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Explore the undersea world in a unique and intimate way with the Sea Walking Experience at Hamo Beach in Jeju. This activity allows participants to walk on the ocean floor, surrounded by marine life, without the need for a full diving certification. It’s an incredible opportunity to interact closely with the aquatic environment, suitable for everyone from beginners to seasoned adventurers.

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Sea Walking Experience at Hamo Beach in Jeju – Trazy

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This experience is a perfect blend of adventure and ease, providing even non-swimmers a chance to delve into the underwater world with minimal equipment.


Detailed Table

Feature Sea Walking at Hamo Beach
Price US$ 59.5 (discounted to US$ 29)
Duration 40 minutes
Availability Every day
Booking Requirement Book 2 days in advance
Confirmation Instantly
Minimum Age and Height 8 years old & 120 cm tall
Cancellation Policy Not specified in the provided information; typically, such activities allow for cancellation with a full refund up to a certain period before the activity date.
Meeting Location K-Jeju Sea next to Gapado-Marado Ferry Terminal
Included Sea walking equipment
Language Not specified, but typically includes English and Korean based on regional norms


Detailed Tour Information

Hamo Sea Walking in Jeju

This sea walking experience offers a rare chance to immerse yourself in Jeju’s vibrant underwater ecosystem without needing to swim. Participants wear a specially designed helmet that allows them to breathe normally underwater while walking along the sea bed, making it an ideal activity for families, couples, and solo travelers alike.

  • Safety and Instructions: Participants receive a brief orientation, including safety protocols and instructions on how to use the sea walking equipment. This ensures that everyone can enjoy their adventure with confidence.
  • Unique Underwater Experience: The sea walk at Hamo Beach is not just a dive; it’s an interactive experience where you can see, touch, and even feed the fish under the guidance of professional instructors.
  • Accessibility: The activity is designed to be accessible for nearly all ages and physical abilities, making it a fantastic option for those who might find traditional scuba diving too challenging.

This experience is not only a thrilling adventure but also an educational opportunity that allows participants to learn about marine life in a hands-on environment. It’s a wonderful way to make lasting memories during a visit to Jeju Island.



The Sea Walking Experience at Hamo Beach is a standout choice for anyone visiting Jeju who wants to explore the island’s marine life in a unique and accessible way. It combines the thrill of underwater exploration with the ease of walking, all while being surrounded by the breathtaking natural beauty of one of Korea’s most famous islands.


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