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The Best Pyeongtaek Restaurants And Cafes

Six Best Pyeongtaek Restaurants

Pyeongtaek, a neighborhood one hour and 30 minutes south from Seoul, is known for, the American military base Camp Humphrey’s. Because of this, the area near the base has countless restaurants owned and run by the ex-pat and foreigner community. Here at these Pyeongtaek restaurants, you can find authentic food from all around the world. You can also find plenty of cafes, stores, and bars as well. But the thing that intrigued me above everything else was how international the area was.

I went down to Pyeongtaek a week ago, about an hour’s train ride from my home in Jukjeon to visit a friend of mine, a US military soldier. We had planned to get coffee and dinner, and although the coffee shop was closer to the station, my friend then took me to Anjeong Rodeo, the neighborhood right outside the army base, and the first thing I noticed was how not Korean it was. Most of the people that I saw that day, if not all, were foreigners. And I liked that. Having grown up in a multicultural city, I was used to seeing people from all over the world. Pyeongtaek was even more international than the neighborhoods of Itaewon and Hongdae. Given the global nature of the neighborhood, there is no question, then, that there would be restaurants serving food hailing from a lot of different countries.

Red Onion (Turkish)

The first thing I asked my friend was whether or not there were any Middle Eastern or Arabian restaurants. I had gone to Jordan last year and ever since I came back, I have been on the lookout for authentic food from the Middle East. After just a few minutes, we found Red Onion.

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Loaded Queso Tortilla Nachos ( Chicken / Beef / Shrimp / Mix ) 고기류를 선택하여 퀘소치즈와 블랙올리브, 할라피뇨, 사워크림 등 과 함께 나쵸칩을 맛보세요 💕 평택 미군 캠프험프리스 근처에 위치하는 터키음식전문점 입니다:) Red Onion Resaturant (Turkish Mediterranean Cuisine) 🚩 : 경기도 평택시 팽성읍 안정순환로 110-4 : 110-4 Anjeongsunhwan-ro, Paengseong-eup, Pyeongtaek-si, Gyeonggi-do. ☎️ 031-656-6660 🚗 Shuttle Delivery app ⏰Business Hours : Sun-Thu am11:00-pm 9:30 : Fri -Sat am11:00-pm10:00 #turkishfood #turkey #food #pyeongtaek #halalfood #kebab #mediterraneanfood #camphumphreys #daily #nachos #nacho #queso

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Red Onion is a Turkish restaurant only 5 minutes away from the entrance of the base. Upon walking inside, I was immediately in awe of the interior. It reminded me a little of the interior of a Middle Eastern mosque, which was great. Right there and then, I knew that Red Onion would be amazing. And sure enough, the food that I had took me back to my time in Jordan. Although Jordan and Turkey are two very different countries, the food at Red Onion was authentic enough and close enough, that it pleasantly satisfied my craving. There are Arabian restaurants in South Korea–and in Pyeongtaek too– but without other options available, Red Onion would definitely be a good choice.

Alice’s Filipino Store and Restaurant (Filipino)

For the Filipino community out there, don’t worry! There are a handful of Pyeongtaek restaurants and stores that are dedicated to all things Filipino, including Alice’s Filipino Store and Restaurant. My friend, whose girlfriend is Filipina, swears by this place. At Alice’s, you’ll find yourself in a very homey environment, as though you are in an actual home in the Philippines.  The menu consists of some of the most common Filipino dishes like chicken adobo and rice.

Not only is the menu full of typical Filipino dishes and drinks, but Alice’s also serves as a small ingredient store. You can find a lot of the ingredients used in everyday Filipino cooking as well as Filipino drinks, snacks, and fruits.

Teresa’s Filipino Restaurant (Filipino)

Another great Filipino restaurant is Teresa’s Filipino Restaurant. Although this restaurant is a little far from the Camp Humphrey area, it is still worth the trip. Located about 35 minutes from Pyeongtaek Station, this highly rated restaurant serves as a go-to place for Filipinos and non-Filipinos alike. With classic dishes like adobo (chicken and pork), Palabok, Fried Tilapia, Chopsuey, and Porksilog, this restaurant brings the taste of the Phillippines to Pyeongtaek.

If you are looking to make your own Filipino food at home, Teresa’s, like Alice’s, also sells food ingredients. They sell alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks as well. In contrast to Alice’s, the interior of Teresa’s feels slightly less like a home and more like a store. However, the food and drinks that you’ll find here are sure to take you to the Philippine Islands.

Braai Republic (South African) – Pyeongtaek Resataurants

It was a surprise to me when I found this South African restaurant. Braai Republic is located on the second floor of one of the many buildings that line Anjeong Rodeo Street. From the outside, the restaurant had a slick look. The inside looked dimly lit and cozy. If you like meat, you are sure to enjoy Braai Republic, for the most popular dish is a steak dish. Definitely, this is one of the Best Pyeongtaek restaurants. When you find the place, you should be careful not to find the one in Geoje-si.

Le Miel (Italian, French)

For a fusion restaurant, set your eyes on Le Miel, a restaurant that serves Italian and French cuisine, with some dishes being a result of both! At Le Miel, you can expect to be treated to a unique kind of food, a kind of food fusion I had never heard of before. When looking over the menu at a glance, most of it is mostly pasta and pizza dishes, but each is specially made to bring about a completely novel experience.

In my experience, French cuisine is the hardest cuisine to come by in South Korea. Before finding out about Le Miel, I had only been aware of a restaurant that opened recently along the Jukjeon Cafe Street. It’s refreshing to see that there’s another restaurant that offers a taste of the renowned French cuisine.

Rio Grill (Brazilian)

Meat, steak, and barbecue lovers will love Rio Grill, a Brazilian restaurant.  With a quaint and casual atmosphere, this is the perfect spot to come with friends for a meal and some drinks. You can expect to hear music playing softly as you eat.

Introduction of Pyeongtaek City & Restaurants

In recent years, Korea has become more international, with people coming from every corner of the globe. The increase in the number of different ethnic restaurants reflects that. Of course, I am a Seoul-dweller and so I only have a perspective on what we have in Seoul. But hundreds of ex-pat and foreigner communities exist all over South Korea. Therefore, there would be hundreds of more restaurants that offer food from all over the globe.

I really appreciate it when countries are becoming more connected to the rest of the world. It helps us be aware of and encourage the growth of their ex-pat and foreigner communities. South Korea is one such country, and the neighborhood of Pyeongtaek is an amazing witness to that. I don’t know when, but you can bet that I will be going back there.

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