best international school in Seoul Korea

Best International Schools in Seoul Korea

Shifting to Korea? Don’t know the best schooling option for your kids? Well, if you are not a Korean native then it is best that you enroll your children at an International school. This will save them from experiencing language and cultural barriers. Luckily, Seoul has many prestigious international schools which are affiliated with renowned universities worldwide. The majority of these international schools cater to English speakers and offer British and/ or American school curriculums. However, you can also find international schools in Korea that teach German, Japanese, and/ or Chinese curriculum.

The Korean culture and tradition put a lot of importance on education and so do these International schools. Your child will initially find it hard and will feel under pressure as Korean school life consists of long hours and strict academics. This article will help you to understand the Korean schooling system and international schools in Korea so you can make the best choice for your children. 

Korea International School

Types of schools in Korea

You can find out the three types of schools in Korea such as local schools, foreign schools, and international schools. The local schools are standard Korean schools that are perfect for Korean natives. The foreign schools are those who have a limit to their Korean ethnic students. While the international schools have no such limit. 

How to enter into International Schools in Korea?

Each international school will require different documents from you however, the most common paperwork and documents you need to prepare are as follows:

  • Copies of transcript
  • Copies of student’s passport
  • Birth certificate
  • Standardized tests

The process of enrollment differs according to the age of the student. For instance, the transcript of a primary school student will not be required. Although, a high school student transferring to an international school in Korea will have to submit a copy of their academic transcript. Moreover, the standardized tests will also differ from age to age, and grade to grade. 

Best International Schools in Seoul

To make the choice easier for you, we have compiled a list of the best international schools in Seoul along with their values, aims, and what they will offer and inculcate in your child. 

Seoul Foreign School – Seodaemun-gu, Seoul

Seoul Foreign School is the only international school in Seoul that offers a complete Pre-K to the 12th-grade education system. And they provide an English National Curriculum and/or an American educational program, along with the IGCSEs and IB Diploma. Furthermore, Seoul Foreign School has a demonstrated inheritance spreading over 100 years. The campus extends up to 26 acres and has a rich history.

It is considered to be the seventh most established International School on the planet and the most established British International School in Korea. More, the institution is not driven by profit or revenue. It only focuses on providing the students with a balanced education system. 

Dwight School Seoul – Mapo-gu, Seoul

The motto of this international school is to find the catalyst of genius in every student. The Dwight School Seoul believes that it exists in every student. Their education system is based on three pillars, such as global vision, community, and personalized learning. In addition, they focus on the curriculum for inspiring and encouraging their students to think out of the box, effective teamwork, and intellectual risks. The Dwight School Seoul ensures that it meets the international benchmarks and standards by catering to the global needs of its students. 

The building is modern and beautiful with all the essential necessities and amenities, such as, a pool, library, multipurpose rooms etc. It is a great option if you want your child to be an allrounder and excel in various aspects of life and academics. 

Yongsan International School of Seoul (YISS) – Yongsan-gu, Seoul

This international school is a Christian school in Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu. This area is considered to be the hub of the overseas community living in Seoul. You might think that YISS is a small international school as its overall student population is just over a thousand students. However, despite that, the Yongsan International School of Seoul (YISS) is one of the top-tier schools due to its competitive academic standards. The school even won the Best International School Award in 2018. 

Besides, the school is completely ascribed by the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). Furthermore, the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education (SMOE) has also recognized the Yongsan International School of Seoul (YISS). The aim of this international school is to instill the desire of seeking the truth in its students and instill a drive to excel with commitment while appreciating diversity. 

The building includes a soccer field, playground, weight training room, gym, music room, swimming pool, modern auditorium, and basement facilities. 

Korea International School – Gangnam-gu, Seoul

The Korea International School is a co-ed international school for the K-12 students. The school was established in the year of 2000 and up till now the school has expanded to three campuses which are situated at Gangnam in Seoul, Pangyo in Gyeonggido, and, Jeju Island, southern Seoul. While their main campus is located in Bundang which is a residential suburban area a little outside the boundaries of Seoul. The school is based on the American education system and it also offers English medium university preparatory courses. Furthermore, the environment of the school is highly supportive as the teachers are constantly doing to maintain a supportive and encouraging relationship with the students.

In Gangnam
In Bundang

Seoul Foreign British School – Seodaemun-gu, Seoul

The building of the Seoul Foreign British School has a modern yet, traditional look to it. The school is one of the first schools to introduce a British curriculum in Seoul. And it is the only school in Seoul to be registered at the UK Department for Education (DfE). The curriculum of the school has been planned in a manner that it fits well with the international community standards. 

In addition, the Seoul Foreign British School focuses on motivating the students to focus on quality whether it be academics, creative learning, spirituality, or various other activities. For this purpose, the school has organized learning activities that take place after school hours.

British Education Korea | Gangnam, Seoul

The school was formerly known as EtonHouse Prep Seoul. It is an official Cambridge International school who offers its students a British education system for students aging between 2 to 13 years old. The campus was established in the month of August in 2013 and is situated within the city of Seoul. And thy have five sites in central Seoul and its suburbs like Gangnam, Namsan, Bundang, and Dongtan. The school celebrates diversity which attracts the expat students and various other Korean Communities. 

Dulwich College Seoul – Seocho-gu, Seoul

The beautiful and modern school building is purposely situated in the city in the Seocho District, south of the Han River. This international school practices a British education curriculum and contains over 700 expat students belonging from over 40 countries aging from 3 to 18 years on an average. 

The Dulwich College Seoul is an extension of the most prestigious British independent school which originated in 1619, the “Dulwich College London”. All the Dulwich Colleges situated throughout the world, such as, Dulwich College London, Dulwich College Beijing, Dulwich College Shanghai etc. are affiliated with each other. 

The Enhanced English National Curriculum and the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework are followed at the Dulwich Colleges around the world. Also, IGCSE program is offered as it is an International Baccalaureate World School.

Chadwick International

The Chadwick International school offers a complete course from Pre-K to the 12th Grade. The school aims to develop excellence, and exemplary character in their students and to help them discover themselves by providing them diverse experiences. Their education program is balanced and encourages the students to constantly step outside their comfort zones. 

They offer various indoor and outdoor opportunities that are based on collecting experiences such as, performing arts, visual arts, and practical science, etc. Moreover, the school teaches its students about the diversity and the complexity that exists on our planet by encouraging them to provide their services to the society based on their interests and passions.

We’ve made the list of the best international schools in Seoul, Korea for the purpose that choosing the best education system for your children becomes easier for you. The best way to choose the ideal school for your child is to see if the values you want to instill in them match with the values of the school. Lastly, it is smart to consider your budget constraints while making a decision. Even if your child cannot be enrolled in the best international school in Korea for any reason, you still do not have to worry about the quality of their education with the fact that even the humblest of the schools in Korea provide high-quality education and ensure that they instill the exemplary values and manners in their students. 

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