fees for the Seoul Grand Park Sky lift package ticket. You can find great deals online as well like Seoul Grand Park Lift + Seoul Zoo Combo Ticket. You can also by the sky lift ticket at the zoo.

Seoul Grand Park Zoo

desert fox seoul grand park
Desert Fox

There are plenty of Zoos available in the whole of South Korea. However, the biggest zoo is the Seoul Grand Park Zoo as well as being the first zoo built ever in the country. It was inaugurated by Japan in 1909 with the wild species of kangaroos, camels, Siberian tigers, ostriches, and other animals. On the current day, the zoo encompasses about 3000 animals from different species including rare ones. Besides, there is a theme park and a children’s zoo. You can witness 1262 species of plants in their botanical gardens as well. There is something for everyone is the family in Seoul Grand Park. Read more about Children’s Grand Park; Hidden Gem in Seoul here.

Seoul Grand Park Campsite

The natural environment makes it the perfect place to camp. You can truly enjoy nature at the Seoul Grand Park Campsite. It is located behind the National Museum Modern of Contemporary Art camp site with facilities to play sports, take a quick shower, and play in the stream. They have tents already there and any camping equipment can be rented. Read more about The 5 Best Campsites in Seoul and tips to enjoy camping in Korea.

Seoul Land

Seoul Land amusement park was opened in 1987. With all other facilities, Seoul Land stands among the prominent facilities in the Seoul Grand Park. It is actually an amusement park that contains about 40 different rides, in which flume ride, roller coasters, pirate ship, and bumper cars are the most famous. Though there are many other amusement parks in South Korea, but what you observe in the Seoul Land can never be witnessed at other places. But before that you definitely need to find a way to Seoul Land.

It is located to the southeast of the Seoul grand park station. Once you reach the station, you need to take a walk along Gwangmyeong-ro, which leads you to the Seoul Land in the south. The total distance from the station to Seoul land is about 15-20 minutes walk. You will see the lake on your right side while walking on the path and then turn right to get to the Seoul Land. It is located right beside the lake.

Seoul Land Cost

From time to time, they have discounts for foreigners! But check their site to see if the discounts are still available. Below are the regular prices. 36 months and younger are also free of charge. You will need to show identification though.

For your information:

Moreover, there are some essential things to know before you make a visit to Seoul Grand Park. The place is ideally made for families, kids, and those who want thrills and adventures. You should have sunglasses, sunscreen, and a hat to avoid direct contact with sunlight at height. If you have tracking shoes, it’s best to wear them before visiting, because you wouldn’t want to slip on the rock wearing boots or slippery shoes.

Some parts of the park are not wheelchair accessible, so if you have any person with you in a wheelchair, it’s better to check before going anywhere in the park. It would be more satisfactory if you buy Seoul grand park map so that you will know where to access with wheelchairs as well as the routes of the park. You can buy the map at any general store or stationery shop close to the park or inside the park. Further, there are also ATMs and safe lockers close to the central information center, so that you can easily get necessary cash and keep your unwanted stuff safe until you leave the park.

Seoul Grand Park and Covid 19

covid seoul

The Park has been entertaining the visitors since its inauguration, however, there was an unwanted gap during the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic in late 2019 and early 2020. Later, in August 2020, the botanical garden was reopened for the public but with some restrictions, and then each facility gradually.

Today, the whole park is open for the general public, but with restrictions. They have to use hand sanitizers and get their fever checked before entering, as well as they are required to fill an entry log to get a QR code authentication.

Further, the visitors are advised by the authorities of the park that they have to wash their hands with running water at least for 30 seconds. They must wear face masks, and they must not cough at either humans or animals. They also made some initiatives to prevent the epidemic. Seoul Grand Park installed thermal cameras at the zoo and at the main gate. Installed hand sanitizers at the ticket booths at the general information center, elephant tram and at the zoo. Besides all these epidemic-preventing efforts by the authorities, it is always better to take care of yourself while trolling in public whether in Seoul Grand Park or anywhere else.

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