Best Seoul Travel Passes

Best Seoul Travel Passes for Your Perfect Seoul Trip

When visiting Seoul, a travel pass is an excellent item. With only a card, you can simply travel around and explore the city at the lowest possible cost. However, there are so many different sorts of travel passes in Korea that it might be confusing. Keep reading if you’re still concerned and haven’t found the proper pass. We’ve got you covered. Here is a summary of the four most popular and finest passes for your trip to Seoul.

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What is a travel pass?

A travel pass, sometimes known as a “season ticket,” is a ticket good for an infinite number of trips that entitles the authorized holder to travel on a specific route or network for a predetermined amount of time. 

You’ll save a ton of money by receiving deeply discounted admission prices to the card’s featured attractions. Additionally, the T-money feature may be included on some cards, making it simple for you to use public transportation without worrying about purchasing tickets. Such a handy item, isn’t it?

Comparison Chart of 5 most Popular Seoul Travel Passes

Go City: Seoul Explorer Pass & All-Inclusive PassKlook Pass SeoulDiscover Seoul PassKorea Tour CardiVenture Flexi Attractions Pass
Types & pricesAll-exclusive pass: 205,000 – 795,000 won
Explorer Pass:
185,000 – 390,000 won
2 Attractions:
44,000 won
3 Attractions:
59,000 won
4 Attractions:
71,000 won
24 hours: 50,000 won
28 hours: 70,000 won
72 hours: 90,000 won
4,000 won3 Attractions: 152,323 won
5 Attractions: 239,011 won
7 Attractions: 314,553 won
Main benefits -Digital pass
-Free entry to attractions based on pass type
-Free entry to attractions based on pass type
-Mobile card available
-Free admission to 34 & discount benefits to 29 attractions
-One-way AREX ticket
-Free Seoul Bike rental voucher
-Mobile card available
-Discounts on dining, shopping, Duty-Free, attractions, and entertainment
-No time limit attached
-Mobile card available
-Free entry to attractions based on pass type
Best for whomAll-exclusive:
Those looking to visit as much of Seoul as possible.
Visit some spots on your bucket list.
Those who already know where they wish to goFamily, travel with children, couple…Those who have a long trip in Seoul, going with friends…Family, travel with children, couple…

Note: All passes are exclusive for foreign visitors

Detail about the five most popular Seoul travel passes

Go City: Seoul Explorer Pass & All-Inclusive Pass

Go City Seoul Explorer Pass & All-Inclusive Pass

If you have a sieve-like memory and are concerned about losing your travel pass, the Go City Seoul Pass is for you. This is a digital travel pass; all you have to do to access the locations included in the pass is download the app, connect with your pass then scan the QR code at the entry. This card offers admission to about 30 attractions, including well-known sites like the N Seoul Tower, Gyeongbokgung Palace, Nami Island, and the DMZ. This package offers a far greater saving than buying individual attraction tickets.

There are two Go City Seoul Passes varieties: All-Inclusive Pass and Explorer Pass.

Go City: Seoul All-Inclusive Pass

as of 6:18 pm

Go City: All-Inclusive Pass

If you are an adventurer looking to maximize your time and visit as many destinations as possible, this pass is for you. Each All-Inclusive Pass has a purse value determined by the pass’s length. The purse value is the maximum amount you can utilize based on the usual gate charge for each attraction. For example, with the 2-day adult All-Inclusive Pass, you can visit as many attractions as you like for up to a total cost of 205,000 won.

Types and Prices:

  • 1-day Pass: 205,000 won for adults / 200,000 won for a child
  • 2-day Pass: 420,000 won for adults / 395,000 won for a child
  • 3-day Pass: 590,000 won for adults / 555,000 won for a child
  • 4-day Pass: 720,000 won for adults / 660,000 won for a child
  • 5-day Pass: 795,000 won for adults / 720,000 won for a child

Go City: Explorer Pass

This pass is for you if you have a bucket list and want to cross a few items off it. Each Explorer Trip has a purse value determined by the pass’s duration. The purse value is the maximum amount you can spend depending on the usual entrance charge for each attraction. For example, with a 3-choice adult Explorer Pass, you can visit three sites for a total of 185,000 won.

Types and Prices: 

  • 3-choice Pass: 185,000 won for adults / 170,000 won for a child
  • 4-choice Pass: 240,000 won for an adult / 220,000 won for a child
  • 5-choice Pass: 290,000 won for an adult / 270,000 won for a child
  • 6-choice Pass: 340,000 won for adults / 315,000 won for a child
  • 7-choice Pass: 390,000 won for adults / 355,000 won for a child

Discover Seoul Pass

Discover Seoul Pass

The Discover Seoul Pass is the best way to easily and flexibly explore Seoul’s most famous landmarks and tourist attractions. The pass is used as a transport top-up card and an entrance ticket. Use the T-money feature to add money to the card and use it to travel easily to and from numerous places. After your tour is over, you can withdraw any remaining funds.

Visitors can choose from three cards: 24 hours, 48 hours, and 72 hours. The greatest part is that it provides free entrance to 34 attractions and discounts to 29 others. You can see the full list of attractions here.

Discover Seoul Pass

as of 2:08 pm
  • Price: 24-hour pass: 50,000 won / 48-hour pass: 70,000 won / 72-hour pass 90,000 won
  • Purchase online: Discover Seoul Pass. If you purchase online, you must pick up your pass at one of the designated sites.
  • Purchase offline (pick up sites): Incheon International Airport Terminal  1 & 2, Gimpo International Airport, Myeongdong Tourist Information Center
  • Note: This pass includes a BTS edition pass for their fans. However, it does not include the T-money function. You can pursue the BTS edition here.

Klook Pass Seoul

Klook Pass Seoul

This is a great pass if you already know where you want to go. With this pass, you can attend 2, 3, or 4 activities for an incredible price. Currently, Klook is offering discounts of up to 52%, so don’t miss out. The package covers general admission to all of your favorite attractions, including Lotte World, Everland, Coex Aquarium, N Seoul Tower, Alive Museum, and Dynamic Maze, as well as others.

The pass is good for 30 days and allows you to choose when and where you want to go. To use this pass, start with selecting and buying the most appropriate pass for your journey. Next, activate the pass by reserving an activity on your Bookings page. Then, review the inclusions listed in each activity’s package specifications.

Klook Pass Seoul

Types & Prices

  • 2 Attractions: 44,000 won
  • 3 Attractions: 59,000 won
  • 4 Attractions: 71,000 won
  • 2 Attractions + Lotte World: 71,000 won
  • 3 Attractions + Lotte World: 87,000 won
  • 2 Attractions + Everland: 71,500 won

iVenture Flexi Attractions Pass

iVenture Flexi Attractions Pass

The iVenture Flexi Attractions Pass Seoul is your key to discovering the best of dazzling Seoul. The highlight of this pass is that you can visit 3, 5, or 7 of the 28 attractions. Some well-known sights are the Seoul Night Tour, the DMZ Tour, the Palace & Antique Street Market Walking Tour, the Namdaemun Fleamarket Walking Tour, and others. 

The pass becomes active on the redemption date, and you have one month to explore. The card is available both offline and online. But if you make an online purchase, you must go to a designated destination to pick up your card.

Types & Prices

  • 3 Attractions: 152,323 won
  • 5 Attractions: 239,011 won
  • 7 Attractions: 314,553 won

Purchase online: Tiqets website

Purchase offline: Incheon Airport AREX Travel Center, B1 Floor; Mapo Travel Information Center: Seoul Subway Line No. 2 Hongik University Station Transfer hallway to Airport Railway; Seoul Station Travel Centre: B2 City Airport Terminal Seoul Station.

Korea Tour Card

Korea Tour Card

This is a must-have item for anyone traveling to Korea, particularly Seoul. As a transit and travel card designed specifically for international travelers, this card provides easier access to Korean transportation options like subways, buses, and taxis. Simply top off the card at a convenience store or subway stop and use it to pay for public transportation.

You can visit well-known destinations like Lotte World, Everland, the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Seoul, and many more for an affordable price with this card. Additionally, this card offers discounts for numerous travel-related activities, including shopping, dining, entertainment, etc. Therefore, don’t pass up this opportunity!

  • Price: 4,000 won
  • Purchase offline: Card vending machines at major Seoul subway stations from Line 1 to 4 and at Incheon International Airport Terminal 1 Station, Gimpo International Airport Station, and Seoul Station on Airport Railroad Line; Convenient stores; Affiliated banks within airports: Shinhan Bank, Woori Bank
  • Purchase online: Follow instructions on the Korea tour card website
  • Reload & refund locations: Convenience stores and T-money service desks at subway stations (Seoul Subway Lines 1-8, Incheon Subway Lines 1-2). Load your card in small amounts because refunding more than 50,000 won can be hard and time-consuming.

Those are the most often used and practical passes for travel. Pick the best one, then discover Seoul’s stunning metropolis. 

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