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Things To Do in 63 Square – 63 Building Observatory & Aqua Planet 63

There’s simply no denying that Seoul’s skyline has gigantic skyscrapers. And various of these modern-day buildings are a concept on their own. Meanwhile, there exists one iconic milestone that wins against the rest. And in case you haven’t suspected by now, we’re talking about the grand 63 Square, formally known as the 63 Building Observatory.

In the heart of Seoul, the world’s tallest gold-clad structure is a worth-watching landmark. The 63 Square building observatory is a skyscraper in Yeouido spouting incredible views of the Han River and the city of Seoul.

63 square

It was inaugurated in July 1985, and the building comprises 60 floors and three basement-level floors.

The place offers a plethora of space to sift and astonishing scenery below to adore. Nevertheless, the skyscraper is more than just an observation tower. It’s a multi-venue recreation complex encompassing every form of leisure imaginable. Inward, you will discover an IMAX cinema, craft gallery, wax museum, concert hall, and aquaplanet 63.

How to Get to 63 Square building  

If you have decided to go and check out this fantastic place, there are various easy ways to get there. You may choose the one that suits you the best. To help you, check this post on the best apps for Korea Travel.


seoul taxi

Taxis are readily available in Seoul all the time, 24-hours daily. You can take a taxi to reach your destination if you are good at communication and your driver can understand English. Always keep your address details in Korean to avoid any inconvenience. Read more about Seoul Taxi Fares.

Seoul Metro Subway

subway seoul

The second but most effective and fastest way to reach your destination is through Seoul Metro Subway. It is the best way to navigate and locate directions in Seoul.

  1. Yeouido Station (subway lines 5, 9), exit five, and take the free 63 Square shuttle bus.
  2. Saetgang Station (subway line 9), get out of exit one and take the 63 Square shuttle bus
  3. Yeouinaru Station (subway line 5), get out of exit four and take the 63 Square shuttle bus.

Read more about Seoul Subway and Bus, Public Transportation in Seoul.

63 building Observatory

63 sqaure building
By 63art

Nothing can beat the panoramic sunset view of the 63 building observatory. Don’t believe it? Check it out by yourself. You will need more than a minute to soak it in. You’ll possibly halt and glare for more time than anticipated. You might be stunned to hear that every window pane is glazed in light coatings of gold.

Now that’s approximately 14,000 panes of luxe glee in the mold of 24-carat gold.

Above all, when that beam of daylight strikes the windows, it radiates an esoteric reflection. At the same time, when the sun sets, you can observe glints of silver, gold, and red. It’s like the gigantic tower derives a remarkable multi-color gleam of astonishment.

Compare 63 Building Observatory & Aqua Planet 63 Combo Ticket Prices

Aqua Planet 63

aqua planet
By Naver

Aqua Planet 63 features 20,000 sea creatures of various 400 species. Formerly known as 63 Sea World, it was opened to the public in 1985, making it the first aquarium in South Korea. This aquarium offers its visitors a place to enjoy various marine creatures and live performances together.

 In this marvelous Aqua Valley, you will find animals like turtles and Australian lungfish, various fish such as penguins, eagle rays, and unicornfish. There is an Otter Planet where tourists can see small-clawed otters play, and Aqua Planet Garden is home to several fish and plants. No matter the weather outside, you can always enjoy the performances inside.

Aqua Planet 63 organizes daily performances by creatures such as penguins, stingrays, otters, and seals. Your kids will love it when you surprise them with the mermaid show, which is the highlight of this place. The stunning performances of fascinating mermaids in the aquarium are so captivating that anyone visiting will have a tough time looking out.

Check Out Hanwha Aqua Planet 63 Aquarium Ticket Price

63 Art

63 art
Facebook of 63 culture

63 Art is on the 60th floor of the 63 City Observatory in Yeouido. This place delivers exceptional art expositions and incredible views of the town, including the Hangang River. As it is present at 264 meters above sea level, this makes 63 Art unique and also the world’s highest art gallery.

The following is the fee schedule for admission and participation in 63 Sky Art.

  • Individual Adults (age 19 and older) 20,000 won
  • Teenagers (age 13 to 18) 18,000 won
  • Children (age 3 to 12) 16,000 won
  • If there are Groups of Adults (20 people or more), then 10,000 won.

Restaurants in 63 Building

63 Square building brings a premium high-quality experience to every occasion. The variety of restaurants will surely satisfy all.

If you desire French food, check out ‘Touch the Sky,’ on the 58th floor of the 63 square building. The high quality will want you to try all their menus.

There is also, Shuchiku, a Japanese restaurant on the 58th floor. You will experience top-notch Japanese dining here.

If you are not sure what you want then check out their premium 63 Buffet Pavilion restaurant. There are various selections to meet all your guests.

Lastly, we also recommend the European restaurant and bar, ‘Walking on the Cloud.’ This restaurant has exquisite food as well as the best views of the Hangang River. There are lamb chop steaks, wine, and beautiful scenery of Seoul day and night.

Learn more about the restaurants here at their website.

Seoul International Fireworks Festival

63 building fireworks, 63 square firework

Seoul International Fireworks Festival is a not to miss event if you are visiting South Korea in October. All Korean Drama fans can relate to it quite well due to The Legend of the Blue Sea drama. The festival encompasses the autumn night sky with beautiful fireworks within Yeouido Hangang Park.

Hanwha Corporation sponsors this international festival that takes place annually in early October. The primary fireworks occasion comprises an incredible lighting event from 63 Square, including videos, music, and a laser light concert. Once the exhibition is over, an exhilarating music party takes place on the main stage.

If you want to avoid the congestion and celebrate the fireworks festival better, there are some spots recommended for you. Like 63 City Sky Lounge, north riverside at Nodeulseom Island, or a boat cruise on the Hangang River.

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