Top Korean Cooking Channels YouTue

TOP Korean Cooking Channels on YouTube

Oh, how I adore Korean food. And, when asking foreigners living in Korea why they love it here? I can guarantee, 99% of people will mention the word ‘food.’ Finally, after long-awaited Korean food is slowly gaining global popularity as it deserves. However, unlike living in Korea, Korean food and restaurants may not have the variety or be as regularly available in your country. Therefore, what way to eat Korean food than to cook it in the comfort of your own kitchen?

After going down the long rabbit hole of Korean cooking videos I’ve compiled a list of the TOP Korean Cooking Channels on YouTube.

Best Korean Cooking Channels on YouTube

TOP Korean Food Channels

Paik’s Cuisine (백종원의 요리비책)

Baek Jongwon is an O.G chef and businessman in the Korean entertainment industry. He’s featured and been a star of multiple food-related tv shows and, has created popular franchises such as Paik’s Coffee, Saemaul Restaurant, and Bornga. 

What’s more, He recently opened a YouTube channel which has gained immense popularity for his simple approach to cooking Korean food. I love how entertaining his videos are to watch and how easy they are to follow. His videos also include multiple subtitles making them easily accessible for worldwide viewers. 

Wife’s Cuisine (아내의 식탁)

In recent years, there has been an ongoing trend of ASMR video’s in Korea. In fact most of the TOP Korean cooking channels are ASMR and, for good reason. 

Wife’s Cuisine showcases appetizingly shot visuals paired with the serene sounds of sizzling oil and boiling stews. Furthermore, It’s a great all-round channel that includes Korean food (+a few other cuisines), desserts, and even Kitchen guide videos. For those who want to relax whilst also learning how to cook delicious Korean food I highly recommend it. 

Seonkyoung Longest

I wanted to include an option for an English-speaking Korean cooking channel. Firstly, The owner of this channel is Seounkyoung, a Korean YouTuber currently living in the US. She’s a home chef with a beautiful and bubbly personality sharing delicious Korean and other east Asian recipes. In addition, Her channel includes popular series such as ‘Asian at home’ and ‘Life In Korea’. 



This channel showcases quick and easy recipes great for those living alone. In particular, the kid in me is obsessed with the Cooking RPG series where videos are edited reminiscent to old video games.

Korean Cooking and Vlog Healing Channel

I discovered this Korean Cooking channel from her ‘Levain Bakery Chocolate Chip Cookie’ Video. This channel includes beautiful scenographic shots and focuses on the healing aspect of ASMR whilst also providing the audience with tasty recipes.

TOP Dessert Channels

Cooking Tree 쿠킹트리

Cooking tree was one of my first introductory into the world of Korean ASMR Cooking channels. I am unquestionably not a pastry chef nor will I ever attempt to make anything from this channel. That being said, there’s something about the sound of whipping cream and melting chocolate that entices me and makes me want to keep watching. With almost 3.5 Million followers, I am certainly not the only one addicted to how calming and satisfying her videos are to watch. Also, for those who do want to follow along, her videos include a wide selection of subtitles to choose from. 

Maison Olivia

Next, is another ASMR Korean Cooking channel I watch purely for entertainment. I especially enjoy the artistry that goes into her cake design videos. The stunning, sophisticated details she puts into the designs would make It nearly impossible for me to recreate. Nevertheless, her cakes are truly a treat for the eyes and I would definitely give her channel a go. 


CafeSlave jun 카페노예

Whilst this isn’t specifically a dessert channel, If you want to watch someone go about their day working in a cafe then this is a cute choice. Here, you can watch the YouTuber Jun cooking tasty treats, taking orders from customers, and also making delicious drinks. Especially, in the current circumstances, this channel has been a great pick for when I’m working and want some background noise. 

TOP Other Cuisine Channels

꿀키 Honeykki 

Honeykki is another great ASMR Korean cooking channel that features a variety of different cuisines, desserts, and pastries. I particularly like her series that recreates famous meals from Tv shows and movies such as Harry Potter and Ratatouille. (Why does the food In cartoons look soo delicious?)

maji 마지

This channel became popular from her ‘food you can enjoy while you are on a diet’ video. In addition, she showcases a variety of deli and fresh-looking recipes such as Sandwiches, Salads, and Pasta, which are great for a quick lunch or picnic. I love how her videos focus on ASMR healing and also include beautiful scenic shots.

Gabie Kook

Finally, moving astray from the ASMR videos is Gabie Kook. Gabie is a Korean chef who was born in Argentina, grew up in Spain and the US, before later moving to France to study as a chef. She also competed in Koreas Masterchef coming in 3rd place and is now currently living in England with her husband (Korean Englishman) Josh.

Whilst her channel features vlogs and sometimes beauty, her main focus is on her cooking videos. What’s more, with the different cultural influences stemmed from her childhood Gabie is able to provide a wide variety of cuisines from different countries.  

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We hope you liked the top Korean Youtube cooking channels. Tell us about your favorite one!

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