Seoul Land & Seoul Grand Park 서울랜드: The Ultimate Guide

Get ready for a thrilling journey to Seoul Land, the best amusement park in Korea. This exciting destination features an incredible variety of rides, captivating entertainment, and magnificent scenery, all of which will leave you wanting more. Let’s prepare ourselves for a day filled with joy, laughter, and possibly even a few screams by assembling your nearest and dearest, your closest friends, or even simply your inner child, and then get ready to have some fun!

About Seoul Land

  • Location: 181 Gwangmyeong-ro, Gwacheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
  • Opening hours: Monday – Friday: 10:00 – 21:00, Saturday & Sunday: 9:30 – 22:00 
  • Website: seoulland
  • Instagram: today_seoulland

Seoul Land is a vast amusement park in Gwacheon, South Korea, near Seoul’s main hustle and bustle. This was the country’s first theme park when it opened in 1988, and it has since become one of the region’s most visited attractions. Set in the beautiful environs of the Seoul Grand Park complex, this park spans an area of over 300,000 square meters. Thrill rides, family-friendly activities, educational demonstrations, and entertaining performances are all part of the park’s diverse lineup!

Besides being a fun place to spend the day, Seoul Land is also where people can learn about the environment and share their stories and traditions. Everyone in the family can have a good time at Seoul Land, whether looking for thrilling rides, entertaining shows, or a relaxing day out.

Ticketing and Pricing of Seoul Land

Seoul Land Admission Tickets

Day-time49,000 KRW (~38 USD)46,000 KRW (~35 USD)43,000 KRW (~33 USD)
Night-time42,000 KRW (~32 USD)39,000 KRW (~29 USD)36,000 KRW (~27 USD)

Separately charged facilities

Sky X (1 person ride)19,000 KRW (~ 14 USD)
Sky X (2 person ride)24,000 KRW (~ 18 USD)
Sky X (3 person ride)29,000 KRW (~ 22 USD)
Paddle Boat (1 person)5,000 KRW (~ 4 USD)

Additional Information

  • Adult (ranging in age from 19 to 64), Youth (those aged 13 to 18), Children (ranging in age from 3 to 12)
  • Adults over 65 are eligible to pay the children’s fee. Please produce a valid ID.
  • Infants who have not yet reached the age of 36 months are admitted free of charge.
  • A separate price is required to enter experience facilities, coin facilities, special exhibitions, concerts, and seasonal facilities. These types of facilities fall under the category of seasonal facilities.
  • After 4:00 in the afternoon, the night-time rate kicks in.
  • Please call the Seoul Land ticket office at 02-509-6000 for any additional information.

Getting to Seoul Land

Let’s investigate how to go to Seoul Land Theme Park now that you have all the necessary background information regarding the attraction. The park’s convenient location near the city’s outskirts makes it easy to get to, and it provides several modes of public transportation, such as buses, taxis, and the subway. However, we strongly advise taking the metro as this will be the quickest and most convenient mode of transportation.

By Bus

Bus 5007
Gyeonggi Bus Route 5007

Getting to Seoul Land Theme Park is as simple as hopping on a bus in the capital city of Seoul. Taking the bus number 5007, which leaves from Seoul Station and makes stops just outside the park, is the most time and effort-saving alternative. The travel time on the bus is typically forty minutes. It all depends on the volume of traffic, though. This bus service, which runs nonstop daily, makes the park entrance accessible.

By Taxi

taxi in seoul

When planning a trip to Seoul Land Theme Park, consider taking a cab as an alternative mode of transportation. There is no shortage of taxis in Seoul, and it is easy to flag one down, no matter where you are. You must tell the driver you want to go to Seoul Land Theme Park so they can take you directly to the park entrance. If you do this, you will not be delayed in any way. 

The time it takes via taxi to reach the park from the city center of Seoul varies according to the level of traffic. Still, the average travel time is approximately 30 minutes.

By Car

You can also travel to Seoul Land Theme Park by car if you find the independence and convenience of driving more appealing. The park provides tourists access to large parking lots, making it easy to leave their vehicles there while exploring the park.

Please be aware that there is a price for parking, and the cost may change based on the kind of car you drive. You may get to Seoul Land Theme Park by following the directions given to you by your GPS or navigation system when going there. The location of the park is at 181 Gwangmyeong-ro, in the city of Gwacheon, in the province of Gyeonggi-do.

By Elephant Train

elephant train

Once you have exited the station at Seoul Grand Park via Exit 2, continue straight ahead until you reach Seoul Grand Park Lake. You’ll be able to get tickets for the Elephant Train and more general information at the General Information Center. The Elephant Train is a fun and convenient means of transportation that will take you directly to Seoul Land.

If you use this train, you won’t miss a thing! It is important to note that there is a cost associated with riding the Elephant Train. The price is 2,000 KRW (~ 1.54 USD) for adults, 1,500 KRW (~ 1.2 USD) for youth (aged 13-18), and 1,000 KRW (~ 0.7 USD) for children (aged 36 months to 12 years).

Therefore, getting to Seoul Land Theme Park is not only simple but also very convenient, and the subway is the means of transportation that is strongly suggested!

Seoul Land’s Layout

Seoul Land comprises five distinct thematic areas, each with its unique allure: World Plaza, Adventure Land, Character Town, Tomorrowland, and Samchulli Land.

Seoul Land layout

Beginning with World Plaza, this is the primary gateway into the park. It’s not just an access point but also the nerve center of Seoul Land, housing the information center, ticket booths, and various retail outlets.

Venturing right from World Plaza, you will encounter Adventure Land. This zone is a paradise for thrill-seekers, hosting a range of rides and attractions designed to evoke a sense of adventure and discovery.

Swiveling to the up-right of World Plaza, you’ll discover the whimsical Character Town (or Fantasy Land). This area comes alive with rides and attractions inspired by beloved characters from popular children’s shows and movies.

Continuing to the rear of the park, you’ll find yourself stepping into the future in Tomorrow Land. This section is a techno-fantasy realm, brimming with rides and attractions that explore the fascinating world of future technologies.

Finally, tucked to the left of Tomorrow Land, you’ll be transported back to Samchulli Land. Here, a collection of rides and attractions rooted in traditional Korean culture awaits to offer a unique cultural immersion.

Having explored these five thematic areas, it’s clear that Seoul Land provides diverse experiences, making every visit an exciting journey!

Check out the full map here!

Must-Visit Rides

Participate in the activities that will get your heart racing at Seoul Land, the first theme park to open in South Korea. This part will walk you through the rides you must experience at Seoul Land, a fascinating location for people of all ages.

Black Hole 2000

Black Hole 2000

The famous ride Black Hole 2000 is not like any other roller coaster. It is one of the longest and most thrilling roller coasters in South Korea, with a track length of more than 1,000 meters (3,281 feet), speeds of up to 85 kilometers per hour (53 miles per hour), and a vertical drop of more than 30 meters (98 feet). Those who crave the adrenaline rush should give it a shot because of the astounding speeds and the tremendous vertical drop.

Turning Mecard Racing

Turning Mecard Racing

Turning Mecard Racing is the first roller coaster in South Korea to incorporate a themed train, and it was inspired by the widely popular South Korean cartoon series Turning Mecard. The ride is designed to be kid-friendly and family-friendly. The one-of-a-kind overhead rail system provides riders with a breathtaking perspective of the entire park, making for an exhilarating and picturesque experience.

Sky X

Sky X

The ride known as Sky X is designed to push riders to their physical and mental limits. It features a vertical drop of more than 50 meters (164 feet). Riders may reach 62 miles per hour (100 kilometers per hour) in just 2.8 seconds as they go from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour. Sky X has a variety of inversions that may be performed, including a cobra roll, a zero-g roll, and several other options. These inversions will leave you stunned and amazed. Please note that a separate fee will be charged to ride this attraction.

The Big Merry-Go-Round

Big Merry Go Round

The merry-go-round, or carousel, is an iconic symbol commonly associated with amusement parks. It is designed to provide gentle, moderate spins well-suited for children. Moreover, one particularly unique variant is rumored to conceal a rare dragon amongst its facade. Therefore, watching for this unusual feature may result in good fortune for some lucky riders. Consequently, children under 110 centimeters must be accompanied by a guardian for safety reasons.

World Cup

World cup

Ride the excitement of soccer in a ball-like construction known as the World Cup. It will catapult into the sky like a shot on goal as it kicks and spins. Furthermore, enduring seven complete rotations in succession will double the thrill. As a result, the minimum height requirement for participants is 130 centimeters.

Top Spin

toy spin

Next up is the dizzying Top Spin attraction. Can riders withstand uncontrolled spinning at high revolutions recurring seven times without interruption? Undoubtedly, the bizarre sensations upon completion may induce feelings of perpetual motion long after ceasing. Accordingly, due to safety concerns, the ride is off-limits for any individuals under 140 cm or taller than 185 cm.

Larva Twister

Larva Twister

Subsequently, the quirky Larva Twister rotates passengers in all directions using colorful golf clubs. Hence, closing your eyes and relishing the refreshing breeze on your hair and skin is recommended. Indeed, the experience is guaranteed to leave you breathless. Ergo, children under 110 centimeters must accompany a guardian.

Motion Theater

Motion Theater

In progressing to Motion Theater, you can become fully immersed in an innovative 3D and 4D environment. For example, the simulation makes attendees feel like riding rails through forests and rivers is a reality. Consequently, the third row is acknowledged to offer the most authentic perspective. Therefore, any children under 110 cm must be accompanied by an adult.

Shot Drop

Shot Drop

And the gut-wrenching Shot Drop involves free falling over twenty stories in height. It amalgamates thrilling plummets, lifts, and rebounds for older teenage and adult riders. Indeed, the eccentric sensation is akin to a bouncing ball and launching a rocket simultaneously. As a result, the minimum height for participants begins at 140 cm and extends up to 195 cm.

Entertainment and Shows

Pack your bags and go to Seoul Land, the first theme park in South Korea, if you’re seeking a location where fun and fantasy collide and the opportunities for enjoyment are limitless. This article will provide an insider’s guide to the most entertaining and exciting concerts you must not miss!

Dancing Photo Time

Dancing Photo Time

The Photo Time will get things started. Here, the dreams you had as a youngster will come true as you watch your favorite characters parade down the main street and show off their moves. It is a sight to behold and remember. Still, it would be best to be cautioned that you might experience an irresistible impulse to join the parade and show off your dance talents.

Let’s go, fairy tale forest!

Let's go, fairy tale forest!

Who doesn’t get excited for a fantastic magic show? When you go to the Magic Theater, get ready to have your mouth drop to the ground as you see magicians execute acts that will blow your mind. And if you’re really lucky, the magician might even invite you up on stage to perform a trick where he removes a rabbit from your ear!

Luna Fantastic Music Show

Luna Fantastic Music Show

The next stop on our itinerary is the Luna Fantastic Music Show. When we claim this is a genuine article, we are not making light of the situation in any way. This show will keep you on the edge of your seat with its high-flying acrobats and daring trapeze performers doing incredible feats.

Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom

You’ll be able to interact with some of the area’s cutest and most skilled animals during the Animal Farm Show. Are pigs capable of doing the polka? Look here. Dogs that can perform the double Dutch? Look here. Are they cats riding unicycles? I’m afraid our team is still working hard on that problem. But take it from us; you’ll have a good time!

Luna Laser Show

Luna Laser Show

You won’t want to miss the mesmerizing Laser Show when the sun goes down. Behold how the darkness of the night is illuminated by dazzling laser lights synced to music. It’s similar to a disco party, but instead of disco balls, there will be lasers!

Seasonal Events and Festivals


The Seoul Land Tulip Festival is held annually in the spring, often between April and May. More than one million tulips, in a wide range of hues and styles, are on display at the festival. In addition, you can participate in activities centered around tulips, such as tulip picking, parades, and tulip photo contests.


The Summer Water Festival is an annual summer event in Seoul Land from June to August. Water slides, splash pads, and cannons are just water-centered activities that attendees can enjoy at this year’s event. Shaved ice, watermelon, and beer are just some summertime delicacies and beverages you can enjoy during your stay. 


The Chrysanthemum Festival is held annually in the fall, between September and October. Over 10,000 chrysanthemums in various sizes, colors, and shapes will be displayed at the festival. Chrysanthemum picking, parades, and picture contests are just some of the many chrysanthemum-themed activities you can participate in in the area.


Snow Light Festival in the Winter is an annual winter event in Seoul Land and runs from December to February. The event hosts several winter-themed activities, such as ice skating, sledding, and the construction of snowmen, in addition to several snow and ice sculptures on display. In addition, you can indulge in a wide selection of seasonal delicacies and beverages, including tteokbokki, roasted chestnuts, and hot chocolate.

Dining and Refreshment Options

Buckle up, foodies! We’re detaching from the rollercoasters to explore the gastronomical wonders of Seoul Land, South Korea’s first theme park. From local delicacies to international cuisines, there’s a plate for every palate. Remember, the only twists and turns you want are in your noodles, not your stomach!

At World Plaza


CITY PARROT – This multi-level dining hall is modeled after the interior of a vast parrot and features an attractive architectural design. Indulge your palate with dishes that feature tastes from all over the world, such as Indian curries, Italian pizza, and more. The multicolored “feather” walkways will be a lot of fun for children to walk along.

Luna pub

You may order beverages and pub grub at the Luna pub while sitting at the taproom-style bar or on the outdoor patio. On the weekends, they host live performances by K-pop artists and bands. It would help to try the homemade pretzel nibbles or the perfectly cooked chicken wings.

In Tomorrow Land

Twist Potato

Twist Potato offers fun variations on traditional potato treats, such as loaded baked potato balls and crispy french fries. A more nutritious option would be strips of Sweet Potato. After eating all of that, wash it down with a thick milkshake.

ssamimat seoul land restaurant

At Ssamimat, the authentic Korean barbecue served here has been elevated to the level of an art form. Meat and vegetables that have been thinly sliced and grilled to perfection at your table. The handmade kimchi and the flavorful pajeon pancakes are not to be missed.

At Venice Stage

Night Food truck

Night Food truck – As the sun sets over the canal, get a bite to eat, like gimbap rolls, tteokbokki, or fried fish, at this food truck that serves dinner at night. Dine while watching the “Venice” backdrop come to life after dark, thanks to the lights along the water.

Character Town favorites include


Carousal – Children enjoy the Carousal because it is designed like a merry-go-round with cutouts of their favorite characters. While you eat your bento box, set meal, or pizza at one of the inside tables, you may watch cartoons.


Caffe LIENS -This quaint café, called Caffe LIENS, exudes an authentic Parisian atmosphere. While snacking on a buttery croissant or fruit pastry, you can relax with chai tea or espresso. Outside sitting is available, shaded by bright umbrellas.

That’s all? No, please find more Restaurants & Cafes here!

Every imaginable culinary experience can be found at Seoul Land, from quick bites to formal meals. Having delicious food is just one of the many enjoyable aspects of visiting this fantastic theme park. Please let me know if you are interested in receiving recommendations for restaurants.

Souvenir and Shopping

There are several souvenir shops in Seoul Land, so you can take something home to remind you of your trip. The following items are some of the most well-liked souvenirs available for purchase in Seoul Land:

  • T-shirts commemorating Seoul Land
  • Hats from Seoul Land
  • Plush Toys from Seoul Land
  • Snacks and Candy from Seoul Land
  • Keychains and Magnets Featuring Seoul Land
  • Hand-Painted Portraits at Seoul Land
  • Personalized Name Necklaces with the Seoul Land Logo
  • Figurines printed in 3D from Seoul Land
Seoul land shopping

They provide free Polaroid camera rentals. Find more to buy here!

Tips for a Great Visit

Seoul Land visit
  • If you want to avoid waiting in extensive lines upon entering the venue, buy your tickets in advance online. This will save you time, allowing you to enjoy the attractions more.
  • Check the calendar beforehand to avoid the busiest times at the park, such as when schools are on break. Shoulder seasons have weekdays that are often less busy than weekends.
  • You can get accurate real-time ride wait times by downloading the official Seoul Land app, allowing you to plan your day more effectively. In addition to that, it provides a map and a schedule of live entertainment.
  • Please arrive at the theme park half an hour before it opens to beat the crowds and get a head start on some of the most popular attractions. When your adrenaline levels peak, the best thing to do is ride a roller coaster.
  • Use the One Day Pass (about 15 USD), which costs additional money but allows you to avoid standing in the regular lines. It is worth it on the hectic weekends.
  • Because of the high cost of refreshments found inside, it is a good idea to bring plenty of water and snacks with you. Food trucks in the open air provide customers with more reasonably priced options.
  • Put on some comfortable shoes that you can walk around in the day. Due to the large distances between the various park sections, you will rack up a lot of steps.
  • Character presentations and live performances can be great ways to pass the time while waiting for rides. Additionally, check out the daily parades.

Safety and Regulations

Seoul Land safety

The staff of Seoul Land is dedicated to ensuring the well-being and happiness of every one of the park’s guests. The following is a list of some of the safety precautions and rules that are in effect at Seoul Land:

  • Every guest is required to pay attention to and obey the directions given to them by members of the Seoul Land personnel at all times.
  • All children younger than 14 years old are required to travel at all times with an adult guardian.
  • Most roller coasters at Seoul Land need riders to be at least 120 centimeters tall.
  • Guests may be requested to remove any jewelry, secure loose hair, or adjust flowing clothing before the rides for safety reasons.
  • While guests enjoy the rides, they cannot consume food or beverages.
  • Guests are prohibited from smoking or using electronic cigarettes within any rides or attractions.
  • Visitors cannot bring weapons or other potentially harmful items into Seoul Land.

Final thoughts

Have you heard that Seoul Land was one of the earliest theme parks to open in South Korea? After providing guests with joy and hilarity for more than three decades, it’s safe to say that Seoul Land is an expert in delivering a good time. It can count more birthdays under its belt than most of us can.

In a nutshell, Seoul Land is an amusement park that never stops being enjoyable and is where memories are forged. The environment helps you forget about the stresses of everyday life and focus on the present moment instead. It is a location where wonders can be accomplished. But remember that even though Seoul Land is a world of joy, it is also a world in which the lost and found center is busier than a bee. Keep a close eye on your possessions, for they might decide to join in on the action! Why not take advantage of life as a ride by going to Seoul Land?


Q: What are the opening hours?

A: At 9:30 AM, Seoul Land welcomes visitors, and at 10:00 PM, it locks its gates. You have much time to see how far your courage can take you on the rides, but remember that this isn’t a race. No rewards for those who manage to ride every roller coaster in a day!

Q: Is it okay to bring food and drinks? 

A: Outside food and drinks are not allowed due to strict policies. However, there’s no need to worry about hunger, with numerous restaurants and food stands within Seoul Land. The quality of the cuisine is designed to enhance your experience, ensuring your focus remains on enjoying the rides. So, rest assured, you won’t be disappointed!

Q: Are there facilities for people with disabilities?

Absolutely! Wheelchairs can be rented at Seoul Land, and there are ramps throughout the park. To that end, park officials work hard to welcome everyone. After all, joy knows no barriers!

Q: Are animals allowed in the park?

Sorry, pet lovers! While we’re sure your dog would love the roller coasters, pets are not allowed in Seoul Land for safety reasons. But don’t worry, the thrill of the rides will make you forget that you left Fluffy at home!

Q: Does Seoul Land offer discounts for large groups?

A: The answer is that you can save money by visiting Seoul Land with a large group. Student organizations, business gatherings, and international tours often fall under these categories. The official Seoul Land website has all the information you need. In light of the group discounts, bringing the whole block to Seoul Land is a good idea. Let’s hope the bus can hold everyone.

Q: Where can I find out about Seoul Land’s lost-and-found procedure?

A: Seoul Land has a dedicated Lost & Found center. They can help you find everything you misplaced while you were there. Remember that your chances of regaining a misplaced item improve if you report it immediately.

Q: Are there any facilities for children at Seoul Land?

A: Without a doubt! Seoul Land offers a selection of family-friendly attractions and facilities, including kid-friendly rides, play zones, and specific services for children. 

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