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Activity Overview:

Explore the pristine waters of Jeju Island with a selection of thrilling water activities in Luxury Yacht Tour in Jeju that cater to every type of adventurer. Whether it’s the speed of a jet boat, the elegance of a luxury yacht, or the excitement of dolphin watching, these activities promise an unforgettable experience surrounded by the island’s stunning marine landscapes.

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Gimnyeong Yacht Cruise Tour in Jeju – Klook

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The “Gimnyeong Yacht Cruise for Dolphin Watching” stands out as IVisitKorea’s top pick. This tour not only offers a luxurious yacht experience but also the magical chance to spot dolphins in their natural habitat. Perfect for families and nature enthusiasts, this experience combines the thrill of adventure with the serene beauty of Jeju’s waters.


Detailed Comparison Table:

Feature Jeju Viva Jet Boat / Shangri-La Yacht Grande Bleu Yacht Gimnyeong Yacht Cruise
Price (Before Discounts) From $18.6 From $44.7 From $25.65
Duration 15 mins 1 hour 1 hour
Availability Every day Every day February-December
Booking Requirement 2 days in advance 3 days in advance On the day
Meeting Location Jeju Pacific Land JM Grand Bleu Yacht Gimnyeong Yacht Tour
Inclusions Jet Boat, Optional Yacht, Snacks Yacht, Food & Drinks Yacht, Wine/Beer, Fruits
Cancellation Policy Refundable with cancellation notice Same day cancellation available Free cancellation 24 hours before


Price Comparison


Detailed Tour Information:

Jeju Viva Jet Boat / Shangri-La Yacht:Jeju Viva Jet Boat / Shangri-La Yacht

    • Experience: Choose from a thrilling jet boat ride or a tranquil yacht experience with optional fishing and snacks.
    • Location Insight: Located at Jeju Pacific Land, it’s easily accessible and perfect for a quick, exhilarating escape.
    • Perfect For: Adventure seekers looking for a short, intense thrill.

Grande Bleu Yacht (Day Cruise / Sunset Cruise):Grande Bleu Yacht (Day Cruise / Sunset Cruise)

    • Experience: A luxurious yacht cruise offering scenic views of Jeju’s coastline, complete with refreshments including beer, wine, and snacks.
    • Location Insight: Embarks from JM Grand Bleu Yacht, offering both day and sunset cruises for a romantic or leisurely sea adventure.
    • Perfect For: Couples and families desiring a relaxing maritime journey.

Gimnyeong Yacht Cruise for Dolphin Watching:Gimnyeong Yacht Cruise for Dolphin Watching

    • Experience: A serene yacht trip through Gimnyeong’s emerald waters, with a high chance of dolphin sightings and complimentary wine or beer and fruits.
    • Location Insight: Starts from the picturesque Gimnyeong, known for its clear waters and rich marine life.
    • Perfect For: Nature lovers and those interested in wildlife.


Why Visit:

These tours provide an exceptional opportunity to experience the beauty and thrill of Jeju’s waters. Each offers a unique perspective of the island—whether you’re speeding through the waves, relaxing on a yacht, or spotting dolphins, there’s an adventure waiting for you. Choose based on your time, interest, and whom you’re traveling with—every option promises memorable moments and breathtaking views.
Don’t miss the chance to make your Jeju trip truly spectacular with these water activities. Book your adventure today and dive into the heart of Jeju’s marine beauty!


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