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Jeju Island offers a plethora of underwater experiences, from the comfort of a submarine to the thrill of scuba diving. With offerings from Trazy, KKday, and Klook, adventurers can choose how they want to discover Jeju’s marine life. Whether you opt for the contained environment of a submarine or the immersive experience of scuba diving, Jeju provides clear waters and vibrant aquatic ecosystems for all to enjoy.

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Seogwipo Submarine – Amazing Underwater Experience in Jeju – Trazy

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This submarine experience allows visitors of all ages to safely enjoy the underwater beauty without the need for swimming or diving skills.


Comparison Table:

Feature Seogwipo Submarine (Trazy) Seogwipo Scuba Diving (KKday) Jeju Scuba Diving Experience (Klook)
Duration 1 hour 10 mins 2 hours 3-4 hours
Price (Adult) USD 39.7 USD 40.28 USD 57.15
Age Requirement 3 years and above 10 years and above 10 years and above
Booking Requirement 2 days in advance Advance reservation required Advance reservation required
Cancellation Policy Non-refundable Free cancellation available Free cancellation available
Includes Submarine ticket Instructor, gear, training Dive guide, equipment, training
Location Seogwipo, Jeju Seogwipo, Jeju Seogwipo, Jeju
Unique Selling Points Ideal for all weather conditions, family-friendly Interaction with marine life, includes feeding fish Extensive diving time, comprehensive diving experience


Price Comparison


Detailed Informations about Jeju Seogwipo Scuba Diving

Seogwipo Submarine – Amazing Underwater Experience in Jeju (Trazy)Seogwipo Submarine – Amazing Underwater Experience in Jeju (Trazy)

The Seogwipo Submarine tour offers a unique way to explore underwater without getting wet. Lasting approximately 70 minutes, this activity is perfect for families with young children or anyone who prefers a more contained environment. The submarine provides panoramic views of the marine ecosystem, making it an educational and fascinating experience.

[Advance Reservation Required] Seogwipo Scuba Diving Experience in Jeju Island (KKday)[Advance Reservation Required] Seogwipo Scuba Diving Experience in Jeju Island (KKday)

KKday’s Seogwipo Scuba Diving Experience caters to both beginners and experienced divers by providing a comprehensive 2-hour session with professional instructors. This hands-on experience is enhanced by the opportunity to feed fish, making it a memorable underwater adventure.

Jeju Scuba Diving Experience (Klook)Jeju Scuba Diving Experience (Klook)

Klook offers a longer, more immersive scuba diving experience in Jeju, lasting between 3 and 4 hours. Suitable for small groups, this tour allows for a deeper exploration of Jeju’s underwater world, guided by experienced divers. Participants will have ample time to enjoy the scenery and marine life, making it ideal for those looking for a detailed dive experience.

Each of these activities offers a unique way to explore the underwater wonders of Jeju, tailored to different interests and comfort levels. Whether you’re looking to stay dry in a submarine or dive deep into the ocean, Jeju’s marine adventures promise unforgettable experiences.


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