Best Places to Enjoy Halloween in Korea

Best Places to Enjoy Halloween in Seoul, Busan, and Dague

Do Koreans enjoy Halloween? The answer is yes or no, but close to yes. There are no trick-or-treat things where children visit the house and receive candy, but increasingly, there are many events where young people enjoy Halloween cosplay and partying. Over time, more and more people are learning about Halloween, and festivals and parties are taking place.

Where in Korea can you have a great Halloween? That’s why I’m writing this article. Let’s dive into the best places to enjoy Halloween in Seoul, Busan, and Daegu, South Korea.

Best Places to Enjoy Halloween in Seoul


Crazy Zombie Hunt Performance
[ Crazy Zombie Hunt Performance, credit: Everland ]
  • Duration: Sep 2 ~ Nov 20
  • Place: Everland, 199 Everland-ro Yongin-si, Gyeonggido

Although Everland is located in Gyeonggi-do, we chose Everland Blood City Halloween Festival as the top place to enjoy Halloween in 2022. Because this year’s Blood City was designed and directed by an Emmy Award-winning art director for Squid Game, Kyungsun Chae. In Blood City, you will feel like you are the protagonist of a horror movie with your friends. Here is more about the Everland Blood City Festival 2022.

TIP: There are so many performances and photo zones, but we picked the performance Crazy Zombie Hunt as the best one and Clean of the Dead Laundry as the best photo spot.

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Lotte World

Giant Zombies at Lotte World Horror Halloween
[ Credit: Lotte World Adventure ]
  • Duration: Sep 2 ~ Nov 13
  • Place: Lotte World Adventure, Songpa-gu Olympic-ro 240

Lotte World holds the Horror Halloween: The Expansion Festival from September 02 to November 13, 2022. During the day, cutie Halloween wanders the theme park, and after 6 pm, Magic Island turns into a zombie island. And yes, the real horror Halloween zombies that make your heart pounds appear. To learn more about the festival, see this, Lotte World Horror Halloween 2022.

TIP: The best places to take your Instagram photos are;

  • Escape Station at the Magic Island Main Bridge
  • On the bridge to Magic Castle

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Halloween in Hongdae Festival

Halloween in Hongdae Festival
[ Halloween in Hongdae Festival Poster ]
  • Duration: Oct 28 ~ Oct 29
  • Place: Hongdae Walkable Street, 107 Eoulmadang-ro Mapo-gu

Hongdae is the most popular and hippest place for young people in Seoul. You can enjoy Halloween busking performances, a costume contest, and a Halloween Art Market at this attractive place.

In addition, a Korean zombie parade, dance performances, and a DJ show will be held on the Hongdae Walkable streets.

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Best Places to Enjoy Halloween in Busan

Busan BeFM Halloween Parade Festival

Busan BeFM Halloween Parade Festival
[ Busan BeFM Halloween Festival ]
  • Date: Oct 29
  • Place: Gwangalli Beach, Gwangan 2-dong, Suyeong-gu

Busan English Broadcasting (BeFM) Halloween Parade Festival is the only Halloween Parade festival in Korea at Gwangalli Beach. The parade will continue for 3 hours. Hosted by the English Broadcasting Foundation, it will be held in Gwangalli Beach, Busan. Check out more information in the Busan BeFM Halloween Parade Festival article.


  • 16:00 ~ 18:00 – Costume Contest
  • 18:00 ~ 20:00 – Halloween Parade
  • 20:00 ~ 20:10 – Halloween Drone Show
  • 20:10 ~ 21:00 – Halloween Music Concert

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Best Places to Enjoy Halloween in Daegu

E-World Happy Halloween Festival

E-World Happy Halloween Firework Show
[ E-World Halloween Fireworks Show, credit: E-World ]
  • Duration: Sep 17 ~ Nov 13
  • Place: E-World, 200 Duryugongwon-ro Dalseo-gu, Daegu

You can meet various experiences and performances every Saturday during the festival period. During the day, you can play with the monsters in the BB Friends Garden over snacks, and at night, the naughty monsters perform creepy performances. Check more information about the E-World Happy Halloween Festival.

TIP: On Halloween day, a colorful fireworks show is held from 8 pm.

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Happy Halloween!

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