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Korean Fashion Style Report by IVK Users; 1Q, 2021

We asked people to choose their preferred styles among the bestsellers of renowned Korean fashion online stores using the K-fashion quiz. We’d like to say “THANK YOU SO MUCH” to all the quiz survey participants first. We started this for both K-fashion customers and merchants. K-fashion lovers can easily understand the K-fashion trends and they might be able to see which products are loved. Moreover, K-fashion merchants will understand customers’ needs more, and that will be led to great products for K-fashion lovers.

Let’s dive into the results of the most picked Korean Fashion Styles on 1Q, 2021

We selected 40 bestseller products on the bestseller section of the most popular 8 Korean Fashion Online Stores. And 1,816 people participate in the quiz survey. I’d like to make it clear that this survey is only to help you can get some K-fashion insights.

You can check the product details by clicking or tapping photos.

Most Loved Styles on 1Q, 2021 regardless of Ages and Countries

Here are the best picked Korean fashion clothes on the 1st quarter of 2021.

The Best K-Fashion Styles By Ages

Korean fashion survey_Age_1Q 2021
[ Korean fashion survey Age – 1Q, 2021 ]

Most Loved Styles from 13 to 19

Most Loved Styles from 20 to 30

Most Loved Styles from 31+

The Best K-Fashion Styles By Area (Continent)

Korean fashion survey Area_1Q 2021
[ Korean fashion survey Area – 1Q, 2021 ]

North America


South East Asia

South Asia / Middle East

East Asia

South America

chuu3_2-150×150.jpg 42
yes2_2-150×150.jpg 34
chuu4_2-150×150.jpg 33


I hope this report can help you to check out the Korean fashion trends and find your best K-style. We are going to keep doing this survey periodically and welcome any comment or requests about it. Happy shopping! 🙂

Written by Jay & Dy.

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