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Embark on a profound journey through the historic DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) that separates North and South Korea. This day tour from Seoul offers a unique perspective on the tensions and historical significance of one of the world’s most fortified borders. With options to explore the DMZ areas of Paju, Cheorwon, and Gimpo, each tour provides an in-depth look at the Korean War’s history, the present state of affairs, and the hopes for future reconciliation. Expert guides lead the way, sharing insights and stories that bring the silent witnesses of history to life.

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Cheorwon DMZ 1 Day Tour – from Seoul – Trazy

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Our top recommendation is the Cheorwon DMZ Day Tour for its rich historical significance and the depth of experience it offers. Cheorwon, as the northernmost county bordering North Korea, holds crucial stories from the Korean War era, including the fierce battles of Baekmagoji and the eerie silence of the 2nd Tunnel. The tour’s highlight, the Cheorwon Peace Observatory, offers a poignant reminder of the war’s impact and the ongoing quest for peace. This tour stands out for its educational value and the rare opportunity to explore less-visited but historically rich areas of the DMZ.


Comparison Table of Paju/Cheorwon/Gimpo DMZ

Feature Trazy Seoul Travel Pass Klook
Price US$ 54 ₩ 84,000 – ₩ 95,000 (Depending on the tour) US$ 58.45
Languages English, Chinese, Korean Korean, English, Chinese Chinese, English
Duration 7 hours 40 mins Varies by tour 1 day
Inclusions Transportation, Guide, Entrance Fees Transportation, Guide, Entrance Fees Transfers, Guide, Admission to attractions
Exclusions Meals, Personal Expenses, Insurance Meals, Personal Expenses, Insurance Meals, Personal Expenses
Cancellation Policy Not specified 100% refund if canceled 3 days in advance Free cancellation (24-hours notice)


Price Comparison


Detailed Information about Paju/Cheorwon/Gimpo DMZ

[Trazy] Paju / Gimpo / Cheorwon DMZ 1 Day Tour – from Seoul[Trazy] Paju / Gimpo / Cheorwon DMZ 1 Day Tour - from Seoul

Offers a comprehensive Gimpo/Cheorwon/Paju DMZ 1 Day Tour from Seoul with a focus on convenience and inclusivity, providing transportation, guide services, and entrance fees to key DMZ sites. The tour operates Monday to Friday and requires booking at least 1 day in advance.

[Seoul Travel Pass] [DMZ] Gimpo/Paju/Cheorwon DMZ Tour (Ktourstory)[Seoul Travel Pass] [DMZ] Gimpo/Paju/Cheorwon DMZ Tour (Ktourstory)

Provides a versatile range of DMZ tours with options to explore Gimpo, Cheorwon, and Paju. Each tour is designed to offer a deep dive into the specific historical and cultural contexts of the area visited, complete with a guide and necessary entrance fees. The Cheorwon DMZ Tour is particularly notable for its immersive historical experience.

[Klook] Paju/Cheorwon/Gimpo DMZ Day Tour from Seoul[Klook] Paju/Cheorwon/Gimpo DMZ Day Tour from Seoul

Specializes in the Cheorwon DMZ Day Tour, offering a detailed itinerary that includes significant landmarks like the 2nd Tunnel and the Cheorwon Peace Observatory. The package comes with the assurance of expert guidance and round-trip transportation, making it a hassle-free option for those interested in exploring the DMZ’s historical depth.

Each option provides a unique lens through which to view the DMZ, catering to different interests and preferences. Whether it’s the comprehensive coverage of Trazy, the historical focus of Seoul Travel Pass, or the detailed exploration offered by Klook, travelers have the opportunity to engage deeply with the poignant history and ongoing narrative of the Korean Peninsula.


What are the differences among Paju/Cheorwon/Gimpo DMZ? 

Cheorwon DMZCheorwon DMZ

  • Baekmagoji Battlefield: A historic site of fierce battles during the Korean War, offering insights into the war’s intensity and impact.
  • The 2nd Tunnel: Discovered in 1975, this tunnel was dug by North Korea, aiming for a surprise attack on the South. Visitors can walk through parts of the tunnel to experience its clandestine nature.
  • Cheorwon Peace Observatory: Provides panoramic views of the DMZ and into North Korea, showcasing the stark contrast between the two Koreas.
  • Goseokjeong Pavilion: Located by the Hantan River, known for its scenic beauty and historical significance.

Focuses on historical military sites and natural landscapes, providing a deep dive into the Korean War’s history and the ongoing tensions between the North and South.

Paju DMZPaju DMZ

  • Imjingak Park: Home to several monuments and memorials related to the Korean War, it’s a place of reflection on the division of Korea.
  • Dorasan Station: The northernmost station in South Korea, symbolizing hopes for reunification as it’s poised to connect the two Koreas.
  • Dora Observatory: Offers views across the DMZ into North Korea, including propaganda villages and the Kaesong Industrial Region.

Paju DMZ tours generally focus on the areas around the border closest to Seoul, highlighting the division’s symbolism and the hope for future reunification.

Paju DMZ – The 3rd TunnelPaju DMZ - The 3rd Tunnel

  • The 3rd Tunnel: Discovered in 1978, this tunnel was designed by North Korea to launch surprise attacks on Seoul. Visitors can enter the tunnel, experiencing the clandestine preparations for invasion.
  • DMZ Exhibition Hall: Displays artifacts and provides information related to the Korean War and the DMZ.
  • Dora Observatory: Similar to Paju DMZ tours, it allows visitors to look into North Korea and observe the demarcation line.

This tour is specifically centered around the 3rd Tunnel, offering a focused experience on one of the most significant infiltration tunnels discovered, highlighting the ongoing military tensions.

Gimpo DMZGimpo DMZ

  • Jogang Observatory: Allows visitors to observe North Korean villages and gain a sense of daily life in North Korea.
  • Gimpo Marine Park: Offers a tour of a warship that participated in historical conflicts, providing insights into Korea’s maritime military history.
  • Aegibong Peak: Known for its views across the Han River into North Korea and a symbol of peace efforts, including a Christmas tree tower used as a psychological warfare tool.

Gimpo DMZ tours focus on the western front of the DMZ, combining military history with unique insights into the daily life across the border and Korea’s maritime defenses.
Each tour provides a distinct perspective on the Korean DMZ, tailored to different interests—whether it’s military history, the human aspect of the division, or specific historical events and sites.


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