Things To Do in Busan

Busan is a must-visit place as there are many things to do while enjoying a rich flavor of the culture and heritage of South Korea. Catching the fancy of every globetrotter with its spectacular beaches, pristine mountains, hot springs, and glorious temples, and the glamorous nightlife, Busan, the second-largest city of South Korea after Seoul, offers tourists plenty of opportunities to explore and enjoy. Then Let’s dive into the things to do in Busan.


How To Get To Busan

KTX Korea Train Express

Train (KTX)

The train(KTX) might be the best way to get to Busan from other places in Korea. Most of all, it’s fast and comfortable. It takes only about 2.5 hours from Seoul to Busan station with a speed of 300 km/h (190 mph). Moreover, you don’t need to spend your extra time to go to the station because train stations are at the heart of two big cities. Check this special discount pass for international tourists or foreign residents. These special passes allow unlimited travel on KORAIL-managed trains for a designated period.


The best part of taking a bus to Busan is the price. It takes about 4 hours to get to Busan and the lowest price is 24,200 KRW even there is a premium bus service costs 46,800 KRW as well. You can take the bus in Seoul Express Bus Terminal in Seocho-gu and buses depart almost every 30 minutes.


You can get to Busan in many ways, for instance, airway, express bus, and KTX(Korea Train Express) train from Seoul and other cities of Korea. An interesting thing that the official name of the airport is not Busan Airport, it’s Gimhae International Airport. And it takes about 1.5 hours to get to Haeundae from the airport by public transportation. If you are a big group or have a lot of luggage, you can consider the minibus pick-up service for your comfortable trip.

[ Seoul (Gimpo Airport, GMP) to Busan (Gimhae Airport, PUS) ]

※ Luggage Delivery Service of Gimhae International Airport

What To Do in Busan

This port city offers tourists plenty of activities to keep themselves entertained. With hustling marketplaces, busy villages and an exotic array of seafood worth boasting, you can find many things to do in Busan. Some of them are as below.


mermaid statue in Haeundae

Relax at Haeundae Beach

A visit to the Haeundae beach gives you a great chance to catch up on your tanning. Known to be one of the most famous beaches in Busan, Haeundae beach is the ultimate place for tourists to unwind and relax.

A pleasing view of the seaside under the balmy sun, gentle breeze blowing in your face and smooth foamy waves kissing your feet, this visit can be an excellent opportunity to reconnect with nature.

Also, for the adventurous type, there are plenty of options available. You could enjoy all kinds of water activities such as kayaking, wakeboarding, paddleboarding, or enjoying the sea on a jet boat or banana boat. Moreover, you can even the Busan Aquarium, which is located nearby.

Marine City in HaeunDae

Visit the Gwangalli Beach

If you have not had enough of beaches, then a visit to the Gwangalli beach is a must! Well-loved by beach-goers for its fine sand, this beach is located in the west of Haeundae beach.

Dotted with romantic restaurants, fancy coffee-shops, and nightclubs, the Gwangalli beach has succeeded in attracting young tourists over the years.

The beach also houses several stores of high-end fashion brands, definitely a soothing sight for shopaholics. However, the most significant tourist-attraction is the breathtaking view of the Gwangandaegyo Bridge.

One of the must-do things for all tourists visiting Busan is to witness the dramatic view of the bridge in the evening with the bridge lights on. It would make some of the most memorable of selfie moments ever.

Night View in Busan

Enjoy the Night View of Busan

See the famous twinkling bright lights of the port city, Busan. I promise you will be mesmerized by the fantastic and spectacular night views and you may get a life-photo of you and your friends.


Do not miss out the Haedong Yonggung Temple

A trip to Busan can not be considered as complete without visiting the HaedongYonggung Temple. Located by the coastline, this ancient temple was built at the time of the historic Goryeo dynasty.

Busan Haedong Yonggung Temple

This travel site gives you a chance to feel and experience the traditional religious beliefs and practices of the Koreans. You also get to be mesmerized by the breathtaking view of the ocean provided by the temple.

The ideal time to visit the HaedongYonggung Temple to witness and feel the local authentic vibrancy of religious fervor and warmth is the Buddha’s Birthday. Then you will find countless lanterns lit up filling the environment with zest and excitement.

The aura fills tourists with a sense of reveries they climb the staircases of the sacred temple. Not only that, but the tourists also get to savor authentic and filling local street food such as sausages and the hotteok and enjoy their trip even more.

# Check well designed day tour programs to explorer the real beauty of Busan.

Beautiful Taejongdae Park

The Taejongdae is famous for its breathtaking landscapes. Taejongdae Park comprises of more than two hundred types of trees and thrilling coastal cliffs facing across crystal clear ocean waters. Taejongdae Park is a must-see attraction for any traveler visiting   Busan as it looks breathtaking and mesmerizing all year long.

Gamcheon Culture Village

The Gamcheon village is a visually stunning and colorful village area in Busan. There is no way that could resist admiring the beauty of this holistic village. Do not forget to take tons of pictures for your Instagram when you visit the village. Once being a slum area, it is now known as ‘Machu Picchu of Busan’. Each and every house in this village is painted in different colors and the entire place is decorated with graffiti and street art.

Oryukdo Skywalk

Busan offers numerous tourist attractions to its visitors. And one of the highlights of your travelogues could be an exhilarating experience at the Oryukdu Skywalk. Located in Seungdumal, this transparent bridge allows visitors to cross it, and enjoy the tossing waves beneath their feet.

Jagalchi Fish Market

The Jagalchi Fishmarket offers locals as well as tourists all varieties of fish and seafood that you can imagine. It has hundreds of fish stalls scattered all over the place with a wide variety of raw as well as cooked seafood available to satiate your cravings for juicy prawns or fresh crabs.

Busan Jagalchi FishMarket

If you are visiting Busan, then you simply can’t afford to miss visiting this exotic and vibrant fish market. Visually amazing with a colorful display of a wide range of seafood, the Jagalchifishmarket is probably one of the biggest fish markets in Asia. If you are a true seafood lover, then you need to visit this place asap!

There are a number of seafood restaurants where you can try different kinds of seafood dishes. From spicy grilled fish to crispy prawn tempura, there is something for everyone at the Jagalchi Fish Market. The market opens quite early from 5 am in the morning and is perfect for seafood lovers visiting Busan. Additionally, if you can find a time slot to experience the Jagalchi market and Korean cooking class, it will be an unforgettable memory about Busan.

Explore the Dongbaekseom Island

After a pleasant walk down the Haeundae beach, your trip can also take you to the surreal Dongbaekseom Island. Situated between the Gwangalli Beach and the sea, this heavenly island can present some of the most mesmerizing sights of the city.

The view of the ocean waves with the spray of ocean air accompanied by the stunning sight of the famous Gwangan Bridge can truly be a sight to behold.

Not only does the romantic view of the cityscape attract tourists from all over the world, but tourists also find the experience of being close to nature as a soothing one.

The lush green trees and shrubbery along with the environment perfumed with heavily scented flowers can help you detox the mind and purify your soul to find serenity and tranquility.

Make a stop at the Busan Museum

Exploring the cultural life of Koreans can leave you wanting to learn more about the beautiful people of Korea and their history. In that case, the best idea would be to make a quick stop at the Busan Museum. Refurbished and upgraded in the year 2002, the Busan museum holds ancient statues of Korean warriors and historical figures along with other irreplaceable artifacts.

A detailed and vivid picture is presented about prehistoric events of the nation’s rich history through recreating historical scenes for tourists to have a deeper understanding. The scenes are not limited to prehistoric times only. They also inform you about the history from the post-WW-II era up to current times.

Interestingly, rather than being just passive observers, you can also get the chance to dress up in traditional dresses of Korea and be part of the well-loved Korean tea ceremonies as well. Such moments can be the highlight of your Facebook timeline!

Busan SEA LIFE Aquarium

SEA LIFE Busan Aquarium is located in Haeundae Beach and there are 250 species of marine life with the world’s most advanced digital technologies. Various exhibition zones of Busan Sea Life Aquarium will give you an amazing experience.

Galmaegi Brewing Co

The Galmegi Brewing Co is located near the Gwangalli Beach. It is an all-American style brewery and pub that looks delightful with the artwork of local painters and artists placed inside the pub. In recent times, Galmegi Brewing Co has become quite popular in the craft of beer scene in Busan. While you pay a visit to the popular brewery, do not forget to try out their American fish and chips and spicy hot wings. As your trip without munching on those savory delights would be incomplete!

Visit the Paradise Hotel Spa (Cimer)

Situated inside the Paradise Hotel, the Cimer Spa is a unique hot spring destination Spa for tourists to unwind and pamper their bodies after nonstop traveling. Spending a long day walking and exploring the amazing city of Busan, you can enjoy a relaxing bath in the mineral-rich waters while sipping your favorite drink from the spa’s onsite bar. From massages to minerals rich baths; the Cimer Spa offers a variety of full-body healing therapies and a relaxing spa to its clients. You can spend some time in tranquility to heal your body as trained professionals provide you comforting massages as per your requirements. The entry of kids is not allowed, however, teens between the ages of ten to nineteen are allowed to enter.

Radium Art Center

Radium Art Center consists of all kinds of art. From digital art to music and conventional oil paintings, there’s something for every type of art lover. Radium Art Center, formerly known as Dong Baek Art Center is located near the Haeundae Beach. The art center also has its own coffee bar named ‘Curie’ and an art and gift shop named ‘Dolly’. It also has the famous ‘Boutique de Radium’.

Gwangan daegyo bridge

Pay a visit to the United Nations Memorial Cemetery

Situated at Tanggok, the United Nations Memorial Cemetery is the sole cemetery in the world dedicated to the soldiers of the UN. This cemetery has more than 2000 graves of brave martyrs of the Korean War which took place from 1950 to 1953. Covering an area of more than 30 acres, this cemetery has 22 different sites dedicated to the UN soldiers. Some of the sites include the Greek monument, the Turkish and British Commonwealth monuments.

Busan Firewords Festival

Festivals in Busan


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Nearby Attractions


A vibrant and diverse city in South Korea boasting of golden beaches and villages, you can find countless things to do in Busan for entertainment from kayaking to enjoying fresh seafood and walking on a glass bridge!

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