Oak Valley Sonata of Light 3D Festival

The Oak Valley Sonata of Light 3D Festival, a year-round event near Seoul, dazzles visitors with a 1.5km themed walkway of lights, 3D shows, and music, creating a world of enchantment every night.

  • Event Dates: January to December (Year-round)
  • Location: Oak Valley, South Korea
    • Admission Fee:
      • Adults: 20,000 won (~15.32 USD)
      • Children: 15,000 won (~11.49 USD)
  • Inquiries: 033-730-3146 / 1588-7676
  • Official Website: oakvalley.co.kr

General Information


The Oak Valley Sonata of Light 3D Festival is an enchanting event that lights up the night with a world of beautiful lights and 3D illuminations. This year-round festival, just two hours away from Seoul, offers visitors an extraordinary experience as they wander along a 1.5km themed walkway. Each evening, from 19:00 to 22:00, the festival comes alive with vibrant lights, photo zones, and an awe-inspiring 3D lighting show, all set to music.

Key Highlights of the Festival

  • 1.5km Themed Walkway: A path adorned with colorful lights and themes.
  • 3D Lighting Show: A spectacular display combining lights and music.
  • Photo Zones: Perfect spots for capturing memorable moments.
  • Five Light Themes: Each offering a unique and inspiring experience.

Additional Information

  • Accessibility: Located within a 2-hour drive from Seoul.
  • Family-Friendly: Suitable for visitors of all ages.
  • Year-Round Attraction: Open to visitors throughout the year.
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