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Are you looking for the best Personal Color Experiences in Seoul? This captial is a hub for beauty enthusiasts, offering a range of personal color and makeup classes. These classes aim to guide individuals in discovering the most flattering colors and makeup techniques based on their unique features, with expert advice from seasoned professionals in Seoul’s top beauty districts.

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Personal Color Analysis & Makeup Class in Hongdae, Seoul – Trazy

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This class offers an in-depth personal colour analysis and practical makeup advice, making it an enriching experience for participants looking to enhance their beauty routines with personalized insights.


Comparison Table of Personal Color Experiences in Seoul

Feature Personal Color Analysis & Makeup Class in Hongdae Private K-Beauty Experience in Myeongdong Personal Color Group Consulting in Seoul Seoul Personal Color Analysis by Ocollor Seoul: Personal Color, Fashion, and Make-up Analysis Session
Price US$ 95.9 From $100.01 ₩ 180,000 (~US$ 150) for Basic Course US$ 148.75 Varies based on selected package
Duration 1~2 hours 1 hour 1hr 20mins for Basic Course 60-120 mins depending on package 1 – 2 hours
Location Hongdae Myeongdong Hongdae or Garosu-gil Gangnam or Yeouido Seoul
Personalized Makeup Class Yes Yes Not specified Not specified Yes
Group Size 2-5 people Private 1-10 people Individual or group options Private group
Cancellation Policy Up to 2 days before, partial refund Full refund up to 24 hours before Not specified Full refund up to 72 hours before Full refund up to 24 hours before
Language Options English English Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese English, Chinese Korean, Chinese, English, Japanese


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Have You Found The Perfect Personal Color Yet?

There is new trend “Personal Color Experiences in Seoul” is taking the fashion and beauty industry by storm: personal color analysis. This fascinating concept goes beyond the basic understanding of colors to delve into the hues that complement an individual’s natural attributes, enhancing their overall appearance and boosting confidence.

Benefits of having your own personal color paletteJisoo personal color

Applying suitable colors to clothing or makeup is the first step in building a personal image, helping you become beautiful and stylish. This is especially useful on important occasions such as weddings, parties, or interviews.
When celebrities like Jisoo (BLACKPINK), Hyeri (Girls’ Day), Ten (NCT)… and many KOLs, beauty bloggers post vlogs about their color tests, this service begins to attract attention in other countries like Japan, China, and Vietnam. The keyword “personal color” has over 300 million views on TikTok.
Numerous vlogs with content like “discovering personal color in Seoul”, “experiencing color testing with experts” are posted by YouTubers. The reason why personal color analysis interests many people is because it’s genuinely useful in everyone’s life. When learning more about colors, you’ll realize that the color palette is not just about warm and cool tones as we often hear.


What are the colors that suit you?

These are the colors that enhance your natural skin, eye, and hair color. Wearing clothes in suitable colors will make your face look brighter and younger, dark circles are lightened, and the lines on your face look clearer and more harmonious. On the contrary, unsuitable clothing colors make your skin look pale and tired.

4 groups of personal color

The most common way to divide the palette is into 4 groups: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, each with different color characteristics.
  • The Spring group gathers bright, sweet, and gentle pastel colors. The main colors include green, light pink, bright yellow…
  • The Summer group has cool, soothing, and bright colors, typical of sky blue, lavender, dark pink, lemon yellow. Colors in the Summer group are darker than those in the Spring group.
  • The Autumn group owns neutral and warm tones with a natural vibe like the foliage or the evening sky, wood brown, burnt orange, cream, olive green.
  • The Winter group has the darkest colors, combining cold but darker tones than the Autumn group, like deep sea blue, emerald green, deep purple. From the main colors in each group, the palette is divided into different shades, such as Deep Winter – Clear Winter – Cool Winter, or Warm Spring – Light Spring – Clear Spring.
The task of color analysis (personal color analysis) is to find which color group perfectly fits your skin or face. From there, you can choose makeup tones, clothing, hair colors… that make you look fantastic, avoid dull skin, or make you look less lively. Some call personal color a “lifesaver” for aesthetic senses, as you no longer wander among myriad colors for clothes, hair, avoiding the situation of choosing back and forth without satisfaction because it’s not suitable.


What’s in a session of Personal Color Experiences in Seoul?Personal Color Experiences in Seoul


Following a collection of vlogs with the keyword “personal color”, the process of experiencing a color consulting session is so simple that you might think you could do it at home. At analysis centers, many fabric swatches representing the main colors in the 4 color groups will be prepared for you to try.

Other factors like lighting, face, hair color… need to be as natural as possible, so they don’t affect the selection and analysis process. The color for you must suit you in your most natural state. Some centers even survey your current hair color, eye color… to provide the most accurate analysis.

However, the factor that makes these color tests cost millions of dong lies in the experts’ analysis. The expert will point out with this color, how you should choose makeup styles, what fashion style you should go for, what you should and shouldn’t do…


Detailed Information About Personal Color Experiences in Seoul

[Trazy] Personal Color Analysis & Makeup Class in Hongdae, SeoulTrazy - Personal Color Analysis & Makeup Class in Hongdae, Seoul

  • Overview: This class offers a blend of personal color analysis with makeup application guidance, tailored to your unique color palette. Discover the hues that complement your skin and learn makeup techniques to enhance your natural beauty.
  • Why Choose This Class: Perfect for those looking to understand their personal color profile and apply this knowledge to their makeup routine. The class’s location in the trendy Hongdae area adds to the appeal, providing a vibrant backdrop for your beauty education.

[Viator] Private K-Beauty Experience in MyeongdongViator - Private K-Beauty Experience in Myeongdong

  • Overview: Experience a customized personal color analysis and receive expert K-Beauty makeup guidance. This private session also includes a photoshoot in Myeongdong, offering a unique opportunity to capture your new look.
  • Why Choose This Experience: Ideal for individuals or small groups wanting a personalized beauty session. The addition of a photoshoot in one of Seoul’s most iconic shopping districts makes this a memorable experience.

[SeoulTravelPass] Personal Color Group Consulting Experience in SeoulSeoulTravelPass Personal Color Group Consulting Experience in Seoul

  • Overview: This group experience uses self-testers for an engaging personal color analysis. Participants receive advice on cosmetics and styling to match their personal color, enhancing their appearance.
  • Why Choose This Consulting: Great for friends or family looking to enjoy a beauty-related activity together. The flexibility of location choices between Hongdae and Garosu-gil allows for a convenient and fun experience.

[Klook] Seoul Personal Color Analysis by OcollorKlook Seoul Personal Color Analysis by Ocollor

  • Overview: Ocollor’s service provides an in-depth personal color analysis, helping you discover the most flattering colors for your makeup and wardrobe. The experience is customizable, offering both individual and group sessions.
  • Why Choose Ocollor: If you’re seeking a detailed and personalized analysis with the flexibility of session types and locations, Ocollor is an excellent choice. Their expertise in personal color analysis ensures a valuable and insightful experience.

[GetYourGuide Seoul] Personal Color, Fashion, and Make-up Analysis SessionGetYourGuide Seoul_ Personal Color, Fashion, and Make-up Analysis Session

  • Overview: This session goes beyond personal color analysis to include fashion and makeup advice. Discover your ideal color palette and learn how to apply these colors in your wardrobe and makeup for a cohesive and flattering look.
  • Why Choose This Session: For those who want a comprehensive beauty transformation, this session offers a holistic approach. It not only reveals your best colors but also teaches you how to incorporate them into your fashion and makeup, making it a valuable experience for anyone looking to overhaul their style.

Each of these experiences offers unique benefits, from detailed personal colour analysis to comprehensive style overhauls. Whether you’re a beauty enthusiast or someone looking to refine your style, Seoul’s diverse range of personal colour and makeup classes cater to a wide array of needs and preferences.


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