Eungbongsan Sunrise Festival

Eungbongsan Sunrise Festival

The Eungbongsan Sunrise Festival is an opportunity to witness the first sunrise of the new year from Eungbongsan Mountain in Seoul, complemented by cultural performances and breathtaking views.

Festival Summary

  • Title: Eungbongsan Sunrise Festival
  • Date: 2024.01.01
  • Location: Eungbongsan Mountain, 271, Eungbong-dong, Seongdong-gu, Seoul
  • Admission Fee: Free
  • Official Website:
  • Accessibility: 10-minute walk from Eungbong Station (Jungang line, exit 1)

General Information

Eungbongsan Sunrise Festival

The Eungbongsan Sunrise Festival is a cherished annual event that invites residents and visitors to welcome the new year atop Eungbongsan Mountain. This festival, with exact time for the new year celebration yet to be announced, is celebrated with performances at the Octagonal Pavilion. Eungbongsan Mountain, named for its hawk-like shape, has been a significant site since the Joseon Dynasty and is renowned for its stunning views of the Han River, Seoul Forest, and eastern Seoul.

Key Highlights of the Festival

  • New Year Sunrise Viewing: Celebrating the first sunrise of the year.
  • Cultural Performances: Events held at the Octagonal Pavilion.
  • Scenic Views: Panoramic views of Han River and Seoul’s eastern parts.
  • Historical Significance: A site of cultural importance since the Joseon Dynasty.

Additional Information

  • Photography Opportunity: Ideal location for photographers.
  • Spring Events: Forsythia Festival in April with the mountain covered in yellow flowers.
  • Popular Walking Routes: Paths connecting Eungbongsan and Seoul Forest, particularly beautiful in spring.
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