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Which Station Is Hongdae? – All About Hongik Univ. Station

Hongdae is an area in Seoul, South Korea, popular thanks to its proximity to Hongik University. It is a central point for young adults, being home to urban arts, indie music culture, shops, clubs, and several entertainment opportunities. You can find Hongdae in Mapo-gu, as it stretches from Seogyo-dong to Hapjeong-dong.

If you’re planning to attend Hongik University, or if you’re already here, you most likely need some extra help understanding public transportation. Next, we share our local insights on Hongik University station. But to help you get started, make sure you check out this post on the Best Apps for Korea Travel for Seoul metro, maps, taxis, and restaurants. Now, let’s see how you can reach Hongdae station today!

Everything you need to know about Hongdae Station

What is the meaning of Hongdae?

Hongik University Street
Picture of Hongdae Street

Whenever you hear the name Hongdae among locals, you should know it is an abbreviation of Hongik Daehakgyo. This is translated as Hongik University, and it is a term commonly used to refer to Hongik University, the nation’s leading fine arts college in South Korea. For this reason, Hongdae has become the most culturally developed area in Korea, and there are so many interesting places for fun and things to enjoy!😆

Where is Hongdae station in Seoul?

Gyeongui-Jungang Line in hongdae station line
Gyeongui-Jungang Line station line by By 분당선M
AREX line in hongdae station
AREX station by By Revi
Hongik university
Hongik University station By LERK

Hongik University Station, or simply Hongdae station, is a station part of the Seoul Subway line 2 (green line), AREX, and Gyeongui-Jungang Line. It is located in the Mapo district of Seoul (east-northern part of Seoul) and is the key arrival point for those attending Hongik University. It is an underground station with three platforms and four tracks.

Which exits to choose to reach Hongik University?

hongdae station exit 8
Picture by LERK

Usually, students and locals, who are on a budget, use the subway to reach Hongdae. It is the best way to travel since it will help you avoid unnecessary costs and traffic. The simplest and fastest way is to take Subway Line 2 and stop at Hongik University Station. From here, you should use Exit 9 and take a short walk to the nearby streets.

If you exit the subway via Exit 9 of Hongik station, you will see the KFC restaurant on one side and an ABC-MART shop straight ahead. You need to pass the shop and walk towards the IBK Bank. Continue your walk to the CU convenience store and turn left after McDonald’s. Immediately, you’ll discover the Angel-in-us coffee place. Keep walking Hongik Street. At the end of it, you’ll discover the main entrance of Hongik University. 

Hongik University Exit Map

hongik university station exit
Hongdae area map

You can reach the Hongdae area from 3 of the Seoul subway stations, Hongik Univ. Station (line 2, AREX, Gyeongui-Jungang line), Hapjeong Station (line2, 6), Sangsu Station (line6). When you go outside from Hongik Univ. station exit 9, it’s the start point to getting into the hustle and bustle of Hongdae. Not only the affordable shops along the side, but also there are so many fun things to do such as Noraebang (Karaoke), Game rooms, Machinery photograph shops, bars, clubs, and of course, awesome restaurants can’t be missed.

Yeonnamdong Gyeongui Line Forest Trail
Gyeongui Line Forest Trail from Hongdae station exit 3

If you’d like cute shops and unique restaurants & cafes, the Yeonnamdong area is a great option for you. When you go out from Hongik Univ. station exit 3, you’ll see the Gyeongui Line Forest Trail which is a perfect place to enjoy chill time by having a cup of coffee or beer with some snacks or busking performance in the evening on Friday and Saturday.

yeonnamdong in Hongdae area

What’s more, various restaurants and dessert cafes from all over the world are lined up along the side of small alleys in Yeonnam-dong. You will come across interesting shops without even realizing that you are lost in these small alleys.

How to reach Hongdae from Myeongdong?

myeongdong to hongdae
Myeongdong to Hongdae

You can reach Hongdae station with ease from Myeongdong. All you have to do is use Line 2 Euljiro 1(il)-ga Station towards the City Hall because the main Myeongdong shopping streets are located between Euljiro 1(il)-ga Station (Line 2) and Myeongdong Station (Line 4). It will take about 12 minutes after 6 stops by subway. The fare is 1,250 won. When the subway reaches the Hongik University station, use exit 9 to go to the main Hongdae Shopping Street. If you are going to the Yeonnam-dong area for tons of restaurants and small unique cafes, use exit 3.

myeongdong street in Seoul
Places to visit and eat in Myeongdong

How to reach Hongdae from Itaewon Station?

how to get to hongdae from Itaewon
Itaewon to Hongdae
itaewon to hongdae
Itaewon to Hongdae

There’re 2 ways to get to Hongdae from Itaewon. To go to Hongik University Station from Itaewon, you need to transfer once at Gongdeok station from Seoul subway line 6 to AREX. It’s 5 stops and costs 1,250won. However, If you don’t mind making the start point to the Hongdae area from Hapjeong station, you don’t need to transfer. Just take line 6 at Itaewon station and get off at Hapjeong station or Sangsu station which is also close to Hongdae as I mentioned above.

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How to reach Hongdae from Seoul Station?

seoul station to hongdae
Seoul Station to Hongdae

You can reach Hongdae station via Line AREX at Seoul Station, the Incheon International Airport Terminal 2 direction. It will take about 7 minutes after 2 stops by the subway and costs 1,250won. When the subway reached the Hongik University station, use exit 9.

How to reach Hongdae from Gangnam?

gangnam to hongdae
Gangnam to Hongdae

If you want to reach Hongdae from Gangnam, you should take the subway line 2 from Gangnam station. Get out of the subway at Hongdae station and use either exit 9 or 8 to go to main shopping street or exit 3 to Yeonnamdong area. It will take about 39 minutes with 17 stops and the fare is 1,350won.

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How to reach Hongdae from Ewha Woman’s University?

ewha women's univ. to hongdae
Ewha Woman’s Univ. to Hongdae

If you’re attending the Ewha Woman’s University, you should take Line 2 towards Sinchon. Get out of the subway at Hongdae station and use exit 9. It will take about 5 minutes after 2 stops by the subway and its basic fare, 1,250won.

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How many exits are at Hongdae station?

Many tourists and students say it is difficult at first to understand the Hongdae station. And this happens because this is the station where three different subway lines meet. So, you’ll discover that the Hongik University station has a total of nine exits. And that many people prefer the ease of access offered by exit 9.

Here’s a small summary of each Exit line and where it can take you:

hongik university station exit map
  1. Exit 1 is equipped with escalators, and it will take you to BT21 / Line Friends store.
  2. Exit 2 is equipped with escalators, and it will take you to the opposite area of the Hongdae shopping district.
  3. Exit 3 is equipped with escalators for the Airport railway, and it will take you to the beginning of Yeonnamdong.
  4. Exit 4 is also for the Airport railway, but it will take you to Hongdae Shopping District’s starting point, across from Yeonnamdong and several stores. It is also the exit where the famous Coffee Prince Korean drama was filmed.
  5. Exit 5 is the one that has only stairs and ends at the edge of the shopping district.
  6. Exit 6 is for the Gyeongui Central Line and takes you towards the road to Seogang University and the Hongdae Playground Park. 
  7. Exit 7 is also for the Airport railway and takes you to the beginning of the Hongdae shopping district.
  8. Exit 8 also has only stairs and it takes you to the central meeting point in the shopping district. (No escalators)
  9. Exit 9 is one of the preferred exits for those attending the Hongik University, as it offers access to the fastest route towards the campus. (No escalators)

Luggage Storage in Hongik University Station

hongdae luggage storage
Hongdae Luggage Storage

There’re a total of 139 lockers to store your bags or luggage in Hongik Univ. Station. It costs 4,000KRW for the first 4 hours and you can extend the times for the next 4hours as well. Check the exact location of lockers, A/B/C/D, and how to use them here.

hongdae luggage storage
Hongdae luggage storage

Which are the top local attractions near the Hongdae station?

The entire Hongdae area is rather busy. Numerous coffee places, shops, and meeting points stand out as some of the best. You can easily see roaming around students from Hongik University. But tourists love exploring this area, too. According to locals, there are three main activities to do in Hongdae:

  • Shop at the Flea Market
  • Have fun at Hongik University Shopping street
  • Enjoy the busking performances
  • Explore the Trick Eye Museum

Our advice is to pay close attention to street art. In this area, you can easily discover colorful wall paintings straight on the street. Besides this, everything in this area is affordable and ranked as the best shopping area in Seoul. For more things to do in Hongdae check out this post.

The bottom line

This is what you need to know about the Hongdae station. It can seem intimidating at first, but we can say that you can manage to learn it in no time with a bit of attention to detail. Make sure you pay close attention to the exists you want to use.

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