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Activity Overview

With Han River E-land Ferry Cruise Ticket, embarking on a Han River Cruise is a splendid way to experience the scenic beauty and vibrant life along Seoul’s iconic river. Whether it’s basking in the city’s daytime charm, witnessing the magical sunset, or enjoying the illuminated skyline at night, these cruises offer a range of experiences. With options like the Hangang Tour, Sunset, Moonlight Music, and Starlight cruises, guests can choose the vibe that suits them best, from serene afternoons to lively evenings with live music and stunning light shows.

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Eland Hangang River Cruise – Seoul Travel Pass

Why We Selected It
The “Moonlight Music Cruise” consistently stands out across platforms for its unique blend of Seoul’s nocturnal beauty and live musical entertainment. This cruise option provides a picturesque setting perfect for romantic dates or relaxing evenings, making it our top recommendation for those looking to create lasting memories on the Han River.


Comparison Table

Feature Trazy Klook Seoul Travel Pass
Price From US$ 12.5 From US$ 10.05 From ₩ 17,000 (Approx. US$ 14)
Duration 40 mins 40 mins – 1hr 10mins 40 mins – 70 mins
Cruise Types Hangang Tour, Sunset, Moonlight Music, Starlight Moonlight, Starlight, Sunset, Han River Tour Hangang Tour, Sunset, Moonlight Music, Starlight
Cancellation Policy Up to 3 days before: 100% Refund Conditional cancellation Up to 3 days before: 100% Refund
Location Yeouido/Jamsil Yeouido Yeouido


Price Comparison


Detailed Information about Han River E-land Ferry Cruise Ticket

  • Trazy Hangang River E-land Ferry Cruise:Trazy Hangang River E-land Ferry Cruise
    • Pros: Offers both Yeouido and Jamsil departures, catering to a broader audience. Competitive pricing.
    • Cons: Limited information on additional services or experiences onboard.
  • Klook Eland Han River Cruise:Klook Eland Han River Cruise
    • Pros: Wide range of cruise options with detailed activity descriptions. Offers the lowest starting price.
    • Cons: Cancellation policy may vary depending on the chosen cruise.
  • Seoul Travel Pass Eland Hangang River Cruise:Seoul Travel Pass Eland Hangang River Cruise
    • Pros: Provides a straightforward booking experience with a focus on key cruise options. Prices are clearly listed in KRW.
    • Cons: Less competitive pricing compared to other platforms.

Each platform offers its unique advantages, from Trazy’s dual departure points to Klook’s diverse cruise experiences and Seoul Travel Pass’s simplified booking process. The Moonlight Music Cruise remains a standout choice for its enchanting evening setting, complemented by live music and the possibility of witnessing the Banpo Bridge Moonlight Rainbow Fountain show, making it an essential experience for Han River visitors.


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