seoul taxi fare

Seoul Taxi Fares

Current Status of Seoul Taxi Fares

Visitors will notice the convenience of public transportation in South Korea. The bus, subway, and train are well organized and clean, but during late hours they are closed. The most convenient method of transportation anytime will be taxis, especially after midnight or when your hands are full of luggage. Besides, Seoul taxi fares are cheap compared to other countries and also easily accessible. Here are ways to call a taxi in Korea. 

Seoul Taxi Fares

You can easily find a taxi on a busy street. The day and night time taxi fare is different.

The rate in Korea differs between each province but is between 3,300- 3,906 KRW. Gyeongnam province is the most expensive. Check out the post the Best Apps for Korea travel.

Night-time taxi fare in Seoul is slightly more expensive.

seoul night taxi fare

* Note *

  1. Out-of-city rate: Premium rate 20% (Except Gwangmyeong-si)
  2. Late-night fare: Premium rate 20% (Midnight – 4AM)
  3. Premium rate not applicable to jumbo and deluxe taxi fares

You can pay with a credit card or transportation card in taxis operating in the Seoul area.

Airport fee to Seoul

The taxi rate from the Incheon international airport to Seoul for foreigners is fixed here below depending on the area in Seoul.

seoul taxi fare

Foreigners can call 1644-2255 to schedule a call for a taxi from or to the airport.

Kakao T – App

Kakao taxi app works like Uber in Korea (Uber is unavailable in South Korea). Using Kakao Taxi is easy and also available in English.

  • First, download the Kakao Taxi app.
  • Secondly, enter the destination.
  • Thirdly, pick your current location.
  • Lastly, click the ‘Request Taxi’ button.

If the taxi driver takes your request, you can check your taxi’s plate number and where the taxi is.  The best part of this app is that you don’t need to worry about the rip-off.

Kakao Taxi App Download

Google Play    |    App Store

In Case of an Unfair Charge

Unfortunately, if you have an argument with the driver about the taxi rate, don’t fret as there is something you can do. First, confirm the taxi’s license plate number, the driver’s name, or company name. Secondly, keep the receipt. Thirdly, try to take a picture of the driver.  Lastly, call the Dasan Call Center at 120 and then press 9 after the recorded message.

When a final administrative decision is made and the validity of the complaint about an unfair charge has been confirmed, compensation of 500,000 KRW will be awarded.

When reporting a complaint, the passenger is requested to provide his or her name, address, contact number, bank name, and bank account number.

It takes approximately 5 months on average from the day a report is filed to receive compensation.

Examples of Unfair Charges

  • The driver gives no change to the customer or requests more money than the amount calculated by the taxi meter.
  • Without using the taximeter the driver requests an excessive amount.
  • Without the passenger’s consent, the driver makes an unnecessary detour.
  • The driver unfairly applies the premium rate.

We hope you won’t be afraid to travel to Korea as there are laws to protect you.

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