Exploring Garosugil 가로수길: Sinsadong’s Fashionable Gem

📍Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul | 서울특별시 강남구 신사동
🚆 Subway Line 3, Sinsa Station, Exit 8 
🕒 Open all year round
₩ Free
☎️ +82-2-3445-0111

Calling all trendsetters! If you like to explore the latest trends in Korea, then Garosugil is the place to be. Located in the vibrant district of Sinsadong, Garosugil is a hot spot for fashion-forward individuals. With its upscale cafes, chic cosmetics stores, and designer boutiques, this trendy enclave is a haven for those seeking the pulse of Korean fashion. Known as the “tree-lined street,” Garosugil offers stylish shops and picturesque surroundings, especially in autumn when the ginkgo trees adorn the area with golden leaves. Join us on an exciting exploration of this dynamic shopping district and uncover the allure of Garosugil!

How to get to Garosugil

how to get to Garosugil, Seoul

Sinsa-dong Garosugil is conveniently located in the Gangnam district of Seoul. The nearest subway station is Sinsa Station (Line 3). Once you disembark from the Sinsa Station Line 3 train, head towards Exit 8. From there, walk approximately 800 feet (250 meters), and you’ll spot the street on your left-hand side.

Best cafes in Garosugil

OUR bakery Garosugil
By official Instagram
  • Address: 39 Gangnam-daero 162-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
  • Open hours: 10:0 – 20:30 daily
  • Instagram: ourbakerycafe

Our Bakery is a cozy café located on Garosu-gil. With plenty of seating in standalone buildings, it’s the ideal place to take a break during your shopping trip. Their must-try menu items include the Palmier Carre and Dirty Chocolate. The Palmier Carre is a crispy pastry coated with butter and chocolate that you’ll want to devour in one sitting.

Meanwhile, the Dirty Chocolate may look sweet, but its moist, buttery bread and dark chocolate flavor strike the perfect balance between bitterness and sweetness. In addition to the delectable desserts, they offer a selection of coffees, cold brews, and organic farming teas. 

MINOS Coffeecult
By Instagram of sj2jeong
  • Address: 80 Garosu-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
  • Open hours: 9:00 – 5:00 weekdays | 10:00 – 5:00 weekends
  • Instagram: minoscoffeecult

This café in Sinsadong is the only one open until dawn. It offers a stylish and quiet atmosphere with a simple but warm design. Each table has a power outlet and rooftop seating with a laid-back view of the area. 

The menu has everything from coffee and tea to smoothies and pastries. Treat yourself to delights like egg tarts, apple pies, cheese cream cakes, and even savory sandwiches. Whether craving something sweet or savory, this café is the perfect spot for a late-night hangout.

Kitsuné Cafe
  • Address: 23 Dosan-daero 13-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
  • Open hours: 11:00 – 20:00 daily
  • Contact: +82 2-540-5559
  • Price range: 4,500 – 8,000 KRW for drinks ($3.3 – $6)
  • Instagram: cafekitsune

Maison Kitsuné, the French fashion brand, has set up shop with a boutique and Café Kitsuné in Garosu-Gil, Sinsa-dong. Hidden behind unassuming entrance gates, the café is nestled along a bamboo-lined pathway. “Kitsune” means “fox” in Japanese, so you’ll spot some foxy stuff there!

The flagship store is a real beauty – a four-story building surrounded by greenery and bamboo. Inside, it’s got this chill vibe with concrete, marble, wood, and brass. You can cozy up inside or chill outside, whatever floats your boat.

After a shopping spree, you can relax and sip on beverages. The simple menu offers coffee, tea, beverages, and pastries. Notable items to try include the Mango White Chocolate Mousse Cake, Fox Biscuit, Matcha Latte, and Plum Ade.

Front Seoul cafe in garosugil
By official Instagram
  • Address: 29 Dosan-daero 11-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
  • Open hours: weekday 11:00 – 23:30 | weekend 11:00 – 00:30 
  • Contact: +82 2-548-4981
  • Instagram: front_seoul

Do you know the popular webtoon “True Beauty”? Well, Front Seoul 프론트서울 is closely tied to it! The webtoon’s author, Park Tae-jun, owns the cafe. It’s pretty cool, right? Anyway, what makes Front Seoul special is not just its association with the webtoon but also its unique ambiance. As soon as you step inside, you’ll be drawn to the coffee bar, which has this chic European vibe with its wooden base.

Upstairs, it’s spacious and perfect for chilling out and drinking. They also serve delicious brunch items like Front Breakfast and Carbonara and mouthwatering bakery treats such as Banana Pudding Cake and Earl Grey Cake. It’s worth checking out!

Dang Ok (당옥) cafe
By official Instagram
  • Address: 22 Gangnam-daero 162-gil, Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
  • Open hours: 11:30 – 21:00 | Closed on Mondays
  • Contact: +82 2-3443-1227
  • Instagram: dangok_sinsa

Looking for a cozy spot to indulge your sweet tooth? Check out Dang Ok! Nestled in the alleyways of Garosugil, this adorable dessert café serves up a mouthwatering variety of treats, from cakes and mochi to tarts, ice cream, bingsu, and even savory sandwiches. 

It’s not huge, but there’s enough indoor seating for about a dozen people. They have a communal table outside for six, perfect for a small gathering. Their signature is Tarae Cake. With its delicate cream strands and easy-to-cut texture, this dessert is a visual and gustatory delight. Both the chestnut and matcha flavors are a must-try.

Line Friends Store & Cafe Sinsa
By official Instagram
  • Address: 519-13 Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
  • Open hours: 12:00 – 21:00 daily
  • Instagram: linefriends_square_kr

If you’re a Line Friends fan, you’ll want to check out the “Line Friends Store & Cafe.” This large store offers a variety of items, such as accessories, stuffed toys, and phone cases featuring the adorable Line characters. At the entrance, a queue of visitors is often eager to snap a photo with the gigantic Brown character. You’ll find three floors filled with Line Friends merchandise to explore.

After browsing, treat yourself to some delicious desserts and drinks at the Line Cafe within the store. This bakery cafe serves up to 20 handmade menu items, including treats like chocolate lattes, Cony cookies, and Sally Macaroons.

Garosugil’s unique charm doesn’t end with its tree-lined streets and fashionable storefronts; the cafe culture here is a reflection of Seoul’s broader obsession with coffee and cozy spaces. From artisanal brews to themed interiors, the cafes in and around Garosugil serve up not just great coffee but also unforgettable experiences. If your thirst for coffee exploration goes beyond Garosugil, we’ve got a treat for you. ☕️ Download Naver Map to uncover the best 15 cafes in Seoul. This curated list will guide you to the most Instagrammable spots in the city, from cozy hidden gems to trendy hotspots. Each cafe has been selected for its unique ambiance, exceptional coffee, and picture-perfect decor, ensuring your coffee journey is as delightful as it is photogenic. ☕️📸

Best place to shop for clothes in Garosugil

INDIBRAND garosugil
By Instagram of m__jiu
  • Address: 66 Garosu-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
  • Hours: 11:30 – 20:30 daily
  • Website:

INDIBRAND is a well-known Korean-style clothing store that is loved for its wide range of basics. People flock here because their clothing suits everyone and is easy to pull off. While they stock men’s and women’s clothing, women’s clothing has a larger selection. Their pieces mainly come in neutral tones, making them perfect for everyday wear and easy to mix and match.

AderError Sinsa Space 
  • Address: 518-11 Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
  • Hours: 13:00 – 21:00 daily
  • Website:

AderError is a renowned Korean fashion brand celebrated for artistic flair and collaborations. It’s become a social media sensation offering a unique blend of exhibitions, fashion, and café culture. 

The store spans five floors and includes a rooftop area. Upon entry, you ascend a staircase to find clothing and accessories on the second floor. The third floor features a larger space with captivating art pieces alongside fashion displays. Payment and the Tongue Planet café are located on the fourth floor. The rooftop provides scenic views and comfortable seating, while a spacious room with a fountain and additional artwork awaits on the way out. Even if you don’t buy anything, exploring this place is an experience you won’t forget!

2nd street garosugil
By official Instagram
  • Address: 542-1 Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
  • Hours: 10:00 – 22:00 daily
  • Instagram: 2ndstreet_kr

If you’re a fan of thrift shopping, don’t miss out on 2nd Street! They offer a great selection of vintage clothing, accessories, and bags. As soon as you step inside, you’ll find many accessories displayed upfront, with even more clothing and bags waiting to be explored. It’s the perfect spot to hunt for some fantastic vintage discoveries!

Best place to shop for cosmetics and accessories in Garosugil

Tamburins Flagship Store
By official website
  • Address: 520-9 Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
  • Hours: 12:00 – 21:00 daily
  • Website:

Tamburins, a hot Korean fragrance brand by the minds behind Gentle Monster, has soared in popularity, especially with BLACKPINK’s Jennie as its face! The store has a sink loaded with scented soaps and lotions for trying out. A big round counter displays fragrances, candles, and hand creams to sample in the main area. Choosing might be tough because they all smell fantastic.

But the real highlight? A hyper-realistic moving horse model that’s sure to captivate you. In particular, if you’re a fan of BLACKPINK, this is a must-visit spot to feel a closer connection to your idol.

Jung Saem Mool garosugil
By official Instagram
  • Address: 40 Apgujeong-ro 12-gil, Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul)
  • Hours: 11:00 – 22:00 daily
  • Website:

If you love K-beauty, you’ve probably heard of Jung Saem Mool, the celebrity makeup artist. She not only excels in makeup but also has her own cosmetics brand. The store has a lovely outdoor area where they occasionally set up pop-ups. Inside, it feels like a mini department store with beautiful decorations. They offer a wide range of skincare and makeup products, all curated by Jung Saem Mool herself. You can trust her products, given her reputation in the industry.

Gentle Monster Flagship Store Sinsa
By official website
  • Address: 23 Apgujeong-ro 10-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
  • Hours: 11:00 – 21:00 daily
  • Website:

Gentle Monster stands out as a top sunglasses brand in Korea and worldwide. But it’s not just the sunglasses that draw crowds—the store has become a tourist hot spot thanks to its unique vibe. With five floors to explore, the payment counter sits at the very top. The second, third, and fourth floors are packed with Gentle Monster sunglasses for you to try on alongside intriguing designs and art pieces. It’s a unique experience you won’t want to miss when you’re in Garosugil!

HARANG in garosugil
By official Instagram
  • Address: 1F, 51 Nonhyeon-ro 153-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
  • Hours: 12:00 – 21:00 daily
  • Website:

Looking to spruce up your jewelry collection? Look no further than Harang! Despite its cozy size, this store boasts an impressive selection of necklaces, bracelets, and rings. This is probably the hottest jewelry store in Garosugil among Kpop fans. Why? Harang Jewelry features pieces worn by K-pop idols like BTS and NCT. They’ve even collaborated with BTS on special collections! Want to snag the same accessories as your favorite idols? Just browse their website to see what’s in stock. Don’t miss the chance to add some idol-worthy bling to your look!

Nice Weather Market
By official Instagram
  • Address: Seoul, Gangnam-gu, Gangnam-daero 162-gil, 35 1층
  • Hours: 11:00 – 22:00 daily
  • Website:

Nice Weather Market is all the rage on Korean social media these days. Inside, you’ll discover a treasure trove of goodies ranging from clothing and accessories to snacks and housewares. The spacious store is divided into different themed sections, making it a blast to wander through. Plus, every corner is picture-perfect, so you won’t want to miss a photo opportunity! Check out the section featuring American snacks and a mini liquor store to taste something different. 

Attractions near Garosugil

Jamwon Hangang Park
  • Address: 221-124, Jamwon-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul

Jamwon Hangang Park is a popular spot to visit near Garosugil Street. This park is located along the Hangang River and is known for its beautiful Pink Muhly Grass in the fall. Located within walking distance from Sinsadong Garosu-gil Shopping Street, it’s perfect for a relaxing nature break. Besides enjoying the Han River scenery, you can explore flower and butterfly fields unique to the park. Nearby attractions include athletic facilities, water sports, and an 8.2-kilometer inline skating path. It’s a great place to unwind and enjoy outdoor activities!

Apgujeong Rodeo _ Gangnam
  • Location: Apgujeong-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea

If you’re a die-hard K-pop fan, visiting K-star Road is a must! K-star Road isn’t just one road—it covers parts of four neighborhoods in Gangnam District, Seoul: Sinsadong, Nonhyeondong, Cheongdamdong, and Apgujeongdong. The most popular stretch is along Apgujeong-ro, from Apgujeong Rodeo Station Exit 2 to Cheongdam intersection, spanning 1.08 kilometers. Here, you’ll find GangnamDol, a large teddy bear sculpture painted with images of K-pop groups. Once you’re done snapping photos with your favorite idols, take some time to explore the vibrant surroundings teeming with shops, cafes, and K-pop-themed restaurants. 

Cafes in Apgujeong Rodeo Street
  • Location: Apgujeong-ro South 35-gil, Seolleung-ro West 14-gil

Apgujeong Rodeo Street is a famous shopping and cultural street in Seoul. The street has fashion stores, flagship outlets, and unique restaurants with stylish interiors. It’s also a hot spot for Korean dramas and movies, featuring many iconic filming locations. The area is also popular with K-Pop fans, as it’s home to many entertainment companies, such as SM Entertainment (formerly) and JYP Entertainment. If you’re lucky, you might even spot a celebrity or two!

In summary, Garosugil’s eclectic mix of fashion, cuisine, art, and culture makes it a must-see spot for those exploring Seoul. Plan your visit now to experience the enchantment of Garosugil firsthand—you won’t want to miss out on this unforgettable adventure!

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