Korea is known for being fast. We say “bbali bbali (빨리 빨리)”. You can get anything you need within a day or even within a few hours in Korea. There is no country in the world that offers convenience, quality, and services like Korea. It’s very convenient shopping here if you know where to look. Here are the top Korean online shopping sites that we recommend:

Top Korean Online Shopping Websites

Coupang (쿠팡)

korean online shopping malls_Coupang

Coupang is the number one Korean online shopping website. It has both an app and a website. You can buy face masks to frozen foods to travel packages. The best part about Coupang is that most products are delivered to your home the next day, but make sure you purchase the product before 11:59 p.m. KST. The downside is Coupang does not offer English and you must buy over 19,800 won for the 1-day delivery shipping. Locals are a fan of Coupang because of the guaranteed delivery time and friendly price. Moreover, Rocket-Wow that is the 1-day delivery by 7 am is available if you order before 9 pm! The downside of Coupang is that they don’t support English and don’t take foreign credit cards.

G-market (지마켓)

Gmarket Korea _ what to buy in Korea

G-market is probably the most common website for foreigners living in Korea. It is well organized, diverse, and convenient. They sell everything from men’s clothing to furniture to electronics. Besides, they show you the current exchange rate of the product and how much you save. They have websites in English, Chinese, and of course Korean. Furthermore, they ship products globally if you want to lessen your luggage going back. The best part is if free shipping items are added to your cart, other items in your cart will be sent without a shipping fee as well. But this only applies to delivery in Korea.

11th street (11번가)

11st street Korea _ what to buy in Korea_korean online shopping

11th street Korea online shopping site has both an app and a website. This site is great when you want to find great deals. It has everything you need from fruits to red ginseng to cute character socks which are popular Korean souvenirs as well. They also have time sales. The best part is they provide an English and Chinese website. Most products will be delivered within 2-3 business days. But you will know the estimated date after your payment. This is the English site for 11th street.

Interpark (인터파크)

Interpark Korea _ what to buy in Korea_korean online shopping

Interpark Global is a great place to purchase almost everything like foods, clothes, products, and even tickets for musicals, plays, concerts, and your favorite K-star CD’s. You can easily see the available seats when booking your favorite K-star concert and musical. The locals use this site to book seats as well. The best part is Interpark global has sites in English, Chinese, and Japanese. You can buy products in your home country and get it delivered there too!

Kurly market (마켓컬리)

market kulry _ what to buy in Korea

Kurly market is an online premium grocery service that delivers by dawn. They offer high quality domestic and foreign goods. If you buy before 11 p.m. KST you are guaranteed to receive your product by dawn. This service is convenient when you run out of every daily food like milk or eggs. They expanded their market to include products like supplements, toothpaste, baby food, and diapers. They have very high-quality products, the best packaging, and great customer service. The only con is they currently have services only in Korean.

Online Grocery Shopping

Emart, Homeplus, Lotte Mart (이마트, 홈플러스, 롯데마트)

The top three major supermarkets in Korea have gone online to make shopping for EVERYONE oh so convenient. You can get fresh groceries in front of your doors at your preferred time. Here is how to order from Emart online shopping. The process is the same for Homeplus and Lotte Mart.

First, go to the emart website. You can change the setting to English or Chinese on the top left corner.

Second, make an account. You will need an email, mobile phone number, and address. You can put your address in English. Note that the stock on the products will vary on the location.

Third, put your groceries in your shopping cart. The food names are in English and the price is in US dollars as well. If you choose Chinese, the food names are in Chinese and the price is in US dollars and Korean won as well. Note that there are some discounts on some credit cards.

Fourth, proceed to checkout. Choose the date that you want your groceries delivered. Note that there is free delivery for over 40,000 won. You will have to pay a small fee if it doesn’t meet this amount. Fill out the recipient information, payment method, and then click “make a payment.”

You’re finished! You will have your customized groceries right at your home.

Korean Beauty Products Online Shopping Sites

Olive young k-beauty store in Korea


Olive Young is the largest beauty store like Sephora in Korea where you can get cosmetics, hair & body care products, and healthy foods. The good news is that they launched an online shopping mall including global shipping. Here, you can check Must-buy Beauty Products at Olive Young.

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Korean beauty products online store


This is one of the biggest online shops for Korean beauty products. Here you can find Korean skincare, makeup, fashion, and accessories as well. International shipping is available!

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K-beauty online shopping mall


You can find various Korean cosmetics that were not available to be found in other online shops. If you are looking for any specific Korean beauty products, check Jolse.com.

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K-beauty online shopping mall


Korean beauty products available in StyleKorean are not only price-friendly but they also offer discount coupons and frequent promotions. This is one of the largest K-beauty online shopping sites!

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Wishtrend K beauty online store


Wishtrend is a one-stop online Korean cosmetic beauty store selling hand-selected beauty products from their top three brands: dear Klairs, by wishtrend, and Jungle Botanics. They also sell products that align with their core beliefs of using the highest quality, highest functioning, and highest needs from their customers. The products from dear Klairs are million-selling products and being sold from over 200 stores and 70 countries. By wishtrend has high functioning skincare products made from listening to over 500,000 customers’ skincare concerns. And Jungle Botanicals uses the finest ingredients in nature to help you maintain positive skin. Wishtrend is also creating beauty content on channels like Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram to share ideas on daily beauty routines.

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Korean beauty product online shopping

Althea Global

Althea Global is an authentic Korean beauty site serving all Korean beauty fans worldwide. You will find great deals on Korean beauty products, free shipping on $50 or more, and a 30 days return guarantee.

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Kollectionk is another qualified website for buying Korean makeup and skincare products. Don’t miss out on great deals here!

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Korean Fashion Online Malls

Best Korean fashion online store


Here you can get cute Korean clothing at an affordable price! Not to mention, you can’t expect this high quality with friendly prices from other shopping malls.

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Korean fashion online shopping mall


The best part of this clothing website is the YouTuber quick’s on Stylevana’s beauty products & clothing. You can find popular YouTubers mix and match Stylyevana clothing. They also have a section on the best sellers so you choose the most trendy piece. The price is affordable and there is free shipping on over $48.

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korean fashion online store


Kooding is one of the leading Korean websites connecting Korean fashion to people all around the world. They also give tips on the latest men, women, and cosmetic trends. Check out their kids and baby section as well. They also offer a 10% discount on your first purchase.

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Stylish Korean fashion online store


Find comfort while looking your best in Korean fashion. You can find everything from cosmetics to shoes without breaking a budget. Check their sites for coupons and sales! There is something for everyone and shipping is also made to China, Thailand, Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, and more.

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Chuu- Korean fashion online store


This Korean fashion site has helpful reviews from their customers to help you make the best choice. The site has cute accessories to lingerie to beautiful Korean clothing. They also sell in wholesale and have customer service in Japanese, Chinese, English, and Korean.

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korean fashion online shopping mall_cherrykoko

Cherry KOKO

Cherry KOKO offers sleek yet simple clothes for all 4 seasons. Each item is carefully chosen to make you look beautiful all year long. They have free shipping on purchases over $150. Their website also has services in English, Japanese, and Korean. The shipping takes about 2-10 business days and they accept all major credit cards.

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korean fashion online shopping store

Naning 9

If you are looking for fashion and comfort you have to check out Naning 9’s website. Their outfits are beautiful and most importantly comfortable. They offer free shipping to US and Canada on purchases over $150 and free shipping to other countries on purchases over $130. Their website is friendly and easy to navigate with topics like “Big Size,” 10USD,” “Linen,” etc. on top. You’ll definitely find something you like here.

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korean fashion online shopping malls _liphop

Lip Hop

Lip Hop offers sexy and hip clothing with trendy athletic wear and cute dresses to help you look great on any occasion. They offer free shipping on purchases over $150 and gives you some points to use for your next purchase. Their site has services in Korean, English, Japanese, and Chinese.

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korean fashion online shopping stores

Dark Victory

Dark Victory offers its members special discounts and has their site organized by price amount. You can easily find what you are looking for in a budget. For purchases less than $200 there is a shipping fee about $15-$20, and free shipping for purchases over $200. Check their site for a great bargain and undeniable taste.

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These are my top online shopping recommendations in Korea. You will find countless great deals, fast delivery, and friendly customer care, all part of staying in Korea. We hope shopping in Korea will be hassle-free so you can spend time at the attractions in Korea. Additionally, if you want to order Korean beauty products check the list given below.

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