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With our best Tandem Paragliding in Daegu options, let’s experience the thrill of paragliding over Daegu, South Korea’s vibrant city known for its rich culture and beautiful landscapes. Each paragliding package offers a unique view of Daegu’s mountains and rivers, with options varying by duration, inclusions like photography, and levels of training and engagement with the sport. Whether you’re a first-timer or seeking an exhilarating ride, these experiences promise sky-high adventures that you’ll remember forever.

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Daegu Paragliding Experience – Seoul Travel Pass

Why We Selected It
This course provides an extended flight duration, allowing for more immersive enjoyment of Daegu’s scenic views including the Nakdong River and surrounding mountains. Additionally, the course offers a balance between thrill and relaxation, making it ideal for both new and experienced paragliders. The inclusion of professional photos and the possibility to learn basic paragliding controls sets this package apart, ensuring a memorable and engaging experience.


Comparison Table

Feature Seoul Travel Pass Trazy.com
Price ₩110,000 – ₩159,000 $110.5
Duration Approx 1 hour 10 mins
Included Paragliding ride, Training, Optional Photos Tandem ride, Photos, Video
Cancellation Policy Full refund up to 3 days before Details not specified; contact for refunds
Special Notes Discounts for re-purchase, free parking Photos and videos included in the price


Price Comparison


Detailed Information

[Seoul Travel Pass] Daegu Paragliding experience[Seoul Travel Pass] Daegu Paragliding experience

  • Options and Pricing: Basic Course (₩110,000), Ascent Course (₩139,000), Steering Course (₩159,000).
  • Features: Extensive safety training, panoramic views during flight, photo opportunities.
  • Highlights: Operates on weekends and public holidays, making it perfect for those looking to make the most of their free time.
  • Notable Policies: Offers a full refund if canceled 3 days before the activity. Photos and videos are purchasable extras, ensuring participants have souvenirs of their experience.

[Trazy] Tandem Paragliding in Daegu[Trazy] Tandem Paragliding in Daegu

  • Price: $110.5 for a 10-minute tandem flight.
  • Features: Includes both photos and video within the package price, making it a great deal for those wanting a digital memory of their adventure.
  • Highlights: Focuses on a quick but memorable experience, ideal for those with limited time.
  • Notable Policies: Detailed cancellation policies were not specified, suggesting potential customers contact Trazy directly for more information.

Both options provide unique experiences tailored to different preferences and needs, from quick adventures to more detailed and immersive flights. Whether you’re looking for a brief thrill or an extended adventure with a chance to learn paragliding controls, Daegu’s paragliding experiences offer something for everyone.


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