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Where to buy Korean books online?

In these last years, the number of Korean learners increased. The reason for this phenomenon is called Hallyu and more precisely because of K-pop, the Korean pop music worldwide famous. K-pop was already popular 10 years ago but the popularity exploded recently thanks to new boys and girls groups like BTS and Blackpink.
To help Korean language learning, you need to read. But it could be complicated to find Korean books near where you live. So how and where to buy Korean books online? In this article, find some tips to find where to find Korean books on the internet.

Before we dive in, if you are learning the Korean language, check out our post, Learn Korean Using Best Free Apps.

Top places to buy Korean books online


Source: NBCnews.com

The most famous online market is obviously one of our top recommendations. You could find various books about the language, Korean tales, or storybooks for improving your Korean skills. In all these choices, there are books in only Korean or English, and if you can not choose, there are bilingual books too.

Amazon is a worldwide famous shop online where you can receive your products from everywhere in the world.

Advantages of Amazon:

  • Various choices (more than a hundred pages!)
  • English, Korean, French, etc + Bilingual versions are available.
  • Available to ship everywhere in the world
  • Shipping advantage if you have Amazon Prime (free shipping and faster than normal shipping way).

Disadvantages of Amazon:

  • Amazon research filters can be badly organized and might give you some wrong results (ex: Japanese books when you are searching Korean books).
  • Might be complicated to find a book that you will like among all the results. 


The South Korean global online shop is really popular with Korean and foreigners. This web store is similar to other big online shop brands as Amazon or eBay. The website is available in Korean, English, and Chinese.

As we previously saw in Amazon, Gmarket purposes multiple choices of book genres. So, you can find a lot of books about the Korean language, history, novels, or politics.

Advantages of Gmarket:

  • Various choice.
  • Directly ships from South Korea.
  • Currency can be changed.
  • Various payment partners.
  • Delivery tracking service available on Gmarket website.

Disadvantages of Gmarket:

  • Like Amazon, Gmarket also has some problems with research filters. The result can make you buy some movies or Korean goodies instead of the book you were looking for.
  • Only 2 shipping services: EMS and SF express.

Buy Korean books online with Gmarket here.


Twochois is a business run by two Korean sisters to help you buy Korean books directly from Korea. All these books are selected by the Choi sisters who know what is the best for improving your Korean Skills. Thanks to their experiences with their foreign friends, they perfectly know the difficulty to find good Korean books abroad.

Books are available in different languages such as English, Chinese, Russian (etc) for helping you to understand the Korean Language and Culture. It is also a good place to find a Korean dictionary in your language (around $50). Books that are written in Korean only are kid’s books which could be easier to understand.

Advantages of Twochois:

  • Online shop for Korean books only.
  • The menu is well organized.
  • Books are available in various languages.
  • Possibility to make personal order for specific books.  

Disadvantages of Twochois:

  • The menu has some problems with selecting the good category. Customer experience can be not good because of this.
  • The preview images are too small.

For buying Korean books online with Twochois here


Koreabook is a German company that represents the specialist of Korean culture in Europe. This online store purposes a lot of choices of Korean cultural objects. On Koreanbooks.de you can find Korean books (of course!) especially in Korean, English, or German. In these books, various thematics are purpose like history, cooking, architecture, economic, even atlas and maps! You can also find Korean DVDs, stationery, and other accessories. 

Advantages with Koreanbook

  • Various choices of books for learning Korean and learning other specificities about Korea
  • Service hotline available
  • worldwide shipping.
  • Free shipping in Germany over 50. 00 €.
  • Sales and special offers.

Disadvantages with Koreanbook

  • Only 3 languages available.
  • Korean language books from big Korean universities are not the purpose.

Buy Korean books with Koreanbook here.

Books on Korea

Established in 2000 in Korea, Kong & Park offers a large selection of Korean language learning books on the online shop called “Books on Korea”. They also purpose various education books written in Korean such as informatics, health, or reference books for school, especially for elementary and high school.

Started in Seoul, the company had now offices all around the world in Chicago, Santiago, Beijing, that a benefit for helping customers.

Advantages with Books on Korea

  • Various education books
  • All Korean language books from Korean university
  • Fast shipment
  • Foreign novel translate in Korean

Disadvantages with Books on Korea

  • You can select your language in the research space but it is pretty useless because all results are in Korean. 
  • Miss important information about the shipment fees. 

You can buy Korean books on the webshop Books on Korea here.

Here was the list of the top online Korean book stores. We hope you can learn Korean at the convenience of your home so your dreams will come true.

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  1. Eric Feigenbrugel

    Bonjour Je cherche un agenda pour l’année 2022 en coréen ainsi que des livres sonores pour enfant de un an avez vous un lien?
    Je n’en ai pas trouvé

  2. Donna Hutchins

    I would love to read a Korean novel The Red Sleeve, can I find this novel in English? I have been watching the drama and absolutely loved it. Thank you

  3. Hello Donna,
    I just searched for it but unfortunately, I could only find the books in Korean at the moment.

  4. Bonjour et merci d’exister ! Je voudrai acheter le manwha “Painter of the night” de Beyeong Duk, Bande Dessinée papier, en coréen de préférence, ou en anglais, et je ne trouve pas. Pouvez-vous m’aider ? Merci à l’avance de prêter attention à ma requête.

  5. Hello Jessy,

    The book you are looking for is being sold in Korean online book stores like Yes24 or Kyobo.
    If you are not in Korea, YesAsia is the site that sells the painter of the night.
    Check out this link.
    I hope it helps.


  6. Merci beaucoup pour l’info ! Bonne continuation à vous. Jessy.

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