AREX Incheon Airport Express Train Ticket (One-Way)



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Navigating from Incheon International Airport to Seoul’s city center can be seamless with the AREX Incheon Airport Express Train Ticket. Offering a direct, efficient route to Seoul Station, the AREX train combines comfort with convenience, ensuring a smooth transition from airport to city in just 43 to 51 minutes. This service is ideal for travelers seeking a quick, hassle-free journey to their destination.

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AREX Incheon Airport Express Train – Klook

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IVisitKorea recommends the AREX Incheon Airport Express Train offered by Klook for its exceptional value and ease of use. Klook’s offering stands out for its exclusive promotions, such as the combo deal with a T-money card, providing added convenience for travelers. The instant booking confirmation, ease of ticket redemption, and additional perks like free WiFi make it an attractive option for those journeying from Incheon Airport to Seoul.


Comparison Table of AREX Incheon Airport Express Train Ticket

Feature Klook Civitatis Seoul Travel Pass Headout
Instant Confirmation Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cancellation Policy No cancellation Not refundable No refund Cannot be canceled or rescheduled
Additional Benefits T-money card combo, free WiFi Free access to Customer Lounge, hotel shuttle bus Complimentary Wi-Fi, optional SIM card combo
Departure Frequency Every 30-45 minutes Frequent departures Scheduled Frequent departures
Journey Duration 43-51 minutes 43-51 minutes 43-51 minutes 43-51 minutes


Price Comparison


Detailed Information about AREX Incheon Airport Express Train Ticket

Klook‘s AREX Incheon Airport Express TrainKlook's AREX Incheon Airport Express Train

  • Service: Offers a quick and comfortable journey from Incheon Airport to Seoul, with options for a T-money card combo for added convenience.
  • Benefits: Free WiFi onboard, instant confirmation, and a user-friendly redemption process.
  • Cancellation Policy: Tickets cannot be canceled once booked.

Civitatis‘ AREX Airport ExpressCivitatis' AREX Airport Express

  • Service: Provides a straightforward one-way or return ticket option for the AREX train, emphasizing speed and efficiency.
  • Benefits: Simple booking process, with emphasis on fast, direct transportation.
  • Cancellation Policy: Non-refundable, with no option for cancellations or modifications.

Seoul Travel Pass‘ Airport Express Railroad AREX TicketSeoul Travel Pass’ Airport Express Railroad AREX Ticket

  • Service: Focuses on the premium service of AREX, highlighting comfort and specialized amenities like customer lounge access.
  • Benefits: Includes free WiFi, customer lounge access, and affiliated hotel shuttle bus service.
  • Cancellation Policy: No refunds are available after purchase.

Headout‘s One-Way/Round-Trip AREX Express Train TicketsHeadout's One-Way/Round-Trip AREX Express Train Tickets

  • Service: Offers a flexible option for one-way or round-trip travel on the AREX train, with an upgrade available for a combo ticket that includes a local SIM card.
  • Benefits: Comfortable seats, complimentary WiFi, and a straightforward redemption process.
  • Cancellation Policy: Tickets cannot be canceled or rescheduled once booked.


Information about AREX (Airport RailRoad)

  • AREX is the railroad that provides the fastest way to get to Seoul from Incheon airport (a distance of 63km).
  • It takes 51 minutes between Incheon International Airport Terminal 2 and Seoul Station.
  • There are two types of AREX
  • AREX Route Map
    • AREX Route Map
  • AREX Timetable
    • AREX timetable
  • The first departure time from Incheon International Airport Terminal 1 is at 05:15 AM and the last time is 10:40 PM. From Seoul station, the first time is 06:10 AM and the last time is 10:50 PM.




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