One Day of DMZ Tour Korea

One Day of DMZ Tour: The history of the country and the war

 Ever since the North-Korean leader Kim Jeong-Eun and South-Korean President Moon Jae-In met on the boarders decades after the border was drawn between the two countries that used to be one. DMZ Korea also is known as the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) has been a famous tourist spot. The popularity sky-rocketed when the two representatives met and the video went viral. Ever since then history buffs and adventure seekers have been dying to get their hands on the one day DMZ Tour.

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What is the Korean Demilitarized Zone(DMZ)?

Aside from being the safest yet volatile border, it showcases the wounds of the Korean War. During the Korean War, thousands died and a civil war separated the country. DMZ is a border between South-Korea and North-Korea formed because of the Armistice Agreement between the United Nations, North Korea, and China to end the war.

DMZ tour is completely safe and many tourists have experienced so far. However, you can feel the tension on the border with the tanks, landmines and intimidating soldiers with black glasses and guns who always seem to be ready to attack. There have been many unfortunate incidents and events on the DMZ border which almost led to a possible war again.

DMZ Tour Korea

Things to consider when booking the DMZ Tour Korea are as follow:

 Advance booking is ideal

Our number one DMZ tour rule is to book your visit ahead of time. Ideally, as soon as you settle on your dates to visit Seoul. To begin with, this can be because DMZ tours book up. Another reason can be since you wish to save a least of 3 days in advance in order to get a security clearance. DMZ visits from Seoul run Tuesday through Friday. The exception of when occasions and amid military events. There’s no way of truly knowing ahead of time when this will happen. Visits can indeed be canceled the day of. It’s imperative to keep in mind that the DMZ zone is a dynamic military zone, and military exercises trump a Korea DMZ tour
 Plan which DMZ tour you want to explore
  1. A DMZ tour stops at the Dora Observatory, Dorasan Street. And visits a tunnel that was dug to transport spies into South Korea. All cool stuff. But, It does not stop at the JSA, the Joint Security Area.
  2. The JSA Tour which makes a stop at the Mt. Odu Unification Observatory. You can see a clear view into North Korea also it takes you into the blue conference room that reaches across the MDL, or the Military Demarcation Line, which straddles both North Korea and South Korea.
Your passport should be with you at all times

You have to provide your passport at least two days before your scheduled DMZ Tour. As it is a military border your passport will be checked and you are expected to show it every time it is asked from you by your host.

Pack light and dress conservative

There is a strict dress code policy in which ripped jeans, commercial and camouflage clothing is not allowed on the DMZ tour. Also, the North Koreans watching can take pictures and a pretty judgmental of the clothes people wear.

Also, you have to leave your bags behind in the bus in many places due to security concerns thus don’t bring your stuff that you might not be able to leave behind when requested to.


On the JSA tour due to the volatile nature of the border, you will be asked to sign a waiver which states that the DMZ Tour Korea is not responsible for the death, accidents, and injury.

What you will see on the DMZ Tour Korea

1. Joint Security Area (JSA)

The extreme highlight of the whole zone: the Joint Security Zone (JSA), too known as the Détente Town of Panmunjom, the Truce Village or essentially Panmunjom within the media. It is the precise put in DMZ where the two Korean pioneers and beat associates meet and where the peace talks were held in 1951 and the Truce Understanding was marked 65 a long time prior. JSA is presently beneath the security of both North and South Korea – United Nations military forces, separately in charge of the white and blue hovels simply can effectively take note once you are here. What makes JSA so alluring is that it is the as it was put in South Korea that permits you to get so near to North Korean warriors without being captured or fired at.

DMZ Tour
2. Imjingak Park

Not at all like the pressure that you simply feel in JSA, you can feel an out of the blue carefree and cheerful vibe in Imjingak. Also, the stop has gotten to be the cutting edge of tourism for the reason that there are hundreds of photographs and various authentic artifacts from the Korean War on show. It’s the most amazing part of the whole DMZ Tour.

3. Bridge of Freedom

The Bridge of Freedom has gotten its title from being built as a walkway with the reason of trading detainees at the conclusion of the Korean War in 1953. At the Bridge of Freedom, you’ll take note a bunch of colorful lace streamers with a line of notes on them connected to the thorned wire border fence. These messages were to the prisoners from their loved ones.

4. DMZ Theater and Exhibition Hall

DMZ Theater and Show Hall are inside the region of the DMZ Historical center. You will have time to browse the theater and exhibition. The location is accommodating in presenting us bolt, stock, and barrel around DMZ and the Korean War, as well as the deplorable repercussions of fighting through a 15-minute 3D documentary video. Furthermore, you’ll have a chance to pick up a more profound understanding of the chronicled foundation as well as the cultural esteem of the complete region. Above all, this stops contains the whole essence of your DMZ Tour Korea.

Imjingak Station

5. Dorasan Station

South Korea government built Dorasan Station, a railroad station on Geyongui Line, with the purposeful of interfacing South Korea’s railroad framework to the North and ideally the rest of Asia. Unfortunately, due to the palpable tension between the two nations, civilian can’t use the train and the train track from the South to the North has never been used except the reunions of families separated by the war.

Near Dorasan Station, you could visit Dora Observatory in which you can see a view of North Korea using the onsite telescopes. 

DMZ Tour Korea

The one day DMZ Tour Korea is a full package to know the history of the country, the war and its repercussions that are felt by its citizens to date. It was a war that broke a country into two parts with people dead and traumatized on both sides. However, since 2018 things are changing and many things around the border have changed. So if you still want to feel the vibes of the safest yet volatile border in the world, then book your tickets to the ‘One Day DMZ Tour Korea’ as soon as possible.

Written by DY & Jay

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