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Vote for your favorite Korean Actor

Last Updated on November 1, 2021

We wrote an article about the “Top 20 Most Handsome Korean Actors in K-Dramas” and many K-drama fans requested us to add their favorite actors. So we decided to do a monthly vote to select the best Korean actors for fun.

The best 20 actors will stay on the original post, and we will create a new post for the other 20 actors. Please, understand this is just a private ranking for IVisitKorea friends. 🙂

If you leave your email address, we will send you the vote result and notification for the next vote.

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Couldn’t find your favorite Korean actor on the vote? Let us know in the comments below which candidates we should add for the next vote.

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46 thoughts on “Vote for your favorite Korean Actor”

  1. hello,
    mes 3 préférés : Ji Chang wook, Lee Jong Suk (mon chouchou) et Jang Ki Yong …un petit dernier Song Kang

  2. How you could leave Lee Min Ki off this list is beyond me. He is the most beautifully formed man I’ve seen in a very long time. And that’s from an aesthetic point of view. It’s like looking at a statue of Adonis. Good luck with your poll.

  3. Canção Joog Ki (송중기): Eu gosto dele porque ele é esperto inteligente e destemido no Vicenzo
    Hyun Bin (현빈): Faz o meu tipo pois eu amo cozinhar nas horas que eu tenho tempo.
    Jung Hae In (정해인) : Eu amo ele ele é lindo e fofo ao mesmo tempo cavalheiro protetor destemido corajoso amoroso e muito mais do que isso ele levou um tiro pela Yoon-See-Ri no Dorama Pousando no amor e ficou o tempo todo do lado dela quando ela precisava então eu voto não só por ser bonito mas corajoso e destemido amoroso cavalheiro e carinhoso e que tem um coração enorme.

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  5. Better to allow us choose more than one favourite handsome actors … since I love Song Joong Ki and Ji chang Wook 👍

  6. Hi Sayekti,
    Yes, you are right. It’s because of the limited-feature of the quiz plugin.
    We will find a solution for it as soon as possible.
    Thank you for your opinion.

  7. Für mich ist Hyun Bin der absolut attraktivste und beste koreanische Schauspieler.
    ich habe ihn durch Netflix kennengelernt. Ich bin begeistert von seiner Ausstrahlung!!

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