Luggage Storage Service in Korea

Luggage Storage Services in Seoul.

Having to carry your luggage with you is always a huge hassle. And it’s worse if you are looking around a new city!
There are lots of luggage storage services in Seoul including subway stations and private storage with delivery services.
If your flight arrives at 6 am and your departure is 9 pm, this post will be helpful to make sure you can make the most of your entire time in Seoul. 🙂

Luggage Storage Services in Seoul

Luggage Storage in Subway Stations

Most of the subway stations in Seoul have storage lockers including Gangnam, Hongdae, and Myeongdong.


※ The storage service is available from 5:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. on weekdays and 5:00 a.m. to 24:00 p.m. on weekends and holidays. You can store and take the item out ONLY during the Operation Hours.

Subway lines no. 1-8 (Happy Box)

  • Storage Size and Price
Luggage storage size and price.001

※ Items will be moved to the other place after 5days.


Subway Luggage Storage Usage Instructions ( ※ Available in English, Chinese, and Japanese)

  • Store luggage
  1. Select Language (English, Japanese, Chinese)
  2. Press “보관 (Store)”
  3. Select available locker
  4. Input 4-digit passcode
  5. Pay by credit card(insert), T-money card(tag on), or Mobile QR code.
  6. When the locker opens, put your luggage inside and close the door
  • Retrieve luggage
  1. Press “찾기 (Take out)”
  2. Select a locker
  3. Enter your passcode
  4. Retrieve your luggage
Here, you can see the video on how to use luggage lockers and check how many lockers are available in subway stations!

Private Luggage Storage and Delivery Services

If your house is not close to a subway station or you want to see the attractions quickly before your flight in the evening, there are several luggage-storage and delivery services as well.


SAFEX’s Homepage has detailed instructions and suggestions, especially in the article “Do you start your travel after dropping your baggage to the hotel?”

They provide a baggage delivery service between Incheon airport and Seoul station, Hongdae, and many hotels in Seoul, as well as offer a storage service.

SAFEX Discount Link: Incheon International Airport (ICN)
SAFEX Discount Link: Gimpo International Airport (GMP)

How It Works
Safex service precess
Price and Size
luggage service SAFEX


SAFEX delivers your luggage to hotels in Seoul. But what if you stay at an Airbnb or your friend’s house? The solution is LuggAgent, a global luggage transfer service available in over 60 cities. Professional handlers pick up and drop off your luggage between your accommodations and Incheon or Gimpo International Airport.

Get The LuggAgent Service Discount!

LuggAgent Service
How It Works
  1. Book and complete payment at least 24 hours in advance. A confirmation email will be sent with further information and instructions.
  2. Drop off luggage as instructed. Start your day without the hassle of having to carry it!
  3. Your luggage will be collected and delivered via a scheduled route with real-time tracking available.
  4. Retrieve your luggage at the designated location and time.

The best part of the LuggAgent service is that you can pick up and drop off your luggage at your Airbnb. All you have to do is book it, choose the delivery time, and then claim your luggage at the airport after 4:00 pm or at your accommodation after 6:00 pm. 


BAGBNB is a global P2P storage service that makes sure you can enjoy traveling without the hassle of bringing your luggage with you.

BAGBNB Homepage
How It Works
  1. Visit BAGBNB via their website or app
  2. Find an Angel (Angels are coffee shops, bars, and hotels which will store your baggage)
  3. Book your storage online
  4. Leave your luggage at the Angel’s place
  5. Check out

It’s easy to use because the process is just like Airbnb. You can find and select an angel who suggests an affordable price for your luggage.

AREX Travel Center Luggage Storage Service

You can use the luggage storage service of AREX Travel Center. It provides various services for foreign visitors, for instance, travel-information, sale of express train package, baggage storage, SIM card & pocket Wi-Fi, and coat storage services. It’s located in Incheon Int’l Airport Terminal 1 station and Terminal 2 station, Gimpo Airport station, Hongik University station, and Seoul station. Please check the location and hours of operation below. 

Hongik Univ. Station

Incheon Int’l Airport Terminal 1 Station

  • Location: Transport Center (B1)
  • Hours: 08:00 – 21:30
  • Inquiries: 032-743-0211

Incheon Int’l Airport Terminal 2 Station

  • Location: Transport Center (B1)
  • Hours: 08:00 – 21:30
  • Inquiries: 032-745-7130

Gimpo Airport Station

  • Location: Gimpo Airport Station (B1)
  • Hours: 07:00 – 21:30
  • Inquiries: 02-2665-0211

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63 thoughts on “Luggage Storage Services in Seoul.”

  1. Hi it is a very helpful information..thanks…i have one question…i want to buy online a package and directly send to one of the storage service provider like SAFEX and collect it at incheon airport before my flight..is that possible?..i live in ulsan and the package i want to order is a bit large for me to transport it from ulsan to incheon airport..thank you very in advance.

    1. Hi Henok,

      I understand your problem. So I asked SAFEX but they just said they only provide the luggage service between hotels and airports.
      Sorry about that. I hope you can find a good solution.

      Dy & Jay

  2. Hi, thanks, this is really helpful.

    May I know what if we have exceed the storage time (4 hours), can we pay the additional time before retrieve our luggage (open the locker)?

  3. Hello! Is there a way to store the luggage over night? I’m going to travel with a big one and a small one and will go to Busan for a night (and two days), but just want to take my small one with me. After my trip I will come back to Seoul and stay there for a few more day, so I thought about leaving my big suitcase in Seoul but don’t know if that’s possible.
    Thank you for your help. Have a nice day

  4. Hi, are there any luggage storage at Express Bus Terminal? And is it always available to use? I’m afraid that it will be full. Any recommendation? Thanks

    1. Hi Ervy,

      There are four luggage storages in the Express Bus Terminal Station.
      One is inside the ticket gateway, near the transfer-turnstile of lines 3 & 9, and the others(3) are at the same place, near the stairs of exits 1 & 2.
      Have a nice trip!

      Best regards,
      Dy & Jay

        1. Unfortunately, no. When you use a subway luggage storage service, you can store and take out your luggage from 5 am to 1 am on weekdays and 5 am to 00:00 am on weekends.
          If you use other services, you should check it before you store it.

          Dy & Jay

    1. Hi Sheryl,

      Yes. There are four luggage storages in line no.2 and one in the AREX line.
      Have a wonderful trip.

      Dy & Jay

  5. Hi! I was wondering if there is luggage storage around jonggak station? Unfortunately, I am travelling with 5 people so the subway lockers would not be enough.

    1. Hi Elle,

      There are two luggage storages in Jonggak station heading to exit 4 and 6 with 5 large lockers each.
      If you can’t find the available lockers in the station, please, check the private luggage storage services like bagbnb.com or lugstay.com.
      Hope you have a great trip in Korea.

      Kind regards,
      Dy & Jay

  6. Hi,
    Shall I book luggage storage in Seoul Station or just walk in when I arrive there? I’m expecting to bring a 20′, 24′ and 28′ luggage to Korea.

    1. Hi Eta,

      I guess you can find available lockers in Seoul station without a reservation because there are many options.
      There are two subway station lockers, Lotte outlet lockers, and AREX Premium travel center lockers.
      Please, check the operation time to retrieve your luggage before you use it.
      Have a wonderful trip.

      Kind regards,
      Dy & Jay

    1. Hi Tine,

      There are two storage lockers in ‘Dongdaemun station’.
      Right next to the exits 1 & 8.

      And if you are talking about ‘Dongdaemun Historical and Culture Park station’.
      One is on the left side of exit no.1.
      And the other one is between the ticket-gate and exit 11/12.
      Thank you and have a great trip to Korea.

      Dy & Jay

  7. Hello,

    Where are the lockers located at Gangnam station? We have three large luggages, not sure if there will be enough large lockers there :/

    Thank you,


    1. Hi Kymmie,

      There are four lockers in Gangnam station and the biggest one is between exit 1 and 12 with 8 big-size lockers.
      Have a great trip to Korea.

      Kind Regards,
      Dy & Jay

    1. Hello Nisa,

      Lockers in Sinsa station are near the washroom on the direction of exit 2 & 3.
      And there are six large lockers.

      Have a wonderful trip to Korea!
      Dy & Jay

    1. Hi Ana,

      There are two lockers in Hapjeong station in line no.2 and 6.
      Line 2: On the way to Exit 1
      Line 6: On the way to Exit 5
      Visit our Facebook page with festival information in Korea as well.
      And have a wonderful trip! 🙂

      Dy & Jay

      1. Hi Eta,

        You can use the Express bus delivery service but somebody should receive the luggage when it’s delivered.
        Several companies provide end-to-end delivery service using the express bus, KTX, or airplanes but you may need some help from your Korean friend.
        Because they only support Korean. If you search ‘고속버스 탁송’ on Naver, you will see several delivery companies use the express bus delivery service.
        Hope you find a good way to convey your luggage.

        Kind Regards,
        Dy & Jay

    1. Hi Sheila,

      Please, use the storage between exit 2 to 3 in Gangbyeon station(Dongseoul Bus Terminal).
      There is another one in the Techno Mart, but there are only small storage boxes there.
      Have a wonderful trip! 🙂

      Kind regards,
      Dy & Jay

      1. Hi, is there any luggage storage near jamsil stadium? I will watch concert at jamsil stadium then leaving to busan from gyeongbu bus terminal at midnight, and can I retrieve my luggage any time?

        1. Hi Ria,

          Thanks for asking.
          There are two lockers in Jamsil stadium station, line no.2 & 9.
          One is on the way to exit 5 near the Coffee shop, and the other one is on the way to exit 9.
          They work from 5 am to 1 am on weekdays and 5 am to 12 am(00:00 am) on weekends and holidays.
          Have a wonderful time in Korea. 🙂

          Kind Regards,
          Dy & Jay

      1. Hi Melinda,

        You can store your luggage at the delivery service booth in Incheon Terminal 2.
        Operating hours 06:30 ~ 22:30 Contact032-743-5835
        Location: Near Check-In Counter H on 3F, Terminal 2
        Major tasks: Door to door services, Keeping, Packing

        Have a wonderful trip!

        Kind Regards,
        Dy & Jay

  8. Hello Dy & Jay,

    Could you possibly advise where the lockers are located within Seoul Station? We arrive at Incheon at 4:15am and our Airbnb will open at 3pm.

    Many thanks.

    1. Hi Meryl,

      There are many lockers in Seoul Station.
      1. Just right next to the exit no. 1: easy to find.
      2. Between exit 1 to 2: Many lockers, good location, hard to find an available locker.
      3. Exit 3, near AREX(Airport Railroad) platform & Bank ATM

      I hope this information is useful to your trip.
      Have a wonderful trip!

      Best Regards,
      Dy & Jay

    1. Hi,

      There is luggage storage near the exit no.7 in Gongdeok subway station.
      There are four large storage boxes for carriers.

      Have a nice trip. 🙂
      Dy & Jay

        1. Hi Yoobin,

          There are two luggage storages at the City Hall station, A & B.
          A is just outside of the ticket gates and has 6 large lockers.
          B is located next to the shops and has 3 large lockers.
          Hope you have a wonderful trip to Korea.

          Dy & Jay

        2. Hello .. do you know where’s the luggagae locker in myeongdong station? I expect to bring 24′ and 28′ luggage and i’m worried that my luggage wouldnt fit in the locker ..

          1. Hi Halimah,

            There are 4 luggage storages in Myeongdong station from A to D.
            And this is the internal size of a large locker: 380mm x 520mm x 870mm and it’s fit for a 28-inch carrier.
            Happy trip!

            Kind regards,
            Dy & Jay

    1. Hi Rachel,

      There are two luggage storage cabinets in Dongdaemun Historical and Culture Park station.
      One is at the left side of exit no.1.
      And the other one is between the ticket gate and exit 11/12.
      Happy trip!

      Dy & Jay

  9. Kelvin Marc Tan

    Hi. I’m travelling in a group of 6 adult and 6 kids. We will have 6 L luaggages. I’m staying at 33-1 Hyoja-dong, Jongno-gu Seoul. I’ll arrive at 7am. Can you deliver to this address at 12.30pm? How much will it cost in total?

    1. Hi Kelvin,
      Thank you for asking. We just provide travel information about Korea.
      It seems you are not going to stay in a hotel. Then you can consider the LuggAgent service in our post.
      Have a great trip and let me know if you have more question. 🙂

      Best regards,
      Dy & Jay

      1. Hi,
        I will be travelling with 7 of us, with 6 luggages. Our airbnb is nearest to Itaewon station. Does the station comes with a luggage deposit as well? If not, which one is the nearest and cheapest if possible?

        1. Hi Fatin,

          There are two luggage storages in Itaewon subway station and they are at the same place near the restroom.
          There are 9 large lockers in total.
          In most cases, the subway locker is the cheapest way to store your luggage.
          Travel light and enjoy more! 🙂

          Dy & Jay

    2. Hi, are these luggage storage can be book overnight? we plan to go to sokcho for one night trip but prefer not to carrying our luggages since we’re taking bus. Thus need to store the luggages for 2 nights in Seoul.


      1. Hi Alia,

        You can store your luggage for for 5 days in Seoul Metro storage service.
        Please, don’t forget that you can’t retrieve your luggage from 0 to 6 am.
        Have a wonderful trip.

        Best Regards,
        Dy & Jay

      1. Hi Jenni,

        There is a luggage storage service on the way to exit 4 at Yeoksam station.
        There are 5 large size lockers.
        Have a wonderful trip.

        Dy & Jay

    1. Hi Shao,
      Most of the subwway stations have luggage storage services.
      Luggage storages in Bupyeong station are located next to the bakery, Ekinomae(에끼노마에), in the Incheon Subway Mall.
      Hope it helps you. Have a good day! 🙂
      Dy & Jay

    2. Kefentse Botopela

      Hi, are there large luggage storage facilities at Jamsil station? We would like to go to Lotte World for the day before getting on a KTX to another city. Thanks

      1. Hi Kefentse,

        Thank you for asking. Yes, of course, there is a luggage storage facility.
        I’d like to recommend you use the one on the way to go to the Lotte World Mall, heading to exit 1 & 2, because you visit Lotte World.
        There are six large storages for carriers.
        Have a great trip and feel free to ask us if you have any questions and check our Lotte World post(https://www.ivisitkorea.com/one-of-koreas-top-theme-parks-lotte-world) as well. 🙂

        Kind regards,
        Dy & Jay

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