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Autumn Foliage Places to Visit in Korea – Updated 2024

The months of autumn in Korea are September, October, and November. Winter starts late in November but before that the country is all about the rusty changing colors of leaves and chilly air blowing outside. So if you’re in the mood to enjoy this fall season in Korea, let us guide you to all the things you can do to make your autumn in Korea more memorable and enjoyable.

Upon reading this blog you will know exactly where to go and when to go if you want to see the perfect changing of leaf colors in Korea.

Some traveling experts say that visiting Korea in autumn is one of the best times to do so because the weather is very pleasant. Crispy leaves fall and skies change into beautiful colors during the sunset, making it all a wonderful sight to witness.

Another fact that should get you packing for Korea real quick is this breathtaking season only lasts for less than two weeks. So if you want to be there when it happens, you’ll want to book your tickets as earlier as you can.

Korea’s Autumn Foliage Map 2023

Korea's Autumn Foliage Map 2023
[ Korea’s Autumn Foliage Map 2023 ]

Autumn Weather in Korea

Some even say that coming to Korea in Autumn is better than visiting its spring. Autumn weather is a perfect blend of the seasons. It’s not too cold to stroll around the park and visit the natural areas and neither too hot that you get exhausted from all the traveling. You can put on just a few layers of clothing and wear your ankle boots while sipping a cup of coffee and breathing in the beautiful atmosphere and living the moment. Spending your autumn in Korea means you’ll be seeing a lot of orange and yellow with red and golden around you. That will guarantee you some aesthetic photography for sure.

What to do in Autumn in Korea

Autumn in Buseoksa Temple
[ Autumn in Buseoksa Temple ]

The beautiful sceneries that are offered to people who visit Korea around this time of the year are all open for them as long as they know where to go. If you want to visit Korea when it’s less crowded and you have enough time to explore the place on your own, you might want to visit sometime during mid-October. It’s the peak time of the season in which autumn is catching on in the city, giving you mesmerizing glimpses of nature all around you.

Another great thing about autumn in Korea is the Korean food! Korean food has a lot of soupy dishes and hot meals prepared just in the right weather of autumn. It would increase the appetite and the taste of the dishes. Normally the hot food that you would avoid during the summer or spring season becomes just tastier during the cool breeze of autumn in Korea.

Places to enjoy Autumn in Korea

Hwadam Forest in Autumn
[ Hwadam Forest in Autumn ]

The autumn foliage experience gets a little more interesting when you go to visit Bukhansan National Park. It’s a national park in Seoul with mountain tops suitable for hiking and other scenic views. Walking along the lake or taking deep breaths in the park makes you feel fresh from the inside. You can also go hiking in Bukhansan National Park. Though remember that if you plan to hike in the park wear clothes which comfortable and not too tight. Also, carry your own snacks and a big bottle of water because you don’t want to feel too fatigued during your hike.

Koreans have a liking for hiking in the park this season so you’ll be in luck in making friends with the locals. Many Buddhist temples can also be visited in the Bukhansan National Park. Check the best hiking course here on the official website.

Seoraksan Mountain National Park

Seoraksan is one of the most beautiful national parks in Korea which is three hours far from Seoul. Even though the distance is a lot from Seoul it still remains a popular site for tourists and locals to visit especially during the autumn foliage in Korea. It is quite famous for its natural surroundings and mountain views and streams that fill up the area with a peaceful atmosphere.

Seoraksan Mountain in Autumn
[ Seoraksan Mountain in Autumn ]

Korea’s third-largest mountain for hiking trails is founded in Seoraksan National Park. For those who don’t know here’s a fun fact about the word Seoraksan, which roughly translates into “Snowy peaks mountains”. Also, the park has mountains that are smaller in size and over 25 peaks for hiking. A famous site for visitors is the Ulsanbawi Rock which has six granite peaks.

Moreover, the park also offers cable car rides for the young and old ones who come along. Head here for more of the Seoraksan Mountain Autumn day tour.

Naejangsan Mountain National Park

Naejangsan National Park in Autumn
[ Naejangsan National Park in Autumn ]

Another one of Korea’s famous destinations to visit during the autumn is Naejangsan national park. The park has a range of pretty mountains of Korea, nutmeg trees that can be as old as 600 years old, and waterfalls. 

Furthermore, the park is also home to two of Korea’s oldest Buddhist temples, Baekyangsa Temple and Naejangsa Temple. In the winter, these temples get covered under white snow which is a different sight to see. During the autumn season, people who go up for a hike love to stop by these temples and enjoy the breathtaking view. 

The location of the park is in the southwest of Korea near Jeongeup-si. So it would take around 4 hours by express bus and 1.5 hours by KTX train. If you are going by KTX, get a discount KTX ticket which is only available to visitors.  Otherwise, there’s a Naejangsan autumn day tour from Seoul you could enjoy as well! Are you staying in Busan? Then take a look at this tour, Naejangsan National Park Autumn Day Tour from Busan.

Nami Island in Autumn

Nami Island in Autumn
[ Nami Island Gingko Tree Path ]

Situated in Gapyeong and at a distance of 1.5 hours from Seoul, Nami Island is a wonderful and beautiful place to visit during autumn in Korea. The island has a trail of beautiful trees, riversides, and some of the best views offered by nature to the people who visit this place.

Going to Nami Island during the daytime gives you the perfect opportunity to take some good-looking photographs of yourself standing in front of the trees of different colored leaves. You will not be surprised if you stumble upon a location on the island which looks familiar to you because a lot of romantic scenes from Korean dramas have been shot on this island.

Just remember to wear a light jacket when you visit because it can get a little chilly among the trees and riversides. Check out this page for Nami Island Tour.

Baekyangsa Temple

Ssangyeru Pavilion in Baekyangsa Temple
[ Ssangyeru Pavilion in Baekyangsa Temple ]

Baekyangsa Temple and Baekamsan Mountains which are located in Jangseong, Jeollanamdo is also one of the best places to visit in Autumn. They are dressed beautifully by the autumn leaves. Also, the annual foliage festival here magnificently displays the fullness of autumn and leaves you at peace with yourself. Moreover, the Jangseong region is famous for apples, sweet persimmons, grapes, and pine needles. This autumn will be the best time to experience this harvest. Come to truly experience autumn in Korea.

Daegwallyyeong Sky Ranch

Daegwallyeong Sky Ranch Trail
[ Daegwallyeong Sky Ranch Trail ]

Visiting Daegwallyyeong Sky Ranch will be a different experience as compared to the other national parks in Korea. That is because you will get to enjoy your autumn not alone, but with cute and friendly animals which are kept here. You can spend your day with more than 400 majestic-looking cows, 100 sheep, and 40 horses and goats.

Moreover, you can walk on the clean roads and take in the magical greenery around you or you can take the tractor ride services provided in the park. Autumn foliage and fresh grass on the ground and a bright blue but cloudy sky with animals grazing in the autumn looks exactly like a scene from a beautiful oil painting.

Apart from being available for the general public to enter the park is also home to one of Korea’s largest dairy farms.

Yangju Nari Park

Purple Globe Amaranth in Yangju Nari Park
[ Purple Globe Amaranth in Yangju Nari Park ]

Famously known for pink grass fields, YangjuNari Park has a different but equally magical view to offer the tourists visiting it in the season of fall. If you’re visiting the park from Seoul, it will take a total of 1.5 hours to reach there.

People who spend their autumn in these pink fields have a lot of great things to say about it. Where every national park has something different for its visitors, YangjuNari Park tops them all. The pink and purplish grass fields under the clouded sky of autumn create a breathtaking scene for those who can experience it.

Even though there is no spot for dining or hanging out, you can just visit the park for its beauty and nature.


Sunrise photo spot in Dumulmeori
[ Sunrise photo spot in Dumulmeori ]

Visit this attractive site from Seoul in only 1.5 hours in Yoengpyeong. The local Koreans also drive up to this location when the hustle-bustle of city life drains them out and they just want to freshen up a bit.

The park is a popular tourist attraction because it is surrounded by water and 400-year-old trees. The summer and spring seasons always bring in a lot of people but it’s during the autumn season that you should really be paying a visit to Dumulmeori.

Many scenes from Korean drama serials have been shot in this location. If you like photography you will like this place even more because of all the photographic backgrounds easily found here. Discover the best Autumn day tour in and near Seoul here. 

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