If you are a skincare lover planning a trip to Korea, you probably already have a long list of what to buy once you get there. Countless road shops, huge Olive Young and Chicor stores are like candy shops with rows of products for the skin. Online shopping for beauty is easy and fast as well, you can check it HERE. However, the Korean beauty market also offers a wide variety of excellent hair care products. Similar to the 10-step Korean skincare routine, Korean hair care also includes multiple steps. Korean hair care is not limited simply to shampoo and conditioner, it targets all hair concerns from the roots. Here is the list of my favorite Korean hair care products that changed the look of my locks. Maybe some of them will find a way to your to-buy list as well!


Dr. FORHAIR Sea Salt Scaler

I do not know why I have waited for so long to incorporate the exfoliating step into my haircare routine! I cannot imagine my skincare routine without exfoliators, but I forgot that skin extends behind the hairline as well. The skin on our head also requires a deep cleansing that is difficult to do only with a shampoo. Many Korean hair care products are dedicated to scalp care and deep cleansing and I decided to try DR.FORHAIR SEA SALT SCALER. I haven’t looked back since!

The scalp scrub effectively removes the excess sebum, dust, and impurities accumulated on the scalp and it is difficult to dissolve with ordinary shampoo. The build-up, if not removed, can cause inflammation, itchy, and flaky scalp. Exfoliating the scalp regularly helps to boost blood circulation, keep the scalp fresh, clean, and healthy, leading to healthier hair. DR.FORHAIR scaler uses packed with minerals Dead Sea salt, is free of surfactants and silicones, and has a skin-friendly pH. It helps to thoroughly cleanse without any irritation, leaving the scalp fresh. It especially helped me with itchiness caused by polluted air in Seoul! I have also noticed that my hair stays fresh longer and has more volume.

AROMATICA Rosemary Root Enhancer

Similar to scalp scrub, I have included a scalp tonic to my haircare routine once I moved to Seoul. Stress, pollution, and chemical treatments made my hair fall out too easily… I kept finding my hair all over the place and I decided that my hair roots needed some extra boost. I have tried a few scalp tonics without any visible improvement when I finally bought the one from AROMATICA .

It is a very refreshing formula, packed in a bottle with a convenient applicator that makes it easy to apply a tonic directly onto the scalp. Unlike other scalp essences I have tried it does not have that unpleasant stinging feeling upon application. This Korean hair care product contains biotin and Vitamin B7, essential for healthy roots and hair. In their hair tonics, AROMATICA also includes the Black-Food Complex, a mix of plant-derived ingredients packed with proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Especially extract from black beans is known for its hair loss preventing properties. Also, rosemary leaf oil helps to control sebum, refresh the scalp, and stimulate hair growth. After two months of daily use I have noticed less hair on the floor and more „baby hair” instead.


Last year, I decided to go blond (my hair is dark brown!) and I bleached my hair for the first time in my life. I liked the effect for the summer and decided to dye my hair brown again in the autumn…. However, my summer blond look left me with extremely damaged and dry hair that I was desperately trying to save. I was looking online for the best hair care products that wouldn’t cost a fortune and I stumbled upon Korean hair care brand LA’DOR. It’s a brand that specializes in professional hair care for home use. I was skeptical at first as many brands use this marketing phrase, but I gave the brand a try and I have used it ever since!

The very first product I have tried was LA’DOR HYDRO LPP TREATMENT. This silicone-free formula is packed with keratin with ultra-fine particles that deeply penetrate damaged hair and fill it with essential proteins. Rather than coating the hair with silicones for instant softness it gradually replenishes hair and makes it smooth, healthy, and resilient. The addition of hydrolyzed collagen helps to moisturize the hair as well. Low pH formula does not irritate the scalp and hair and helps to maintain healthy and shiny hair. Keep in mind, that if you are used to silicone-based products you might need time to get used to this treatment! As it gradually fills hair with proteins, hair might feel a little bit „stiff” after first use. However, once you dry your hair you will find it very soft and moisturized.


This is the second product from LA’DOR that saved my hair after my adventure with bleaching. This is the cherry on top of my Korean hair care routine and I love to use it at least twice a week.

Called „miracle in a blue bottle” is a highly concentrated hair-restoring protein formula with ceramides, collagen, keratin, amino acids, and silk. The special self-heating system activates the formula when mixed with cold water, creating a creamy texture and enabling proteins to penetrate hair deeper. The ampoule restores damaged hair, deeply hydrates it, and improves the condition of hair cuticles. It is famous for creating an „angel effect” – the look of hair so glossy and smooth that it seems like there is a halo above your head! „Angel effect” aside, I love how over time, it made my hair visibly stronger and moisturized. It is also a perfect ampoule to take with you on a trip. It is a small size that will fit any cosmetic pouch and you do not need any leave-on treatments afterward.


In comparison with my country, the Korean hair care market has a much better variety of hair loss preventing hair care products. Moreover, they are directed towards both female and male consumers, struggling with different types of hair loss. The one I have found to be both good at cleansing my hair and preventing hair-loss is DR.BANGGIWON Lab Shampoo. Its hair loss prevention effect is approved by Korean Drug and Food Administration.

Korean hair care product for anti hair-loss

The shampoo cleanses the hair with natural surfactants and takes care of the scalp with exfoliating salicylic acid and calming dexpanthenol. Keratin, silk and collagen help to restore damaged hair, while a rich mix of nourishing oils and natural fermented extracts maximize hair growth. When using anti-hair-loss shampoos, it usually made my hair very dry, making it impossible to comb without tons of treatment afterward. However, DR. BANGGIWON Lab Shampoo leaves my hair quite smooth and silky, I can easily comb my hair even without any conditioner. It is not the cheapest shampoo option, but I find it very efficient as only a tiny amount produces enough foam to make my hair clean.

Have you tried any Korean hair care products yet? It will get you desired results like Korean beauty product does!

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