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Activity Overview

The Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) Private Tour between North and South Korea offers a unique insight into the history, tension, and hopes for peace on the Korean Peninsula. Various tour options are available, providing different perspectives and experiences. This comparison focuses on three distinct tours from, Viator, and Trazy, each offering a unique approach to exploring the DMZ.

IVisitKorea’s Top Pick

Private DMZ Peace Tour: 3rd Invasion Tunnel and Suspension Bridge –

Why We Selected It
This tour stands out for its detailed exploration of key sites and the flexibility to adapt to visitor interests, ensuring an immersive and enlightening journey through this historically significant area.


Comparison Table

Feature Private Tour Viator Private Tour Trazy Group/Private Tour
Price $198.00 From $203.85 From $67.1 (Join-in) / $214 (Private)
Duration 9-10 hours 8 hours 10 hours
Inclusions Private transport, English guide, E-Voucher, Round-Trip Transfer Hotel pickup/drop-off, Private vehicle, English driver/guide Round-trip transportation, Entrance tickets, English-speaking guide
Cancellation Policy Conditional Free cancellation up to 24 hours before the start Varies (Check specific terms)
Key Sites Odusan Observatory, Imjingak Park, Gamaksan Suspension Bridge Imjingak Pavilion, Third infiltration tunnel, Unification Bridge, Dora Observatory, N Seoul Tower Imjingak Park, 3rd Infiltration Tunnel, Dora Observatory, Gamaksan/Majang Lake Suspension Bridge
Unique Selling Point Personalized experience with a focus on in-depth exploration Comprehensive tour of DMZ and Seoul highlights Flexible options with both group and private tours available


Price Comparison


Detailed Tour Information Private DMZ Peace Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) Private Tour

This private tour offers an intimate and detailed exploration of the DMZ, including visits to the Odusan Observatory, Imjingak Park, and the option to explore either the Gamaksan or Majang Lake Suspension Bridge. The tour is praised for its knowledgeable guides and the ability to adjust the itinerary based on real-time conditions and visitor interests. The tour’s flexibility, coupled with the inclusion of significant DMZ landmarks, makes it an exceptional choice for those seeking a comprehensive and personalized experience.

Viator One Day DMZ and Seoul Private Tour:Viator Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) Private Tour

Viator’s offering includes a private tour that not only explores the DMZ, including the third infiltration tunnel and Dora Observatory, but also extends the journey to include a visit to N Seoul Tower, providing a broader perspective on both the historical and modern aspects of Korea. This tour is ideal for travelers who wish to combine their DMZ exploration with iconic Seoul landmarks within a day.

Trazy DMZ & Suspension Bridge 1 Day Tour:Trazy Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) Private Tour

Trazy provides a versatile option that caters to both individual and group preferences with their join-in or private tour selections. This tour covers essential DMZ sites like the 3rd Infiltration Tunnel and Dora Observatory and offers a choice between two scenic suspension bridges, adding a unique natural dimension to the historical tour. The join-in option is particularly attractive for solo travelers or those on a budget, while the private tour offers a more tailored experience.


Special Notes about Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) Private Tour

  • These are private full-day DMZ tours from Seoul.
  • It takes about 8~9 hours.
  • Included
    • Round-trip transfers from Seoul
    • A tour guide
    • Lunch
    • Entrance fees
  • On this 8-hour Demilitarized Zone tour from Seoul, you can learn more about the history and culture of the Korean Peninsula. With a guide, you can see the DMZ, where North and South Korea fight the most. Visit exciting places like the Imjingak Pavilion, the third infiltration tunnel, and the Unification Bridge, which was used to exchange prisoners in 1953. From the Dora Observatory, you can see the North Korean propaganda village.
  • If you want to learn about the DMZ, read this article – How To Visit Korean DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) – A Complete Guide.



Each tour offers a unique way to experience the DMZ, catering to different interests, time constraints, and budget considerations. Whether you prefer a focused, in-depth exploration of the DMZ or a broader tour that includes Seoul’s landmarks, there is an option to suit your preferences.


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