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For every ARMY and K-pop enthusiast, retracing the steps of BTS across South Korea isn’t just a journey—it’s an experience brimming with emotion and connection. From the serene beaches featured in “Butter” to the cozy nooks of Pyeongchang seen in “In the SOOP,” these tours promise an intimate glimpse into the world of BTS. Let’s dive into the heart of these adventures and discover which tour resonates with your BTS spirit.

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BTS filming beach tour : BTS bus stop & 2021 Winter Package – GetYourGuide

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Embracing the blend of natural beauty and BTS charm, IVisitKorea is excited to recommend the “BTS Filming Beach Tour: BTS Bus Stop & Butter Beach” from GetYourGuide. This tour not only showcases breathtaking coastal scenes but also immerses you in locations that have been graced by BTS members, making for an unforgettable day out.


Comparison Table

Feature GetYourGuide’s BTS Beach Tour Viator’s BTS Filming Location Tour Klook’s In the SOOP Location Tour’s BTS Exploration
Cancellation Policy Free cancellation up to 24 hours before Free cancellation up to 24 hours before Free cancellation varies, check booking terms Free cancellation varies, check booking terms
Duration Full Day Full Day 9 hours Full Day
Main Highlights BTS Bus Stop, Butter Beach Iconic BTS locations in Seoul “In the SOOP” filming site in Pyeongchang Comprehensive BTS-themed tour
Guide Language English, Korean English, Korean English, Korean English, Korean
Special Features Beachside relaxation, Photo ops at BTS Bus Stop Visit to HYBE Insight Museum, BTS-themed café Visit to the serene forest cabin from “In the SOOP” Diverse BTS filming locations, including lesser-known sites


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Detailed Information about BTS Filming Locations Tours

GetYourGuide’s BTS Filming Beach TourGetYourGuide's BTS Filming Beach Tour

Immerse yourself in the scenic beauty of the beaches made famous in the “Butter” MV and enjoy leisurely moments at the BTS Bus Stop, capture stunning photos, and revel in the stories shared by your guide. This tour is a must for those seeking a blend of relaxation and BTS magic.

Viator’s BTS Filming Location TourViator's BTS Filming Location Tour

Follow the footsteps of BTS through Seoul’s urban landscape. From iconic music video locations to the HYBE Insight Museum, this tour is a deep dive into BTS’s journey in the city that never sleeps. Perfect for those who love the urban vibes associated with BTS.

Klook’s In the SOOP Filming Location TourKlook's In the SOOP Filming Location Tour

Venture into the tranquil settings of Pyeongchang, where BTS filmed “In the SOOP.” This tour offers a peaceful retreat into nature, reflecting the serene side of BTS’s life away from the spotlight. Ideal for fans looking to experience the calm and introspective side of BTS.’s BTS's BTS Exploration

This comprehensive tour takes you across various BTS filming locations, offering a broad perspective of the group’s diverse shooting sites. From popular spots to hidden gems, this tour is an extensive BTS journey.
Each of these BTS Filming Locations Tours offers a unique way to connect with BTS, whether you’re drawn to the serene beaches, bustling city spots, the tranquility of the forest, or a comprehensive exploration. Choose the one that speaks to you the most and embark on an unforgettable BTS-inspired adventure in South Korea.


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