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Discover the beauty and charm of South Korea’s countryside with these specially curated day tours. From the romantic avenues of Nami Island to the adorable inhabitants of Alpaca World, and the thrilling ride at Gangchon Rail Bike, these tours promise a day filled with adventure, nature, and unforgettable memories.

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Alpaca & Nami Island & Rail Bike & Petite French Village & Legoland – Klook

Why We Selected It
IVisitKorea recommends the Klook package for its comprehensive experience, combining the best of nature, culture, and leisure activities, making it an ideal choice for those looking to explore the diverse attractions surrounding Seoul in a single day.


Comparison Table

Feature Trazy’s Nami Island + Alpaca World Tour Klook’s Alpaca & Nami Island & Rail Bike & Petite French Village & Legoland
Price From US$79.1 US$ 67.45
Duration 10 hours 10hr 30min – 13hr 10min
Destinations Included Nami Island, Alpaca World, Optional Gangchon Rail Bike or Petite France Alpaca World, Nami Island, Gangchon Rail Bike, Petite French Village, Optional Legoland
Transportation Round-trip from Seoul included Round-trip from Seoul included
Guide English/Chinese speaking tour staff Chinese/English-speaking guide
Meals Lunch not included Lunch not included
Cancellation Policy 100% refund up to 3 days before, 50% for 2 days, non-refundable 1 day before or less Free cancellation with 24-hours notice


Price Comparison


Detailed Tour Information

Trazy’s Alpaca World + Nami Island 1 Day TourTrazy's Nami Island + Alpaca World Tour

  • Overview: A nature-filled day tour that takes you to the picturesque Nami Island and the adorable Alpaca World, with options to add Gangchon Rail Bike or Petite France.
  • Highlights: Enjoy the scenic beauty of Nami Island and get up close with fluffy alpacas at Alpaca World. Optional additions include a fun ride on the Gangchon Rail Bike or a visit to the whimsical Petite France.
  • Itinerary: The tour starts with a departure from Seoul, heading to Nami Island for a leisurely exploration, followed by a visit to Alpaca World. Depending on the chosen package, the tour may include Gangchon Rail Bike or Petite France before returning to Seoul.

Klook’s Alpaca & Nami Island & Rail Bike & Petite French Village & LegolandKlook's Alpaca & Nami Island & Rail Bike & Petite French Village & Legoland

  • Overview: This bestseller tour combines the enchantment of Alpaca World and Nami Island with the excitement of Gangchon Rail Bike and the charm of Petite French Village, with an optional visit to Legoland.
  • Highlights: Experience the diverse attractions from animal encounters at Alpaca World to the cultural delights of Nami Island and Petite French Village, along with an exhilarating ride on the Gangchon Rail Bike.
  • Itinerary: Kicking off in Seoul, the tour includes a visit to Alpaca World, lunch, and a ride on the Gangchon Rail Bike, followed by exploration time on Nami Island. The day concludes with a return to Seoul, with optional drop-off points for those visiting Legoland.


Special Notes about Day tour to Nami Island and Alpaca World


Information about Nami Island

  • Nami Island is a must-visit place for visitors that is located in Chuncheon because of its beautiful scenery and romantic atmosphere. We strongly recommend visiting this place with nearby attractions.
  • Nami Island Opening Hours (Ferry Schedule)
    • 07:30 ~ 21:30 (Until April, 2022: 08:00~21:00)
    • It is open throughout the year.
  • Read our Ultimate Guide to Enjoy Nami Island and Nearby Attractions



Both tours offer a unique opportunity to explore the beauty and culture surrounding Seoul, with each package catering to different interests. Trazy’s tour is perfect for those who prefer a more relaxed pace with fewer destinations, while Klook’s package is ideal for travelers looking to maximize their day with a variety of experiences. Choose the tour that best fits your interests and prepare for a day filled with adventure, culture, and nature.


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