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Activity Overview

Take to the skies with a breathtaking Tandem Paragliding Experience over Jeju Island, a jewel of South Korea known for its stunning natural landscapes. This activity offers participants a unique bird’s eye view of Jeju’s scenic spots, including the majestic Geum Oreum. Ideal for adventure seekers, this experience combines thrill and the serene beauty of Jeju, making it a must-do for visitors seeking to add an unforgettable moment to their travel diary.

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Tandem Paragliding in Jeju Island – Trazy

Why We Selected It
IVisitKorea recommends the Tandem Paragliding in Jeju Island offered by Trazy, particularly appealing due to its combination of affordability, inclusivity of video recording, and the exclusive scenic views it offers. Priced at a discounted rate of $82.50 from the original $103.20, this experience stands out for providing not just a flight but a comprehensive package that captures the adventure digitally for posterity. This makes it an excellent choice for those looking to preserve their memories of Jeju Island’s breathtaking vistas.


Feature Table

Feature Trazy.com Tandem Paragliding in Jeju Island
Price (Discounted) $82.50 from $103.20
Duration 7-10 minutes
Included Tandem paragliding flight, Video
Excluded Round-trip transportation
Availability Every day except Sundays
Booking Requirement Book 7 days in advance
Cancellation Policy Specific details not provided; inquiry required


Detailed Information

[Trazy] Tandem Paragliding in Jeju Island

Tandem Paragliding in Jeju Island

  • Overview: Offers an exhilarating 7 to 10-minute tandem paragliding flight over Jeju’s Geum Oreum, one of the island’s picturesque volcanic cones.
  • Features: Includes a video of the flight, allowing participants to relive their experience and share it with friends and family.
  • Highlights: The activity is priced competitively, especially with the current 20% discount, making it more accessible to a wider range of thrill-seekers.
  • Notable Policies: While the cancellation policy isn’t specified, customers are advised to inquire directly with Trazy for details, especially since paragliding is weather-dependent and may require flexibility.
  • Additional Info: Does not include transportation, which means participants need to arrange their travel to and from the meeting point near Geum Oreum.

This paragliding experience in Jeju Island by Trazy not only promises an unforgettable adventure but also offers great value with its current discount and inclusion of a flight video. Participants are encouraged to book in advance and check the weather conditions to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.


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