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27 Best Cafes & Bakeries in Jeju Island

Jeju Island has endless delightful surprises to offer its locals and tourists. These range from places to eat and explore, and cafes that sell coffee, tea, and desserts! Today, we list 27 of the best cafes in Jeju to enjoy with friends and family! Accompanied by Jeju’s best restaurants loved by locals, these cafes will make up more than enough thrilling experiences for your next Jeju holiday! Because cafes are more enjoyable in warmer weather, check Jeju’s weather before you go!

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Top 27 Jeju Cafe’s

Bomnal Cafe

Bomnal cafe
By official Instagram

Among a group of really lovely cafés, Bomnal Cafe Jeju is situated in Jeju’s northwest, but it still sticks out the most. This location boasts a stunning white lighthouse and an ideal ocean view. Bomnal Cafe Jeju has large grounds and a tasteful decor. In addition to a modest garden with a view of the sea in the back, there are two major houses where you can sit and enjoy drinks. It’s best to visit at sunset, and the view is fantastic!

Regarding the menu, a good variety of cocktails has received positive ratings. The top-selling items include Hallabong Ade, caramel macchiato, and Jeju tangerine milk tea. They also have cakes, too. You can try the two popular cakes, chestnut cake and Earl Grey.

Cafe de Seoyeun

Cafe de seoyeon
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Cafe De Seoyeun was once the setting for the famous Korean drama Architecture 101. As a result, you can spot several items and posters from the film throughout the cafe space. The cafe is a two-story building that faces the sea, giving a super airy and magnificent view. The highlight here is a row of huge glass windows, allowing you to appreciate the sea and surrounding landscape fully. The scene is like a lovely picture full of natural light.

In addition to drinks, this place also serves light fare that would be perfect for a day spent lounging outdoors. Espresso, grapefruit tea, and banana milkshake are popular drinks.

Blanc Rocher

blanc rocher
By Instagram of vicky0510_

Blanc Rocher is a well-known viewing cafe in Udo. The shop’s white minimalist facade and green trees create a fresh and simple tropical island breeze.  They feature outside seating where you can take in the sun’s warmth and the cool wind from the sea.

Udo Island is famous across Korea for its peanuts, and the menu reflects this with peanut ice cream, lattes with peanut-flavored milk, peanut cheesecake, and even jars of peanut jam. There are also non-peanut drinks on the menu, such as a Jeju Hallabong smoothie, cherish cream mocha.. and some sort of dessert like cheesecake, tiramisu…

바다는안보여요 (Bada neun an boyeo)

see no sea cafe, sea no see cafe, 바다는안보여요 (Bada neun an boyeo)
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In the middle of the lovely Jeju island, where most cafes face the water, 바다는안보여요 – meaning “Can’t see the sea” – picked its concept. This is a small book cafe with a nostalgic and cozy vibe. And of course, as its name suggests, this cafe has no sea view. Yoo Jae Suk, a national MC, once came here to film the show You Quiz on the Block. In addition to coffee, latte, and juice, this establishment sells beer, snacks, and some entrees such as toast, fried rice, and tteokbokki.

Cafe Delmoondo

cafe delmoondo
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Café Delmoondo is a lovely coffee setting on Hamdeok Beach popular with young people due to its stunning and poetic sea view. The shop is rather large, with rows of tables and chairs facing the sea, and it is also illuminated at night with glittering, inviting lights. You can feel at ease and peace at Café Delmoondo, whether early in the morning or late at night.

The menu has various options, including beer, tea, coffee, smoothies, and juice. They also offer savory and sweet cakes. Waffles, cod roe bread, and blueberry croissants are a few cakes you should try.

Woljeongri Lowa Cafe

Woljeongri Lowa Cafe 
By Instagram of woljeong_lowa

Woljeongri Lowa is a must-see if you love walking down the beach and sipping coffee or hallabong tea while gazing out at the sea. The cafe is located directly on Woljeongri beach, so you may take a walk down the beach and breathe in the salty sea air.

The shop contains both indoor and outdoor spaces, but the most popular is the open balcony area on the second story. You can view the whole beach from here and enjoy the laid-back vibe. Here, dried fruits are often added to adorn drinks. You should sample the carrot and garlic bread, orange and peanut lattes, and orange and peanut lattes.

Cafe Gyuldangri

Cafe Gyuldangri
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Gyuldangri is located on the western shore of Jeju, along the Sinchang Windmill Coastal Road, and is a famous spot for watching the sunset. If you’re planning a road trip to Jeju, this cafe should be one of your stops. The cafe offers a roof terrace to snap pictures and gaze out over the sea.

Apart from dessert and coffee, they also serve brunch with a croissant or baguette. One of their signature coffees is the Hallabong Einspanner. It is topped with Hallabong tangerine jam and peel, which gives the coffee a lovely smell as you drink it.

Cafe Gyulkkot Darak (Cafe Tangerine Flower Attic)

Cafe Gyulkkot Darak
By official Instagram

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind cafe to visit, this dessert cafe in Seogwipo City will not disappoint. This is one of the top tangerine dessert cafes in Jeju. It also features numerous photo opportunities, such as an outdoor photo zone in the tangerine fields with a tangerine sales stand. You can even dine outside on the benches surrounded by tangerine trees.

Green Tangerine Mousse Cake and Lemon Crumble Cheesecake are two of their most popular desserts. They also provide unique coffee flavors like Tangerine and Green Tea Creamy Latte.

Cafe Hallasan

Cafe Hallasan
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Situated along the coastal roads of Gujwa, this cafe is lovely, serene, and quiet. The decor is somewhat vintage and has lots of trees.  The main backdrop for photos is the little TV box they put in front of the ocean. This is a great place for families and couples to have a fun photo shoot.

The popular dishes of Cafe Hallasan include the Hallabong Tea and Jeju Carrot Cake, which will warm you up. Additional coffee and tea options are available, making them ideal for a little break.

Aewol the Sunset

Aewol the Sunset
By official Instagram

Aewol the Sunset is a cafe on the first floor of the same-named resort. It is one of the most well-known cafes on Jeju Island’s west coast. Indoor seating is available, but the best views are from the emerald seas. During peak seasons, it is said that competition for outdoor seating is fiercer.

They serve pastries, salty cakes, light meals, and coffee and juice. The scenery is lovely no matter what time of day you come here, but if you come in the late afternoon, have a snack, sip coffee, and watch the sunset over the sea, it is an unforgettable moment. 

Oudrant Bakery (오드랑베이커리)

audrant bakery jeju cafe

Also written as Audrant Bakery, Oudrant Bakery in Jeju is known for its numerous baked goods, sweet desserts, and tasty coffee and tea drinks. Their dishes are perfect to snack on while studying or catching up with friends! Not to mention, they have great affordable prices.

ABC Bakery in Jeju

abc bakery jeju cafe

Choosing to spend your afternoon at ABC Bakery is as easy as 1-2-3! Baked goods, desserts, coffee, tea, and ade drinks are abundant and always delicious and refreshing! With all their menu items at ₩10,000 ($8) or less, ABC Bakery is affordable and perfect for students, tourists, locals, and families! Why not stop by and chat with friends? ABC Bakery also offers a homey atmosphere in which to study or work!

For more information and pictures, check out their Instagram!

Cafe Tae Hee (카페 태희), Pub in Jeju

cafe tae hee fish and chips jeju cafe

At Cafe Tae Hee, you’ll get more than just a cafe. Cafe Tae Hee fits perfectly if you’re familiar with British or Canadian pubs! They sell fish and chips, several different types of burgers, sandwiches, and many more Western-style dishes at affordable prices (₩10,000 ($8) or less!) The owner and staff at Cafe Tae Hee are kind and eager to provide customers with high-quality service! 

For more information, check out their Facebook page!

Jina Tteokjip (진아떡집), Rice Cake in Jeju

jina tteokjip jeju cafe

As the name of this cafe suggests, Jina Tteokjip specializes in tteok (떡), traditional Korean rice cake treats. With coffee drinks and a cozy interior, Jina Ttokjip is a perfect place to get a reprieve from the rest of the world. The prices of Jina Ttokjip’s tteok—in-cafe and take-out—depend on the number of tteok you wish to purchase. Starting with the lowest price for one piece of tteok (₩6,000), the prices go up to ₩85,000 for 100 pieces of tteok. For a taste of Korea’s famous tteok, stop by Jina Tteokjip!

Place Ungmul (플레이스 엉물)

place ungmul jeju cafe

Another cafe with a homey interior, Place Ungmul, serves baked goods, desserts, drinks, and filling dishes such as salads, tarts, and quiches. With the prices at ₩10,000 ($8) or less, Place Ungmul is perfect for friends and family!

Dorrell, Cafe in Jeju

dorrell jeju cafe

For a unique atmosphere, head on over to the cafe Dorrell! As you step through the doors, you will notice a much more rustic interior that’s fluidly blended with a contemporary and hip vibe. This makes for a great photo background! Not only that, but their coffee drinks, tea, and different baked goods and desserts are aesthetically pleasing and some of the most delicious in Jeju! It’s a no-brainer that many people visit Dorrell on the regular!

Sinsanri Village Cafe (신산리마을카페)

green soft-serve ice cream in a cup

Located near the southeastern coast of Jeju Island, Sinsanri Village Cafe is a quaint, homey cafe that sells coffee drinks, cakes, and soft-serve ice cream, all at prices less than ₩10,000 ($8). With the beach in the background, the area is perfect for photoshoots! You and your family will love it here, as there is free parking!

Coffee Finder

coffee finder jeju cafe

For another cafe with a rustic feel, head over to Coffee Finder, located at the center of the northern coast of Jeju Island. Here, the menu ranges from coffee and tea drinks, baked goods, and desserts less than ₩10,000 ($8) each! Coffee Finder also offers signature coffee drips and homebrews. The interior of Coffee Finder is a perfect backdrop to Instagram photos, so bring your friends and family out!

Check out their Instagram page here for more information and pictures of Coffee Finder!

Uyu Budan (우유부단)

uyubudan jeju cafe

In Korean, Uyu (우유) means ‘milk’; indeed, at Uyu Budan, you will find that they specialize in dairy items, especially soft-serve ice cream. Already, Uyu Budan stands out against the rest of the cafes on this list. With free parking, low prices, and kind and helpful staff, Uyu Budan stands as one of the best cafes in Jeju and one of the most-visited.

For more information, check out their Instagram page here.

Mamarong (마마롱), Jeju Island Dessert Cafe

mamarong jeju cafe

Mamarong is one of the best dessert cafes in Jeju, and when you come here, you’ll find out why! With different kinds of cakes, baked goods, and drinks, Mamarong will win your heart with its extensive menu, aesthetically pleasing interior, and low prices!

For pictures, check out their Instagram page here!

Minam Minyeo (미남미녀)

At Minam Minyeo, you’re immediately transported to a simpler time; as you sit and enjoy your food and drink, you’ll feel like you’re in a classic painting. With a homey and picturesque interior perfect for photoshoots, affordable prices, and sumptuous dishes, you’ll love Minam Minyeo and return for more!

Wonderment Jeju (원더먼트 제주)

wonderment cafe jeju

Another aesthetically pleasing cafe in Jeju is one close to the island’s northeastern coast, Wonderment Jeju. When you come here, you will find a rustic and cozy-looking interior decorated with country-home furniture and brightly colored set pieces, perfect for your Instagram photos! With free parking and affordable prices, Wonderment Jeju is one of the best cafes in Jeju and perfect for your family!

Speaking of Instagram photos, check out their Instagram page here! Wonderment Jeju also has a Facebook page—check it out here!

  • Business Hours: Every day 11:00 – 22:00
  • Address: 3225, Jocheon-ri, Jocheon-eup, Jeju-si, Jeju-do (제주특별자치도 제주시 조천읍 신북로 163)
  • Phone: 064-784-6528
  • Jeju Wonderment is TEMPORARILY Closed. We will update you when they reopen.

Musangchatjip (무상찻집), Bohemian Look Cafe in Jeju

musangchatjip jeju cafe

At Musangchatjip, you will feel right at home with the interior’s stripped-down, bare-boned, and bohemian look. It’s the perfect place to come with your friends and take a few photos for your social media platforms while enjoying tasty drinks, from coffee and tea to fruit smoothies. All the items on Musangchatjip’s menu are less than ₩10,000 or about $8, making it perfect for bigger groups. Although there’s no easy parking around the cafe, it is right by the coast, so why not grab a drink and enjoy it by the sea?

Check out their Instagram page here!

Jeremy (제레미) Cafe in Jeju

jeremy jeju cafe

From the outside, Jeremy looks different from the other cafes on this list—Jeremy’s windows are beautifully decorated with stain-glass designs, giving the interior a spacious and almost pious atmosphere. Jeremy’s menu is small, with coffee, some teas, iced teas, and ade drinks. 

Check out their Instagram here and Facebook page here!

Sannolu (산노로), Jeju Green Tea Drinks

sannolu jeju cafe

With a sleek, modernist interior, Sannolu will allow you to connect to nature with its green and earthly furniture and decorations. Set with coffee drinks and desserts at low prices (each menu item being less than ₩10,000 or about $8), Sannolu is one of the best cafes in Jeju to bring your friends and family. Your Instagram will also appreciate the photos you can take here at Sannolu! 

You can check out Sannolu’s Instagram page here and their Facebook page here!

Bbanggood (빵귿), Delicious Jeju Bakery

bbanggood jeju cafe

Bbanggood is different from the other places on this list in that Bbanggood is not a cafe but a bakery. One of the best bakeries in Jeju, Bbanggood has low, affordable prices and delicious bread of all different kinds. With an aesthetically pleasing interior and kind, eager-to-help staff members, Bbanggood is a perfect place to try out bread you’ve never had before and catch up with your friends! For pictures, check out their Instagram page here!

Bebrave (비브레이브), Be Healthy Cafe in Jeju

bebrave jeju cafe

An overwhelming number of cafes in Jeju (and Korea in general) are adapting to the rustic, country-home interior trend. Indeed, Bebrave Jeju is one of these cafes. With low prices (less than ₩10,000, about $8) and a meticulously decorated interior, Bebrave is one of the best cafes in Jeju to come with your family and friends and study, work, or gossip! They also started the Be Healthy yoga classes. Check out their Instagram page here for more information.

Jeju Island is home to many cafes with different themes, but they all have one thing in common: they’re some of the best cafes in Jeju. No matter which part of the island you go to, you’ll have several options and different cafes to spend your mornings and afternoons at!

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