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How To Buy A SIM Card or Rent A Pocket WiFi for Korea Travel

It’s hard to imagine traveling in a foreign country without the internet these days. South Korea is first in global rankings of ICT penetration including internet speed.

If you search “Where to buy a SIM card or Pocket WiFi for travel in Korea?” you will see too much confusing and unhelpful information.

Should I use an LTE SIM card or a Portable WiFi?  What are the terms and the prices? Is it the cheapest option? Where can I buy a SIM card for Korea? and where can I pick it up? It’s a hassle to find the answers to all the questions.

Staying connected during your travel in Korea doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are the best ways to do so. 🙂

In a hurry? Check Out All SIM & Wifi Options & Prices!

How to buy a SIM card or Pocket WiFi for travel in Korea

Which is better, SIM or Pocket WiFi?

As mentioned, you can use the data by changing the SIM card on your phone or renting a pocket WiFi egg as well.
To determine which is best for you, consider these questions:
1. How many people in your group will be connected to the internet?
2. How long is your trip?

You only can use your SIM card on a phone but people can connect up to 3 devices on the same pocket WiFi. (Service providers say up to 5 people can connect, but if you try it, you will understand why I say you can connect up to 3 people.) Using a SIM card is easy and private. You don’t need to return it. They also give a discount for every additional day you buy.

A Pocket WiFi is good for two or three people and also cheaper than a SIM card.
However, you always have to bring it with you and recharge it regularly. You also need to return it when you leave. They provide a huge discount from the 6th day.

Hopefully, this information has helped you determine what works best for your trip!

Incheon Airport (ICN) SIM & WiFi Pick-up Place
[ SIM & WiFi Pick-up Place in Incheon Airport Terminal ]

How to Buy a Hardware SIM Card for Korea Travel

So now you’ve decided a SIM card is the best option for you. What happens next? I checked a lot of travel agencies and telecommunication service providers’ websites to compile the best information here.

SIM Card for South Korea Product Image
[ SIM Card ]

Things to be considered when you select SIM

  • How many days are you going to stay in Korea?
    • Most products provide multiple-day options. However, some don’t.
  • Do you need only data? Or need voice and text services as well? Here are the options for data and voice services.
    • Data Only
    • Data + Incoming Calls + Incoming Texts
    • Data + Limited Calls + Texts
    • Data + Calls + Texts
  • Does your phone support eSIM?
    • If your phone supports eSIM, it’s an easier and faster way to use data on your phone.
    • Go to check eSIM services for South Korea
  • How much data do you want per day?
    • Some cheap products have a data limit of one day. If you want to use your data as much as you want without worrying, choose an unlimited data plan.

Compare The Best SIM Card Services

Let’s compare the 4G Unlimited Data SIM Products (Korea Airport Pickup) of famous global online travel agencies. You can choose the product considering the days you want to rent and move to the product page by clicking the prices. Also, there’s an option of SIM card delivery to your door!

If you want to see all the products with detailed options, visit our ‘4G/LTE SIM Card (Pick-Up in Korea)‘ product page.

How To Buy an eSIM

Data eSIM Product Image
[ eSIM for South Korea Travel ]

If you have recent smartphones, you don’t need to buy a hardware SIM card. An eSIM is a software SIM card that can be embedded in your smartphone.

You can easily purchase software eSIM online. Needless to say, you don’t have to struggle to find a SIM pick-up area at the airport. Just search your destination, select the data plan you want, and add the eSIM to your smartphone.

Things to know before you buy eSIM

I extolled the virtues of eSIM. However, there are still some limitations to using it.

  • Please, make sure if your device is eSIM supported and unlocked
  • Prepaid eSIM doesn’t provide a phone number. It’s a data-only plan.
  • You may see the Unlimited Data Plan. It’s literally ‘Unlimited’, but there is a certain high-speed data usage limit. When you exceed the limit, you will be limited to a lower speed rate.
  • It’s not refundable.

Moreover, they support regional SIM as well so that you can use it in many different countries in the same region. Check your smartphone supports eSIM HERE!

eSIM Price for South Korea

10 Days - Unlimited Data eSIM for South Korea by Airalo
30 Days - Unlimited Data eSIM for South Korea by Airalo

How to Rent A Pocket WiFi

When you travel with one or two friends, a pocket WiFi can be the best choice to stay connected. Here’s the cheapest pocket WiFi rental service for your Korea travel.

Pocket Wifi Product Image
[ Pocket (Portable) WiFi ]

Things to know before you buy a pocket WiFi

  • Maximum number of connected devices: 3
  • Battery life: 8~9 hours
  • 4G/LTE Max speed: Download 150Mbps / Upload 50Mbps

Compare The Best Pocket WiFi Services

If you want to see all the products with detailed options, visit our ‘Unlimited Data 4G WiFi (Pick-Up in Korea)‘ product page.

SIM or Pocket WiFi rental service inside Seoul

What about if you couldn’t make a reservation to pick up your SIM card or portable WiFi? You can buy or rent them in the stores nearby but the price won’t be the same as purchasing it online. But no worries! An online booking service supports a Seoul pick-up in Hongdae and Euljiro (Myeongdong) areas.

Stay connected during your travel to Korea to help make your trip safe and comfortable.

Written by Dy & Jay.

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