Ultimate Guide to Explore Ulleungdo Island – How To Go & What To Do

Do you know that Ulleungdo Island is the ninth-largest island in Korea? The volcanic island consists of 44 islets of varying sizes around it. With many hills, the isle is a famous point for rock climbing. You will find plenty of activities to do here like mountain climbing, scuba diving, snorkeling, biking, camping, and many more.

Not only this, you will discover several walking tracks that adjoin the water to the land. Thinking of spending some time with nature? Do consider this a remarkable island. A walk along the Ulleungdo island offers tourists an opportunity to glimpse the common life of people on the island as well as the manifestation of natural beauty.

If you have never been to Ulleungdo island before then stick to the article, as we are going to give you Ultimate Guide to Explore Ulleungdo Island – How To Get To Ulleungdo & What To Do. So, let’s dive in without wasting any time.

All Routes to Ulleungdo Island

ulleungdo island
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The only way to travel to the mysterious, unpolluted, and worth watching island Ulleungdo is by ferry. Currently, the following are the terminals to help you get the ferry to your desired destination.

The terminals are:

  1. Gangneung to Ulleungdo ferry terminal
  2. Pohang Terminal to Ulleungdo ferry terminal
  3. Hupo Terminal to Ulleungdo ferry terminal
  4. Mukho to Ulleungdo ferry terminal

How to Get to Ulleungdo Island from Seoul

If you are in Seoul and are planning your Ulleungdo trip then you might be wondering how to get to Ulleungdo from Seoul? You have to take a bus to Gangneung from the Express Bus Terminal in Seoul. You will find the bus every 20 minutes.

If you are far from the Express Bus Terminal then the other option for you is Dongseoul Terminal. The bus arrives every 40 minutes and it is a two and a half hour travel distance to Gangneung.

Gangneung to Ulleungdo by Ferry

ulleungdo island ferry

Once you reach the Gangneung intercity terminal, you may take a bus (202 or 303) or hire a taxi as per your choice. You will have to travel 15 more minutes to Anmok Ferry Terminal.

It is because you can reach Ulleungdo island only by boat. Catch a ferry to Ulleungdo, it will cost you around 50 USD one way. However, it is suggested that you must check the schedule in time to avoid any inconvenience.

From here, you will find two ferries named sea star 3 and sea star 5. Purchase your ferry ticket in person or online through the Official website. You will get discounts on ticket pricing for children under age 12 and elders over age 65.

Pohang to Ulleungdo Ferry

From Pohang to Ulleungdo, there is an option of a direct ferry departing from Pohang. This ferry service departs once daily and operates every day and it will take approximately 3 hours to reach your destination.

You will reach Dodong, Ulleungdo with a fare of about $65-$75. You can check the price for the ticket price and reservations at the official website.

Ferry from Hupo to Ulleungdo

You can get the ferry from the Hupo terminal. It will take almost 2.5 hours to reach Ulleungdo Island. Don’t forget to take seasickness medicine if you have an issue. You can easily get the medicine from the terminal.

As far as the ferry tickets are concerned, you may reserve them online. It is better as it could be difficult for non-Korean speakers if you don’t have a translator with you.

Ferry from Mukho to Ulleungdo

There is a direct ferry departing from Donghae Mukho Terminal and arriving at Ulleungdo Sadong. Services depart once daily and operate every day. The journey takes approximately 3h.

You can travel via car or ferry as per your choice. But the cheapest and fastest way to get from Mukho to Ulleungdo Island is by ferry. It will take 3 hours to reach your destination. Check their official website for more details.

Things to do in Ulleungdo Island, Attractions & Itineraries

Haengnam Coastal Walking Path

haengnam coastal walkway
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For all the nature lovers who find solace in nature, the Haengnam Coastal Walking path is an amazing site to go to. It features cliffs and beaches of pebbles. Take a walk along the path and encounter the best views of the island and its incredible panorama.

Discover the spectacular rock formations and have a walk through a green tropical forest. There you will cross paths with fishermen clothed in wetsuits at the end of your walk. You will discover the picturesque Haengnam Lighthouse. For adventurous divers a dive in the clear blue water is unprecedented.

Bongnae Waterfall

bongnae waterfall
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Freshwater is one of the biggest blessings to humankind. Bongnae waterfall is the source of Freshwater in the area used for drinking. It is a three-tiered, 25-meter-tall waterfall. The waterfall is located 2 km above Jeodo Port. You will witness a forest bath and shelter using Cedar forest. There is a windfall with a cool natural wind too and has been used as a natural refrigerator for some time.

The trail to the waterfall is well conserved and you will find some old-growth juniper trees. Not only this, there is a small eatery area and restrooms as well. The cherry on the top is that there is an observatory in the waterfalls to make your Ulleungdo tour memorable. Enjoy the sight and soothing sounds of the water.

Nari Basin

The volcanic valley of Nari Basin lies in central Ulleungdo island. Nari Basin is surrounded by wrapping hills and punctuated by sunflower branches. This pastoral Nari village has a lot to welcome its visitors and it appeals to tourists. You will witness the natural beauty and traditional houses of wood and soil which you will not find anywhere else.

The Nari village residents earn their living via fishing. However, most people living in the Nari Basin are found farming medicinal plants. Food lovers, who love to try out new cuisines should visit the small yet tasty local restaurant there. In the whole of Ulleungdo Island, Nari Basin is the only flattened land. The lava resulting from volcanic eruptions created two craters. Nari Village is one of them, the other one is Albong Village which is not inhabited like the Nari Village.

Jeodonghang Port

Talking about the ports in Ulleungdo, Jeodonghang is the biggest port on Ulleungdo Island. This port is quite famous for squid fishing. The luring lights from the boats are considered one of the well-known Eight Major places of Ulleungdo Island.

When you are standing next to the Jeodonghang port sea wall, you will find a rock named Chotdaebawi rock. It has a sad story referring to a daughter who died from grievance when her dad never arrived back from fishing.

Dokdo Museum

dokdo museum
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A museum named Dokdo was built in 1995 in remembrance of the 50th Independence anniversary of Korea. However, it was opened to the general public two years later in 1997. The museum has two floors. The first one has three halls for exhibitions while the second one has one hall along with a lobby and video room.

You will definitely have a great day out in the Dokdo museum. It is because Museums are always the places holding so much in them that capture the visitor’s attention deeply. You will find yourself deeply absorbed in places like this.

Elephant Rock

elephant rock

Elephant Rock is another place to add to your list if you are planning your trip to Ulleungdo. Once upon a time, it was part of the main island and connected with it. However, later on, due to erosion the connection broke and now the Elephant Rock is left alone in the middle of the Blue sea.

The rock is approximately 59 meters tall and 80 meters long. You will find many columnar junctions throughout the rock. The rock is named Elephant rock due to a 10-meter-high arch hole that is found at the bottom of the rock. It resembles the trunk of an elephant and gave the rock its characteristic name.

Seokpo Observatory

In the small fishing town of Seokpo village, Seokpo Observatory is located. If you are looking for a scenic outlook, then out of the three famous such sites, this is the one. Seokpo Observatory was built in 1905 and it remained in use by the Japanese during 1945 Russian warships to monitor the warfare.

The Seokpo Observatory presents you with views of the East Sea, a sea between Ulleungdo and the Korean Peninsula. Moreover, the Seokpo Observatory has an 8-sided arbor with a tower tier. There is an available telescope from which you can view the Jukdo and the magnificent coastline of Buk-myeon.

Dokdo Island Observatory Cable Car

Another must-see place for you during your trip to Ulleungdo Island is the Dokdo Island Observatory Cable Car. It is because you can get a bird’s eye view of Ulleungdo Island from the cable car. You will have to go to Dodong Yaksu Park to get into the cable car.

It will take you to Manghyangbong Peak. If you are lucky to be there during the 50 days of the year when the sky is clear then you can see as far as Dokdo Island through the cable car. Wanna witness the soothing sunrise view at the Ulleungdo island, the first and the best place to watch it is here.

Food & Restaurants of Ulleungdo Island

Ulleung Yakso Sutbul Garden

Ulleungdo Island has a marine environment that is favorable for farming many medicinal herbs. The climate is characterized by the cool summers and the warm winters. Cows are fed with only the best so you are eating healthy well-grown meat.

For plant lovers and people who take interest in gardening and horticulture, do visit Ulleung Yakso Sutbul Garden. It is home to over 700 medicinal plants. These are used to make various Ulleungdo famous dishes to make them both full of aroma and flavorful. The meat is rich and flavorful for a taste to remember.

Yonggung Raw Fish Restaurant

If you can grab a seat with a view of the shore, then it is recommended that you should have a platter of raw fish. Just wash it down with ice-cold soju. The owner of the Yonggung Raw Fish Restaurant along with his brother serves the customers fresh seafood.

They catch it themselves in the morning and present the fresh food to tourists. As you land at the ferry terminal, around 500 meters you will find this amazing restaurant as it is easily accessible.

Ulleungdo Island Tour Pass


Ulleungdo Island Tour Pass is the best way to travel to the blessed island of Ulleungdo and you can enjoy easy access to 20 attractions and merchants with just one mobile ticket. You will get everything from admission to a variety of famous tourist destinations to unique discounts. Book yours at Klook.

Ulleungdo Weather

We strongly recommend you check the weather before you visit the Island. Because Ulleungdo is strongly influenced by ocean currents, with an average annual precipitation of 1,383 mm, and an average temperature of 12.4ยฐC. (23.6ยฐC in August / 1.4ยฐC in January)

Ulleungdo is also famous as a heavy snowy region in Korea, with an average of 57.8 days of snow per year.

Itineraries for Ulleungdo Travel

Here are two recommended 2D1N Ulleungdo travel itineraries.

Active Tour

Day 1: Arrival โ†’ Naesujeon Sunrise Observatory โ†’ Bongrae Falls โ†’ Yaksu Park โ†’ Dodong, Jeodong Port Night View
Day 2: Dodong โ†’ Land tour, sea tour โ†’ Coastal promenade โ†’ Departure

Nature Tour

Day 1: Arrival โ†’ Travel to Buk-myeon with a road tour by car โ†’ Nari Basin and Buk-myeon area tour
Day 2: Nari Basin โ†’ Seonginbong Climbing โ†’ Arrival at Dodong โ†’ Yaksu Park โ†’ Coastal Promenade โ†’ Departure

Usually, people underestimate this amazing island and prefer to go to other islands like Jeju Island. However, if you have ever gone to Ulleungdo before, you know why it should be on your must-see list.

An island untouched, undisturbed, unpolluted, and far from the spotlight, a place that offers natural beauty and solace, you should definitely be visiting if you are looking for a place having all in one place.

You will find many things to do here like camping, hiking, boating, swimming, eating seafood at the yum restaurants, and much more. Many places worth watching are awaiting you.

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