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Immerse yourself in Korean culture with a Hanbok Rental Service in Jeju Island. Hanbok, Korea’s traditional attire, is not just clothing but a bridge to the rich history and aesthetic grace of Korea. Whether it’s for a special photoshoot against Jeju’s picturesque backdrop or simply to experience walking in traditional Korean garb, these Hanbok rental options offer you a journey back in time with a modern twist!

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Everland Ticket – Klook

Why We Selected It

This option stands out for its extensive collection of high-quality Hanboks, personalized styling advice, and the perfect blend of tradition and modernity in their designs.


Comparison Table

Feature Viator’s Hanbok Rental Experience Klook’s Premium Hanbok Rental Boutique
Cancellation Policy Free cancellation up to 24 hours before Free cancellation up to 24 hours before
Rental Duration 1 to 4 hours (flexible options available) 4 hours standard rental, with extensions available
Collection Range Wide selection of traditional Hanboks Premium and themed Hanboks, including contemporary designs
Additional Services Basic styling accessories included Personalized styling session with accessories
Location Benefits Centrally located for easy access Situated near popular photo spots in Jeju
Unique Selling Point Instant confirmation and family-friendly options High-quality fabrics and exclusive designs


Price Comparison


Detailed Information about Hanbok Rental Service in Jeju

Viator’s Hanbok Rental Experience in JejuViator's Hanbok Rental Experience in Jeju

Dive into the traditional Korean culture with a Hanbok rental experience that offers a variety of options for individuals, couples, and families. The central location of the rental shop makes it a convenient stop for tourists. With instant booking confirmation and a range of time slots, you can easily fit this cultural experience into your Jeju itinerary.

Klook’s Premium Hanbok Rental BoutiqueKlook's Premium Hanbok Rental Boutique

Elevate your Jeju visit with a premium Hanbok experience. This boutique not only provides exquisite Hanbok options but also ensures you look your best with a personalized styling session. Located near Jeju’s iconic photo spots, it’s an ideal choice for those looking to capture beautiful memories in traditional attire.

Both experiences offer a unique way to connect with Korean traditions and create unforgettable memories on Jeju Island. Whether you’re looking for a quick cultural immersion or a premium, styled Hanbok experience, Jeju has the perfect option for you.


Information about Hanbok

  • Hanbok refers to the traditional dress that is worn by the Koreans on special occasions or when there is any great event in life. We consider this as formal traditional attire. Hanbok is known for its vivid colors, the curve which almost seems like an umbrella, and the straight lines which make it so elegant and attractive. It looks still very beautiful even for me, a person who lived in Korea all my life.
  • Learn more, How to rent a Korean traditional dress Hanbok?


Information about Jeju Island

    • Jeju Island is the southernmost island in Korea and consists of 9 inhabited islands including Jeju Island and 55 uninhabited islands. (The north-south distance is about 31 km, and the east-west distance is about 73 km.)
    • Jeju Island is a huge tourist destination. The emerald-colored sea and volcanic activity make it a wonderful natural scenery that is loved by foreigners and locals.
    • Representative foods of Jeju are tangerine, hallabong, black pork, silver cuttlefish, and mackerel sashimi.


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