K-Pop Tour Programs

K-POP (Korean Pop) Tour Programs in Seoul

Korean Pop has recently expanded to become popular not just in the Asian market, but globally as well. Of course, BTS is the most famous K-pop group in the world right now, but there are so many other talented pop stars as well. For instance, EXO, Monsta X, NCT, BlackPink, Twice, and Red Velvet are all hugely popular.

Korean Pop Star, BTS Magicshop 2019

Dy & I think the first singer who introduced K-Pop music to the world was Psy and his song, Gangnam Style. People loved his exciting song and mimicked the unique dance. I hope we can see another exciting mega-hit song and dance soon. 🙂 Needless to say, there is a ton of intriguing experience programs in Seoul to enjoy K-Pop because it’s the original epicenter!

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Let’s meet Korean Pop Stars on stage and have a fantastic experience to be like one of them through K-Pop Tour Programs.

Disclaimer: To introduce K-Pop tour programs, I searched for two travel booking sites, Klook & Trazy. This post includes our affiliate links.

Participating in K-Pop Events

Personally, we think the most exciting experience as a K-Pop fan is participating in the concert of favorite K-Pop stars. Feeling the same vibes in the same place will be unforgettable.

SBS MTV “The Show” Package

The famous Korean Pop competition Show of SBS Media
[Credit: SBS Media]

Get a chance to watch the famous K-Pop TV show. You will visit the SBS Prism Tower and have a guided tour of the broadcasting studio sets and rehearsal of the show.

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K-Pop Day Tours

BTS Album Jacket Filming Locations Tour from Seoul

[Credit: VisitSeoul.net]

This K-pop tour will take you to the two major destinations where BTS had their album jacket taken for ‘You Never Walk Alone’ and ‘Butter’ – Jumunjin beach and Maengbang beach. Especially, Maengbang beach welcomes all fans by offering the exact same set as the BTS album cover.

Korean Pop Star Experience

If you are a K-Pop fan, you probably imagined being a famous K-Pop star. In Seoul, it’s possible. You can take K-Pop dance and vocal classes like an idol group member. Moreover, you can record your favorite K-Pop songs in a professional music recording studio. Just try to be a K-Pop star for a day!

K-Pop Dance Class

Dance Class for Korean Pop
[Source: WeDance Studio]

Learn how to bust a move like your favorite K-Pop idols with the help of famous dance instructors. Moreover, you can make friends and share the fascinating Korean culture with other K-pop fans from all over the world.

Korean Pop Recording Experience

kpop tour - music record experience

Record your own K-Pop song in a studio where K-Pop stars created their hits. Your favorite K-Pop song recorded in a studio with professional equipment and sound engineers will be an unforgettable souvenir from visiting South Korea.

K-Pop Photoshoot with K-Beauty Makeup and Hair Styling

Korean Celebrities’ Makeup and Hair Styling Experience at Jenny House
Jenny House – Beauty Salon in Cheongdam, Seoul

Have you ever wanted to know what it feels like to become a K-pop star? Through this experience, you will be a top K-pop star for a day. This once-in-a-lifetime tour allows you to get a K-pop celebrity-style makeover from one of the best Korean makeup artists and hairstylists. Don’t worry about communication because they provide six language-translation services. 🙂

You are in Seoul, the epicenter of K-Pop! Who knows? You may be able to meet your favorite K-Pop star on the street or in a restaurant. 🙂


Written by DY & Jay. 


3 thoughts on “K-POP (Korean Pop) Tour Programs in Seoul”

  1. Farah Trujillo

    I’m a huge BTS fan and I was supposed to be in South Korea for BTS concern but had to cancel due to coronavirus pandemic. I’ll still probably visit South Korea once this whole pandemic is over because I really want to go there.

  2. Kelly L Summers

    I too was suppose to go to korea to see bts. But the pandemic put a halt to that . i was so dissapointed and heart broke .you see im a big big fan of bts and im 54 years young who knows if i will ever be able to see them in concert or if i will be alive when we will finally be able to go see a concert again. But my dream of seeing the most beautiful place in my opinion in the world is now only that a dream i will problably never be able to go see. It makes me want to cry maybe in my next life

  3. Hi Kelly,

    We also feel so sorry about this pandemic situation. But we believe everything will get back to normal soon.
    No worries and cheer up. As soon as things get better, BTS will hold concerts and open Magic shops for fans like you.
    I sincerely hope that the day will come soon.

    Kindest regards,

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